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14 Oct 2020

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Ion exchange site map

Ion exchange home page  Deutsche Flagge  Drapeau français  Bandera espazñola
General introduction to ion exchange  Grundlagen des Ionenaustauschs  FR  Bandera española
All applications  Deutsche Flagge  Drapeau français  Bandera española
Types of ion exchange resins  Bandera española
Resin structure
Ion exchange reactions
Resin properties  Deutsche Flagge  Drapeau français  Bandera espa~nola
Resin pictures
Ion exchange capacity  Deutsche Flagge  Drapeau français  Drapeau françaisBandera española
Feed water  Drapeau français  Bandera española
Water analysis details  Drapeau français  Bandera española
Sea water  Drapeau français  Bandera española
Water treatment processes  FR  Bandera española
Design principles   Bandera española
Ion exchange columns
Overrunning a weak resin
A complete cycle  Drapeau français  Bandera española
Regeneration  Deutsche Flagge  Drapeau français  Bandera española
List of regenerants
Water quality for regeneration  Drapeau français  España
Regenerant neutralisation
Service DI   Bandera española  (demineralisation with cartridges)
Condensate polishing
Drinking water, contaminants  Drapeau français  Bandera española
Boron removal
Perchlorate removal
Ultrapure water
Other information
Abbreviations in ion exchange and water treatment   DE  FR  ES
All known ion exchange resins (over 4000 resins!)
Concentration and capacity units  Bandera española
Conversion of general US units to metric
Chemical compounds in ion exchange applications  English Français Español Deutsch Italiano
Chemical elements with symbols & atomic mass  English Français Español Deutsch Italiano
Glossary of ion exchange  English  Français  Español  Deutsch  Italiano
History of ion exchange
Ion exchange in the Bible  EN FR ES DE Latin GR Hebrew
Laboratory trials  Bandera española  Bandera española
Limits for anion resins (temperature & organic load)
Limits for oxidants in feed water
Mesh and mm (particle size)
Periodic table of the elements (Mendeleev) with IX methods of removal
Selectivity scale (cation resins)
Selectivity scale (anion resins)
Units and how to write them properly
For interest: virtual pictures of molecules and crystals
Contact & services  Deutsche Flagge  Drapeau français  Bandera espazñola

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