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6 Jul 2018

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I am available for consulting jobs in the field of ion exchange. This includes:

My name is François de Dardel. I graduated at the Federal Polytechnic School in Zürich, Switzerland. I have worked more than 38 years in the field of ion exchange, of which 25 years with Rohm and Haas, in more than 60 different countries. I can work in four languages:

I have previously done training, written reports, prepared ion exchange projects, and presented conferences in each of these languages, in about 40 countries.

I am based in France and Switzerland, and I am ready to travel.

I can be reached at: . I will be happy to discuss the scope and conditions of a possible collaboration.


TrainingI can provide training in the following fields:

The training is closely adapted to the requirements of the audience. I can supply typical training programmes of 1, 2, or 3 days.


DI systemI can help water treatment companies and general engineering firms in the following areas:


AmberpackOptimising an ion exchange system includes:

In most cases, the optimisation of an ion exchange system brings considerable savings in regeneration chemicals and ensures good treated water quality. Spending a little money on optimisation can bring economical operation as well as long term peace of mind.


Water tapI have an efficient trouble-shooting methodology covering:

The method has been thoroughly thought through and proven at many customer sites, and is based on the expertise of several ion exchange resin specialists. However, it requires the customer to supply several pieces of information, such as a description of the plant and the composition of feed water (updated water analysis).

[1] Users of IXCalc should contact their Dow Chemical Water and Process Solutions representative to get an up to date version of the software. Last version is IXCalc 2.1.3.

© François de Dardel