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Dardel genealogy — Update form
Items marked * are mandatory
Your name* So we know from where the message is coming
See note (9)
Your e-mail*

Person sheet (one form for each person!)
Reference See note (1)
A Given names* See note (2)
B Family name* (at birth)
C Sex
Male Female
See note (3)
D Birth date
E Birth place
See the method
You don't have to fill everything!
Send us the information you have, it will already help us a lot, and we thank you in advance.
See an Example.
Please check first the data already recorded on the genealogy site.
F Date christened
G Where christened
H Death date
I Death place
J Burial date
K Burial place
L Cause of death
M Profession or activity
N Education
O Notes or
P Name of parents To locate the person. See note (4)
Q Name of spouse See note (5)
R Date of marriage
S Place of marriage See note (6)
T Separation
Divorce Separation Annulation No
U Children
See note (7)

  1. A reference number will help us. You can use the ID shown on the web sheet, or any other numbering.
  2. Given names: Please give them in the order they appear in the register office. If the usual name is not the first, please put an asterisk (e.g.: Marc Amiod*). Put a possible nickname in parentheses (e.g.: Charles Frédéric (Charlot)).
  3. Give the sex if the given name is unusual or ambiguous (e.g.: Andrea, Camille, Dominique, Jean, Ying, Berit).
  4. Give the parents names to help us find the person in the database.
  5. In case of multiple spouses, give each an order number and fill another (simplified) form with the next spouse. Give also a reference number if possible (ID or other).
  6. If applicable, indicate "common law" — meaning not offically married — instead of the marriage place.
  7. You may want to give a reference number to each child, and send us a new form. Example: Marguerite (477), Georges Alexandre (478), Suzanne (2964), Charles Frédéric* (480, twin of 481), Jeanne (481, twin of 480) etc. Please indicate twins and adopted children.
  8. If you have any, send us also separately (see "Contact") photographs or documents with historical, anecdotic, or artistic value to illustrate the genealogy and the "Dardel family pages".
  9. A copy of your message is sent (in French) to the e-mail address you gave us.

The genealogy data are not updated immediately! This form will be submitted automatically to us by e-mail. Should you prefer another method, you can download a copy of the form in MS Word format. If you have a large amount of information to send us, you can also use a single message in free format. In this case, please consult our general recommendations first.