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24 Aug 2018


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This page for files "in progress". I am trying to get acquainted with my Roland SC-8850 synthesizer, and to create Midi files that sound nicely with it.
Choral BWV 675 (16 kB)
This will sound on a Roland SoundCanvas 88 or more recent. It may not sound at all on other devices. With QuickTime, you will hear only piano, plus a curious humming sound for the cantus firmus. With the SC-8850, however, you will hear a very rich organ sound. It is long to start because of the many commands sent out before the synth is set up. I borrowed (or stole) the "system exclusive" Midi commands from another file. The organ sound has been made by the SC Pipe Organ Project ( people. I don't like it so much for this piece, as the sound is too wide, cathedral-like. I will try to re-work it to a more baroque-style organ sound.
The same BWV 675_1.mid (10 kB) with different settings, by the same organisation. Worse.
And finally BWV 675.mid (8 kB) with "normal" GS settings. I am using here a "Fantasia" sound for the first and third voices, and a bassoon sound (outside of its normal range) for the cantus firmus. This is deliberately not an organ sound. The three versions are otherwise identical.
Now BWV 679.mid (6 kB) with the basic "Church organ" instrument,
and BWV 679_1.mid (18 kB) with the attempt of producing an organ sound by duplicating the voices. Not too convincing, but this can be played by any device. The drawback is the file size: because I used three instruments for the main voices, the size is triple the original. BWV679 sequenced on 20 Jul 2001.

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