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Music files in MIDI format

Cembalo   Music files require an appropriate plug-in to play directly with your browser; most have one. For best results, however, a specific MIDI interface and a synthesizer are recommended. You can play the files listed below, but not download them easily as I had to change the playing process because Apple stopped supporting midi files several years ago. The present method uses JavaScript with sound files hosted on another server, and the result is, I am afraid, not optimal. I am proposing here several examples. I have close to 7000 files in stock, but not many have a sufficient quality to be displayed here... So you will find here the 200 best files of my collection. Most of them — but not all — are classical European music.

The pieces with a green bead can be downloaded, Click the bead.

On a separate page, see files with natural sound.

The creator of the MIDI file (or "sequencer") is shown in grey italics.

See also the catalogues of Bach's (BWV), Haendel's (HWV), Mozart's (KV), Purcell's (Z), Vivaldi's (RV) works and Scarlatti's keyboard sonatas.

Click the title of the piece. Click the small button "Stop Midi" to cancel.

12 May 2023

T. Albinoni   ALBINONI, Tommaso (1671-1751) Italian
The famous Adagio per archi ed organo (76 kB) Roland
This immensely popular work has been found to be a fake: is was actually composed by a modern Italian composer, Remo Giazotto (1910-1968), in 1958.
Sonata per flauto e chitarra (18 kB) Bachovich
Second movement (allegro) of a sonata for flute and guitar.
Magnificat (46 kB) Anne Borton
Magnificat for choir with four voices, soli, string orchestra and organ.
CPE Bach   BACH, Carl Philipp Emmanuel (1714-1788) German

The second son of Johann Sebastian was a crucial composer in the transition between the Baroque and Classical periods.

La Caroline (12 kB) Koren
Solfeggietto (8 kB) Doyle
A short virtuoso piece for piano in C major...
Bach   BACH, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750) German

J.S. Bach has a full page for himself, with 50 MIDI files from 40 different works.
The complete BWV (catalogue of J.S. Bach's works) is also available (234 kB), showing all MIDIs that I have collected, edited or created.

The Beatles   THE BEATLES (1960's) British
Michelle (27 kB) Barnes
When I'm sixty-four (24 kB) Wallace
Beethoven   BEETHOVEN, Ludvig van (1770-1827) German
Mondschein-Sonate (3rd movt) (42 kB) Grant
Sonate N°20 in G Op.49 N°2 (31 kB) Bunji Hisamori
Sonate in F# Op.78 (1st movt) (29 kB) Wolfe
Coriolan Ouverture (72 kB) Kanda
More in "natural sound"
Organ   BENNETT, John (~1575~1614) English
Flow my tears (or Wipe mine eyes, 4 kB) Unknown
This piece is one of the many compositions that travelled through Europe in the Renaissance, and were picked up by musicians of different countries who made their "own version". There was no copyright at the time, and no one seemed to object that the same piece was published by different composers. This is a very short version. See John Dowland below. There is apparently no known picture of John Bennett.
Bizet   BIZET, Georges (1838-1875) French
From "Carmen" (56 kB) Unknown
Very popular music, and an acceptable Midi file...
Carmen : Entr'acte (13 kB) Eric Marquez
Another popular extract. Good Midi sequence.
Boismortier   BOISMORTIER, Joseph Bodin de (1689-1755) French
Sonate en trio Op 37 N°5 (32 kB) Kwasnik
Sonata for flute, bassoon and basso continuo (1732).
Luiz Bonfá   BONFÁ, Luiz (1922-2001) Brazilian
Orfeu Negro (30 kB) Unknown
A song from the famous film Black Orpheus of 1959.
Dave Brubeck   BRUBECK, Dave (1920-2012) American
Take Five (44 kB) Unknown
A great jazz classic... Unusual (at the time) 5 beat measure.
J. Champion de Chambonnières   CHAMBONNIÈRES, Jacques Champion de (1602-1672) French
Canaris en ut (12 kB) Fabbri
Singing canaries, by a "petit maître" of the 17th Century.
M A Charpentier   CHARPENTIER, Marc Antoine (1643-1704) French
Te Deum (21 kB) Tomeg
Prélude from the 1698 Te Deum that used to be the theme music of Eurovision many years ago.
Chopin   CHOPIN, Frédéric (1810-1849) Polish / French
Valse posthume en mi mineur (13 kB) Valérie Tryon
Valse 3 Op.34 N°2 (28 kB) Moclin (whoever that may be)
Fantaisie-Impromptu (28 kB) Unknown
More in "natural sound"
Corelli   CORELLI, Archangelo (1653-1713) Italian
Concerto di Natale (22 kB) Dardel
Sonata da chiesa (8 kB) Unknown
Sonata for trumpet, two violins and basso continuo. (27 kB) John Kwasnik
La Follia (61 kB) Unknown Japanese
La Follia (30 kB) Heidi Snyder
Another version of this famous piece.
Couperin   COUPERIN, François (1688-1733) French
Les barricades mystérieuses (8 kB) Cowles
Here played on a banjo.
Les Papillons (8 kB) Keane
L.-C. Daquin   DAQUIN, Louis-Claude (1694-1772) French
Le coucou (13 kB) Unknown
???   DARDEL, François de (1945-) Swiss
Étude en mi mineur (23 kB. New version) Dardel
Composed ca 1985, as well as the following piece. Kindly re-instrumented by Pier Franco Fegi.
Prélude & fugue en sol mineur (13 kB) Dardel
C. Debussy   DEBUSSY Claude (1862-1918) French
Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune (80 kB) Unknown
A very elaborate sequence. I regret not to know the name of the sequencer (probably Japanese or Korean). It's really worth listening to this piece.
J. Desprez   DESPREZ, Josquin (ca.1450-1521) Flemish
Mille regretz (13 kB) TJ Miller
Josken Van De Velde, better known as Josquin des Prez, alias Josquinus Pratensis (I love the way you could translate your name from Dutch into French or Latin). A short composition that had a huge success in the early XVth Century, and was heavily copied and adapted at a time there was no copyright or "intellectual property".
Dowland   DOWLAND, John (1562-1626) English
Flow my tears (44 kB) Unknown
Another version of a very popular work (see John Bennett above). This one is a somewhat lengthy example for viol and lute.
Farewell (12 kB) Unknown
(a fancy)
Dvorak   DVOŘÁK, Antonín (1841-1904) Bohemian
From the New World (120 kB) Unknown
Symphony N°9 in E minor From the New World, 1st movement
Frescobaldi   FRESCOBALDI, Girolamo (1583-1643) Italian
Ricercare (6 kB) Unknown
Frescobaldi was one of the most important composers of keyboard music in the late Renaissance and early Baroque periods. Here a short chromatic piece rendered with a brass quartett.
Gesualdo   GESUALDO, Carlo (di Venosa, 1566-1613) Italian
Tristis est anima mea (11 kB) Unknown/Dardel
Gesualdo was a Renaissance madrigalist together with Monteverdi, Frescobaldi, Lassus, Janequin, etc. His works are characterised by a very powerful chromatism.
Grieg   GRIEG, Edvard (1843-1907) Norwegian
Peer Gynt (45 kB) Unknown
Only the first 89 measures.
Piano concerto A min (71 kB) Unknown
Only the first 91 measures.
Händel   HÄNDEL, Georg Friedrich (1685-1759) German
Réjouissance from Music for Royal Fireworks HWV 351 (36 kB) Unknown
Together with Water Music, the Fireworks Music is very typical of Händel's compositions. Here a spectacular sequence to be played with a Sound Canvas sythesizer, but also acceptable on your local system.
Hornpipe from Water Music HWV 348 in F major (24 kB) Breed
Andante from Water Music (24 kB) Roland corp.
This is a better file, supplied by Roland with one of their Sound Canvas synthesizers.
Concerto grosso op.6 N°8 HWV 326 (1st movement, 52 kB) K Whitcomb
A concerto in Italian style, similar to Vivaldi's.
I have compiled the whole "HWV" (catalogue of all Haendel's works) for you.
Josef Haydn   HAYDN, Josef (1732-1809) Austrian
Symphonie N°44 (72 kB) Dickie/Dardel
Trauer-Symphonie. 1st movement.
London Trio N° 3 (20 kB) Sakata/Dardel
3rd movement of a trio for two flutes and violoncello.
Quartett für Gitarre und Streicher (45 kB) Allan Cronin
Clément Janequin   JANEQUIN, Clément (1485-1558) French
La guerre, (32 kB) Dardel
Also known as "La bataille de Marignan". There are several versions of this piece. I selected the most popular version for four voices, but used a brass quartett for the Midi file.
Scott Joplin   JOPLIN, Scott (1867-1917) American
Maple Leaf Rag, (24 kB) Simonetto
Scott Joplin is synonymous of ragtime music. Here a very lively example, and a good Midi sequence.
Johann Kuhnau   KUHNAU, Johann (1660-1722) German
Tristis est anima mea, (32 kB) Unknown
Kuhnau was considered one of the best German composers before J.S. Bach.
Here a motet for five voices, rendered with a brass quintet.
Roland de Lassus   LASSUS, Roland de (1532-1594) Flamish
Mon cœur se recommande à vous, (8 kB) Unknown
Lassus is also known as Orlando di Lasso. It was fashionable to "italianise" one's name in the Renaissance period.
Claude Le Jeune   LE JEUNE, Claude (1530-1600) French
Qu'est devenu ce bel œil, (4 kB) Dardel
Interesting small piece for three voices, with lots of chromatism.
Liszt Ferenc, 1858   LISZT, Franz (Ferenc) (1811-1886) Hungarian
Auf dem Wasser zu singen, (36 kB) Halstead
I do not like Liszt very much (too virtuoso) but this is a transcription of a lovely lied by Franz Schubert.
Jean-Baptiste Lully   LULLY, Jean-Baptiste (1632-1687) French
Ouverture d'Armide, (29 kB) Lam
Bien dans le style de Versailles...
Henry Mancini   MANCINI, Henry (1924-1994) American
The pink panther (43 kB) (1963) Unknown
Marin Marais   MARAIS, Marin (1656-1728) French
Les Folies d'Espagne (36 kB) Takahata/Dardel
Another of those compositions – also called "La Follia" – that travelled throughout Europe. See the Corelli version above. Marais made here a nice series of variations. A whole Internet site is dedicated to this tune.
Alan Menken   MENKEN, Alan (1949-) American
Steel band (56 kB) Unknown
Again, a file found on the web. Sounds vaguely familiar to my untrained ears, and deliciously Caribbean... A visitor to this web page suggested it is "Under The Sea" from the Disney film "The Little Mermaid". Another visitor confirmed this, gave me the composer's name and added: lyrics by Howard Ashman.
Monteverdi   MONTEVERDI, Claudio (1567-1643) Italian
Baci soavi (12 kB) Unknown/Dardel
A madrigal for five voices, rendered here with different flutes. Baci soavi means sweet kisses.
Crudel! Perché mi fuggi? (12 kB) Unknown/Dardel
You heartless! Why are you fleeing from me?
From the "Secondo libro di madrigali" (1590). A capella, 5 voices.
Zefiro torna (36 kB) Unknown
On a rythm of ciaccona, a madrigal for two tenors from "scherzi musicali", dated 1632. The piece is quite dramatic, although the Midi rendering does not do justice to it. I have used an oboe and an English horn for the two voices.
Mozart   MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791) Austrian
Divertimento für Bläser KV138 , 1st movt (18 kB) Unknown
Concerto for bassoon KV191 (108 kB) R & Y Reid
Complete (3 movements).
Symphonie N° 25 KV183 (72 kB) J.M. Stone
First movement.
Symphonie N° 29 KV201 (72 kB) Chiaki Ikenoue
Good Midi file. First movement.
Concerto for French horn KV495 (32 kB) J.E. Taylor
Third movement.
Sonate G dur KV357 zu vier Händen, 1st movt (54 kB) Raborn
Variations KV265 sur "Ah vous dirais-je maman" (72 kB) Raborn
For piano.
Adagio in B minor KV540 (32 kB) T.L. Hubeart
For piano.
Die Königin der Nacht (17 kB) M. Weimer
First aria of the Queen of the Night, from the "Magic Flute" KV620.
More in "natural sound"
I have compiled the whole "Köchelverzeichnis" (catalogue of all Mozart's works) for you.
Mudarra   MUDARRA, Alonso (1510-1580) Spanish
Fantasía que contrahace el harpa de Ludovico (16 kB) Unknown
In English: fantasy (for guitar) in imitation of the harp. Mudarra was one of the first composers to publish music for the vihuela or guitar.
Luis de Narváez   NARVÁEZ, Luis de (1490-1547) Spanish
Diferencias para guitarra sobre "Guárdame las vacas" (8 kB) Unknown
Another composer of the Spanish Golden age. The title means: Variations for guitar on "Keep the cows for me".
Palestrina   PALESTRINA, Giovanni Pierluigi da (1525-1594) Italian
Motetto a 5: Ascendo ad patrem (17 kB) Brian Ames
Pepusch   PEPUSCH, Johan Christoph (1667-1752) German
Sonata N°4 for recorder (27 kB) B. Carlo/Dardel
Platti   PLATTI, Giovanni Benedetto (1697-1763) Italian
Sonata 14 (10 kB) Unknown
Platti emigrated to Germany at the age of 25 and spent the rest of his life in Würzburg.
Accordion   POLLICELLI, G. Austrian or Italian
Andromeda (polka) (38 kB) Chitarra
This is a lively Austrian folk song. You can also hear this type of music in the Bavarian or Swiss Alps. I couldn't find details about the composer.
M. Ponce   PONCE, Manuel (1882-1948) Mexican
Scherzino Mexicano (16 kB) Unknown
I didn't know the details (there are several Ponce, from Spain and Latin America) until a visitor to this site kindly supplied first name, nationality and title of this piece for guitar.
Michael Praetorius   PRAETORIUS, Michael (1571-1621) German
Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen (Choral) (7 kB) Weimer
Base of a famous Christmas Carol.
Henry Purcell   PURCELL, Henry (1659-1695) English
Music for a while (16 kB) J. Holligum/Dardel
Second movement, for soprano or tenor, harpsichord and bass viol, of the music (Z 583) written for Dryden & Lee's Oedipus in 1679.
Strike the Viol (12 kB) Michael Starke
From the Ode for the birthday of Queen Mary, 1694.
O Solitude (17 kB) Linda Jackson
Z 406 O Solitude, my sweetest choice, a C minor song composed ca 1685.
Dido and Æneas Overture (36 kB) Unknown
Z 626, ca 1688.
King Arthur: The Genie of the Cold (26 kB) Redman/Dardel
Z 628, Movement 20 (act 3), 1691. Prelude and Aria, "What power art thou": freezing cold...
Funeral of Queen Mary (69 kB) D. Rayet/Dardel
Slow and mournful. Z 860, 1695.
Sound the trumpet (16 kB) John Cowles
From: "Come ye sons of Art" (Z 323), 1694.
Here is the catalogue of all Henry Purcell's works (Zimmermann Verzeichnis).
Rameau   RAMEAU, Jean-Philippe (1683-1764) French
Les Sauvages (28 kB) Fabbri
From "Les Indes galantes", here a version for harpsichord.
Nouvelles Suites de Clavecin, N°2 (15 kB) Collinelli
La Boîteuse (4 kB) Unknown
The title means "The limping woman". A short piece, here rendered with the guitar.
Rameau   RAVEL, Maurice (1875-1937) French
Le boléro (279 kB) Unknown
One of the most famous tunes...
Reicha   REICHA, Anton (1770-1836) Bohemian, then French
Quartett for flutes (36 kB) Dardel
1st movement only.
Trio for French horns (N°5) (12 kB) Unknown
Trio for French horns (N°6) (16 kB) Unknown/Dardel
I love these trios, full of grace and nostalgia...
Rossini   ROSSINI, Gioachino (1792-1868) Italian
Il barbiere di Seviglia (102 kB) Andrew Parr
Guillaume Tell (26 kB) Voyetra Technologies
L'Italiana in Algeri (102 kB) Zammarrelli
Saint-Saëns   SAINT-SAËNS, Camille (1835-1921) French
Danse macabre (96 kB) Jason Stone
A tone poem for orchestra, written in 1874, one of the most popular works of Saint-Saëns. Death calls forth the dead from their graves to dance for him while he plays his fiddle (here represented by a solo violin).
Domenico Scarlatti   SCARLATTI, Domenico (1685-1757) Italian
Sonata Kirkpatrick 2 (10 kB) Jeff Segor
Piano, live recording.
Sonata Kirkpatrick 9 (10 kB) Unknown/Dardel
Pastorale in D min, harpsichord version
Sonata Kirkpatrick 159 (17 kB) Andrew Staupe
Piano, live recording, 2009.
Here is the catalogue of all sonatas with the Kirkpatrick, Longo and Pestelli reference numbers.
Schubert   SCHUBERT, Franz (1797-1828) Austrian
Moment musical Nr.4 (12 kB) Krüger
Moment musical Nr.3 (12 kB) Krüger
A good version (with "natural sound").
Moment musical Nr.3 (10 kB) Fennimore
Here with the sound of electric piano.
Impromptu Op.90 Nr.4 (46 kB) Krüger
Impromptu Op.142 Nr.2 (32 kB) Krüger
Octet D 803 (77 kB) Pollen
Octet in D major for clarinet, bassoon, horn, two violins, viola, cello, and double bass, 3rd movement (vivace).
More in "natural sound".
Robert Schumann   SCHUMANN, Robert (1810-1856) German
Op 15 N° 1 Von fremden Ländern und Menschen (8 kB) Bernd Krueger
Op 15 N° 8 Am Kamin (8 kB) Bernd Krueger
Op 15 N° 11 Fürchtenmachen (9 kB) Bernd Krueger
All three short piano pieces from Opus 15 "Kinderszenen".
Heinrich Schütz   SCHÜTZ, Heinrich (1585-1672) German
Ich bin ein rechter Weinstock (24 kB) Unknown / Dardel
Motet for 6 voices SWV 589, here rendered with a brass and woodwinds sextet.
Bedrich Smetana   SMETANA, Bedřich (1824-1884) Bohemian
Die Moldau (248 kB) Sugimura
Smetana's best known work.
Soler   SOLER, Padre Antonio (1729-1783) Spanish
Gran Sonata en B minor (Rubio 10) (48 kB) Izumi
Gran Sonata en Fa# mayor (Rubio 90) (23 kB) Izumi
Gran Fandango (56 kB) Izumi
An "ostinato" piece for the harpsichord with a repetitive character similar to a chaconne or bolero.
Concerto in C for two keyboards (42 kB) Unknown
Sor   SOR, Fernando (1778-1839) Spanish
Étude en si mineur (9 kB) R. Fennimore/Dardel
Fernando Sor composed mainly for the guitar. Here an étude in B minor.
Johann Strauß   STRAUSS, Johann (1825-1899) der Jüngere Austrian
Kaiser-Waltzer (116 kB) Unknown, but Japanese
One of the most famous waltzes of Vienna. Full orchestrated version.
Radetzky-Marsch (34 kB) Unknown
Pizzicato Polka (21 kB) Chiaki Ikenoue
Richard Strauß   STRAUSS, Richard (1864-1949) German
Also sprach Zarathustra (4 kB) Unknown / Dardel
Only the first 20 bars... reminiscent of Stanley Kubrick's Space Odyssey.
Tárrega   Tárrega, Francisco (1856-1909) Spanish
Capricho árabe (36 kB) Tchiang
For guitar.
Tchaikowski   TCHAIKOVSKI, Piotr Ilitch (1840-1893) Russian
Swan lake (24 kB) Ho
Prelude to Act 2.
Telemann   TELEMANN, Georg Philipp (1681-1767) German
A-moll Suite (72 kB) Hunkins
Suite for flute and harpsichord.
Konzert für Block-und Querflöte (20 kB) Ludwig
Concerto for recorder and flute.
Eitor Villa-Lobos   VILLA-LOBOS, Heitor (1885-1959) Brazilian
Choros (13 kB) Unknown
One of the most famous guitar tunes.
Gene Vincent   VINCENT, Gene (1935-1971) American and The Blue Caps
Be-Bop a lula (30 kB) Unknown
A be-bop of 1956, written by a "rockabilly".
Vivaldi   VIVALDI, Antonio (1678-1741) Italian
Sonata RV 106 per flauto, oboe e fagotto (30 kB) Langenburg
In G minor, without basso continuo.
Sonata RV 107 per oboe, flauto, violino e basso continuo (12 kB) Unknown
In G minor, with basso continuo.
L'inverno, from Le quattro stagione (RV 297) (52 kB) Lialiambis
Excellent version of the "Winter".
Concerto RV 356 (N°176) (32 kB) Unknown
This is an arrangement for banjo, with drums, quite entertaining.
Concerto RV 362 "La caccia" (48 kB) Reyes
Concerto op.8 N°10 for violin, strings, and basso continuo in B flat major.
Concerto RV 433 "La tempesta di mare" (60 kB) Unknown
Concerto op.10 N°1 for flute, strings, and basso continuo in D major.
Concerto RV 443 (96 kB) Reid
Concerto per flautino (piccolo recorder), strings, and basso continuo in C major.
Duo for guitars in G major, originally concerto for two mandolines RV 532 Knezevic
First movement, Allegro (24 kB). Second movement, Andante (16 kB).
Here is the catalogue of all Antonio Vivaldi's works (Ryom Verzeichnis).
Jan Zach   ZACH, Jan (1699-1773) Bohemian
Praeludium und Fuge C-moll (12 kB) Heldstab

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