Political incorrectness
Posted By Jeremy On February 14, 2007

I had an epiphany, recently. (For those less informed readers, an "epiphany" is not the name of a yacht.) As we intelligently advance into the future, we are slowly beginning to lose our individualism and self identities. In the bloody battlefield that surrounds us, many of us are losing our sense of amusement and humour. We are, more evidently, suppressing what makes us different and what makes us laugh. And I'm not referring to farting, you flatulent arsehole.

For example, if you pointed your finger at my huge lips, while laughing and making jokes about the size of them, I would have a few optional reactions:

These days, I have noticed how overtly sensitive society really is. A black person in America is known as an 'African American', while called a 'nigger' by his / her black hip hop peers. (Don't dare say it if you're white; you'll be accused of racism.) The moment a British black person engages in American life, confusion is immediately elevated to an all-time high. Whichever way you look at it, it's all propagating political correctness, albeit it somewhat warped.

I think.

The global populous is pushing towards mass equality, across every conceivable avenue. Women want to be equal to men. Men want to be equal to women. Men want to be equal to women who want to be equal to men. Which, in turn, makes them gay. And then they want to be equal to women who want to be equal to men, again. School pupils want to receive equal status as those who aren't pupils (see: 'learners'). Sports teams are to represent the country's racial demographics; our chess champion is in a pickle, regarding this one. Retarded people have new labels, as do the blind, the deaf, and the cast of Egoli. Pale citizens of this country want to no longer be titled as 'white'; they want to be viewed as 'South Africans'. Or 'caucasians of Nothern European descent'. Or 'befuddled dooses'. Whichever comes first.

And if you question me about whether or not I eat with a knife and fork, I'll sue you for racial slurring. Or I'll tell you that you have a fat ugly sister who drools a lot and who is kak in bed.

I look forward to the day when technology progresses and evolves to the level where, with the consumption of one tablet, our skin colours will magically merge into one neutral pigment tone, followed by our vocal accents and dialects becoming unified. This will include a singular global gender succeeding our current (male and female and other) sexual orientations. It will be the dawning era of a completely new politically correct human race known as "sheeple".

But for now, I'm happy with my unbelievably commodious lips. You racist dog.


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