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30 Jan 2017

A Russian cruise
June 2002 — Maps

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General map General map
This is for your general orientation. Karelia, in dark yellow, is part of the Russian Federation. Saint-Petersburg, the starting point of our cruise, has a latitude of 60° North. You see Sweden, Finland, and Estonia, one of the Baltic States.

Places visited

  • Saint-Petersburg
  • Lake Ladoga
  • Island Valaam (on Lake Ladoga)
  • Lake Onega
  • Petrozavodsk
  • Island Kizhi (on Lake Onega)
Map of the trip
Lake Ladoga From Saint Petersburg to Lake Ladoga
There is no scale, but the distance from Saint-Petersburg to Valaam is about 250 km.
Lake Ladoga is the biggest European lake, 210 km long and 130 km wide.
Lake Ladoga North North of Lake Ladoga
Valaam Island The island of Valaam
This island has been the first leg of our cruise. As you can see from the map, there are many monasteries on the island. We did not see all, but we had a good selection. See the picture page.

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