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Domestic water consumption

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Daily consumption in litres per capita
Country 2000 2010
UA United Arab Emirates 500
CA Canada 326 310
US United States 295 475
JP Japan 278
AU Australia 268
CH Switzerland 252
FI Finland 213
IT Italy 213
ES Spain 200
PT Portugal 194
KE South Korea 183
GR Greece 175
SE Sweden 164
DK Danmark 159
UK United Kingdom 153 148
AT Austria 153
LU Luxembourg 150
EI Ireland 142
FR France 139 164
DE Germany 129 121
NL Netherlands 129
BE Belgium 112
HU Hungary 101
BG Bulgaria 101
PL Poland 98
CZ Czech Republic 95
IN India 25

Sources: Eurostat 2001 + IFEN 2002
2010 data: Statista 2018

The data above are approximate: I consulted several sources, and there are wide variations between them. I was not able (2018) to find more recent data.

The consumption shown includes:

An interesting point: in France, the toilet flush consumes about 30% of the total volume. This is the area where consumption could be reduced considerably. The dishwasher consumes very little, much less than when you wash the dishes in the sink. Everyone knows now that a shower uses only a fraction of the water in a bath, a fourth or a fifth only, but little can be gained there as most people take showers and not baths.

It is not clear if your car washing or watering your garden are included in the above data. However, agricultural and industrial water use is not included (in principle).

A range of 20 to 40 liters of freshwater per person per day is generally considered to be a necessary minimum to meet needs for drinking and sanitation alone, according to Peter Gleick, president of the Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment and Security. If water for bathing and cooking is included as well, this figure varies between 27 and 200 liters per capita per day.

In the OECD countries, the average domestic consumption is approximately 180 litres per capita and per day. In certain cities of the United States, the consumption average can be higher than 400 litres, whereas in many towns in Africa, the average is lower than 30 litres.

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