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Blason Dardel
Update 3 Aug 2010 There are several very good sites offering a large collection of classical MIDI files.

Wilhelm Busch's der Virtuos, a musical cartoon (no Midi). Imagine Franz Liszt in private...  
See a few music files with natural sound, played by humans not machines.  
See my Testing Corner with experimental MIDI files.  
The Classical MIDI Archives of P.R. Schwob, with a huge collection of files from famous and less famous composers. The J.S. Bach section doesn't contain the whole BWV, but you will find a few hundred of the Cantor's works, including several cantatas and some other works produced by myself. Unfortunately, navigation is getting quite slow and difficult in their new version.  
The Classical Midi Connection contains thousands of files of major composers.  
The Werner Icking Music Archive also contains thousands of MIDI files and scores from hundreds of classical composers.  
I discovered thanks to Günter Findenegg the Bach Cantatas Website that contains all you want to know about the Cantatas, including the complete scores. An invaluable contribution of Aryeh Oron! It also contains examples in MP3, RAM, and MIDI format.  
David Grossman is one of the important contributors of MIDI files.  
BWV Bach MIDI contains the entire BWV with tons of details and hundreds of Midi files. Mostly in German.  
The J.S. Bach Home Page offers information about the Cantor, biography, the BWV (but you have mine right here), and more links.  
The BachCentral site offers MP3s in addition to MIDI files.  
Un site québécois nommé Musique et Musiciens contient une somme d'informations sur plusieurs compositeurs. Allez sur la page "œuvres" et choisissez un compositeur. Par exemple le BWV (encore) mais présenté d'une autre manière et en français. Some of the information is also available in English. No MIDIs there.  
For those interested in musicology, have a look at J.S.Bach Analysis of Canons and Fugues.  
A Japanese site maintained by Yaskawa Moclin contains lots of MIDI files, among others all Bach Chorales sequenced by himself, very tastefully, using string instruments. These are destined to be played on a Roland synthesizer, but QuickTime on my Mac renders them quite nicely.  
The page of Alessandro Simonetto called Die Kunst der Fuge (The Art of Fugue, now with the less original name "On Classical") contains many files and information on this specific sort of counterpoint, and many MIDI files of several composers. Lots of Bach, including the Moclin Chorale files mentioned just above.  
The Sound Canvas Pipe Organ Project softwares give to the owners of the Roland Sound Canvas the possibility to recreate the true sounds and the playing style of a real pipe organ by their MIDI synthesizer.  
And for those curious about acoustics, see Akustische Täuschungen: Sheppard-Effekte (acoustic illusions), now in English as well as German. It is magnificently illustrated using the well-known "ascending-descending" picture of M.C. Escher, see my own Virtual Museum for its "Waterfall" pendant.  
Visit Kostas Lialiambis' site: he prepared the "Winter" from Vivaldi's Four Seasons (listed above) with a lot of taste, as well as other MIDI files, and offers a vast variety of classical music files (all of them excellent sequences) to download. (Site no longer available, I am trying to get the new addess if it exists)  
If you like Renaissance music, pay a visit to Alain Naigeon's site. He is a specialist of the recorder (Blockflöte, flûte à bec). You will find there a large collection of MIDI files with music of the 1400's and 1500's. The site is in French and English.  
Paul Gabler made an entire site dedicated to La Follia. (See Marin Marais in my MIDI page). This work is the extreme example of tunes that were created in Europe at the time of the late Renaissance (there were no copyrights then) and were taken up and re-worked by many musicians. Other examples are "Mille regretz", and "Flow my tears", although they never reached the popularity of "La Follia" (a.k.a. "Les Folies d'Espagne").  
A site with Opera arias. Some quite good (see "Königin der Nacht" in my main music page) some not so good.  
A biography of Henry Mancini. (See the Pink Panther in my main music page).  
Tontata (M. Maeda) is the (Japanese) author of an excellent shareware sequencer available for the Mac. If you don't have his MIDIGraphy software, get it there (and pay the shareware fee). Last version 1.4.3 (26 Nov 99). (Link broken Oct 07).
Today, I am desperate, because there is no version of MidiGraphy for MacOS X, although it still works under "Classic" OS 9.2. Until now, I found no replacement for MidiGraphy with all its good editing features.

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