5 July 2011

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Approximate sea water analysis

Main dissolved ions in sea water
Ion meq/L g/L
Na+ 479 11.02
Mg++ 109 1.31
Ca++ 21 0.42
K+ 10 0.39
Ion meq/L g/L
Cl 560 19.88
SO42– 57 2.74
HCO3 2 0.12
Br 0.9 0.07

Total salinity of this example: about 620 meq/L and 36 g/L.
All g/L values as ion (not CaCO3). Sea water has little bicarbonate and silica.
The pH value of sea water is always between 7.5 and 8.4.
The density of sea water is between 1.020 and 1.029 g/L.
The conductivity of sea water is about 50 mS/cm (50'000 µS/cm) @ 20 °C.

The salinity of sea water has a generally applicable average of 35 g/L.
A more detailed study gives:
Not all seas and oceans are the same
Baltic Sea6 to 18 g/L
North Sea32 g/L
Oceans33 to 37 g/L
Mediterranean38 g/L
Red Sea / Persian Gulf38 to 43 g/L
Dead Sea230 g/L

OeilThe salinity of sea water is too high to be treated by ion exchange; the most usual sea water desalination processes are reverse osmosis and distillation. See the salinity limit in the page about feed water.

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