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28 Jun 2019

J.S. Bach in MIDI format

Blason Dardel

The pieces with a green bead can be downloaded, Click the bead.
  BACH, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750) German
Trio-Sonate BWV 527 (1st movt) (20 kB) Dardel *
Trio D minor for organ BWV 583 (12 kB) Dardel
Adagio, with many ornaments. I have used a synthetic instrument to render it. It would require a baroque organ, but the corresponding sound samples are not available on my synthesizer.
Trio C minor for organ BWV 585 (12 kB) Dardel
Adagio and Allegro. Same instrument as above (Pad 1 New Age). If anyone has a better idea of instrumentation, let me know...
Choral: Herr Gott, nun schließ den Himmel auf BWV 617 (12 kB) Fabbri/Dardel
Choral: Wachet auf BWV 645 (11 kB) Dardel
Choral: Ach bleib bei uns BWV 649 (8 kB) Dardel
See another version in the cantata BWV 6 below.
Choral: Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland BWV 659 (15 kB) Robinson/Dardel
Fugue in G major BWV 577 (20 kB) Unknown/Dardel
This fugue for organ is rendered here with a brass ensemble.
Fugue from Toccata BWV 915 (28 kB) Dardel
A dancing 12/8 rhythm...
Praeludium, Fuge und Allegro E dur BWV998 (28 kB) Grossman/Dardel
Here played on the guitar
Aria from Cantata BWV 13 (72 kB) O'Reilly ?
A very sophisticated version, with lots of harmonics to simulate the organ.
Aria from Cantata BWV 6 (24 kB) Dardel
3rd movement from BWV 6: Ach bleib bei uns Herr Jesu Christ. I have sequenced the entire cantata. Here the soprano aria: "Bleib bei uns, denn es will Abend werden". This movement is accompanied with organ and cello piccolo.
Duetto from Cantata BWV 32 (34 kB) Zsidai
A very rhythmic, dancing aria. Lazslo Zsidai has set steel string guitar and ocarina as accompanying instruments. Unusual and very pleasant.
Cantata BWV 50 (complete, 56 kB) Dardel
BWV 50, in one movement only, has a double choir, trumpets, timpani and a full orchestra. A challenge to create a somewhat transparent Midi file...
Duetto from Cantata BWV 78 (33 kB) Izumi/Dardel
I am having big trouble to make a version that sounds reasonably with QuickTime. On my Roland synth, it's quite nice (with other settings). If you are interested, ask me for the other version.
Sinfonia from Cantata BWV 106 "Actus Tragicus" (8 kB) Michael Starke
An introduction with recorders. Very moving.
Aria from Cantata BWV 140 (20 kB) Michael Starke
Cantata BWV BWV 150 (72 kB) Campos/Dardel
The complete cantata "Nach dir, Herr, verlanget mich". This is a not-so-well known cantata. This midi file encompasses the whole work. I edited, with his permission, the files sequenced by Antonio Campos, and realised the figured bass. There is lots of choir movements, and interesting violin and bassoon parts.
Cantata BWV 207 Dardel
The complete cantata "Vereinigte Zwietracht der wechselnden Saiten", split into its 9 movements. I sequenced movements 1 to 8. I borrowed the last choir from BWV 207a ("Auf, schmetternde Töne der muntern Trompeten") sequenced by J G Mayer, to which I added the missing choir parts, and re-adjusted the balance.
  1. Coro (61 kB)
  2. Recitativo [Tenore] (4 kB)
  3. Aria [Tenore] (15 kB)
  4. Recitativo [Soprano e Basso] (4 kB)
  5. Aria Duetto [Soprano e Basso], poi Ritornello (21 kB)
  6. Recitativo [Alto] (3 kB)
  7. Aria [Alto] (24 kB)
  8. Recitativo [S, A, T, B] (9 kB)
  9. Coro (48 kB)
Aria from Cantata BWV 172 (24 kB) Masuda
Aria for tenor "O Seelenparadies", in A minor with a 3/4 dancing rythm. A nice sequence with unusual instruments.
I have sequenced or edited many other cantatas. You will find which in the complete BWV page. I don't have enough space on this server to post them, but I have submitted them to Classical Music Archives where you can download them if you wish.
Duetto in A moll BWV 805 (12 kB) Hubeart
A fugue for two voices, here played on the piano.
Postillion's Cornetto Fugue (8 kB) Unknown
Capriccio sopra la lontanezza del suo fratello dilettissimo (BWV 992, 6th movement). This whole capriccio written for the departure of his brother is full of tenderness. Here, the notes imitate the coachman's horn while the carriage moves away.
Another version of the same (12 kB) Jeff Abrams
Here you have the same fugue from BWV 992, played very gracefully on the piano. The contrast with the preceding midi file is striking. I must say I love both.
Concerto nach italienischem Gusto (16 kB) Robert Ford
BWV 971, first movement, with unusual instruments.
Canon à 4 from Ein musikalisches Opfer (14 kB) Unknown
The Musical Offering BWV 1079, in addition to its musical value, is a brilliant demonstration of Bach's unequalled skills for counterpoint. Here a version for harpsichord.
Aria from the Goldberg-Variationen (4 kB) Unknown
The 1st movement of BWV 988, which is the theme of the whole work. Here a version for piano. I recommend you read the corresponding Wikipedia entry. The title page of the first printed edition says: "Clavier Übung bestehend in einer Aria mit verschiedenen Veränderungen vors Clavicembal mit 2 Manualen. Denen Liebhabern zur Gemüths Ergötzung verfertiget von Johann Sebastian Bach [...] Compositeur, Capellmeister u. Directore Chori Musici in Leipzig."
Quodlibet from the Goldberg-Variationen (6 kB) David Hirsch
The 30th and last variation of BWV 988. In a very condensed form, it contains several German folks songs. These references within a very serious piece were meant to be a joke. In the score, it is followed by "Aria da capo" (above) as a conclusion.
The famous Badinerie (18 kB) G. Pollen
From the Suite for flute and orchestra BWV 1067.
First movement from the Suite anglaise N°3. (20 kB) David Siu
BWV 808, in G minor. This version is for piano.
Konzert für zwei Violinen (80 kB) T Walter
First movement from the D minor concerto BWV 1043.
Brandenburg concerto N°3, BWV 1048 Kuriyama
First movement (104 kB)
Second and third movements (104 kB)
A remarkable sequence, designed for the SoundCanvas synthesizer, but also playable on your basic QuickTime software. The second movement is a cadenza, probably the Penderecki version.
Adagio from BWV 1056 (6 kB) Naversen
2nd movement of the concerto for harpsichord in F minor. Rendered here with "SynVoice". Worth listening to...
Konzert BWV 1065 (56 kB) Yaskawa
First movement from the famous concerto for 4 harpsichords, a "rewriting" in A minor of Vivaldi's concerto for 4 violins RV 580 in B minor (H-moll).
Ouverture from BWV 1068 (120 kB) Párkányi
First movement of the suite N° 3 in D major for orchestra. Lots of trumpets and timpani...
Gigue from BWV 1068 (32 kB) Unknown
Fifth movement of the same suite N° 3 in D major. Quite spectacular.
See also "natural sound"

* The name of the sequencer of each MIDI file is in grey italics.



See the complete BWV listing all works of JSB and the Midi files that I have collected or produced. Caution: the page is big (246 kB).

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