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Resin bead
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All ion exchange resins

The table below contains all ion exchange resins I have seen or heard of. Many of these are obsolete, though. Click the dark blue headers to sort the table. See dates of review at the bottom.
Status (Jan 2020)  Curr = Currently availableObs = ObsoleteUnkn= Unkown
See abbreviationsUnion Jack FR DE ES (English, French, German, Spanish).
Please report mistakes, comments and corrections (see contact). Thank you.
Showing current only

DUPONT(ALL)CurrDow Chemical merged with DuPont in 2017. Dowex resins remain only for special applications, for water treament they are converted to Amberlite.
DUPONTADSORBSIAAS600CurrCHETitanium oxideArsenic removalDry, granular 0.25-1.25 mm, 250 m2/g, 0.39 ml/g
ALDEXALDEX(ALL)CurrAldex (Canada) produces only SAC resins. Other resins are imported from Thermax (India).
ALDEXALDEXC15HLSCurrSACStyrenic gelUPW, nuclearLow sodium, 1.8 eq/L H, MHC 50-54%, 0.3-1.2 mm
ALDEXALDEXC15HMPCurrSACStyrenic macroCatalysis1.7 eq/L, MHC 50-60%, 35-55 m2/g
ALDEXALDEXC600MPCurrSACStyrenic macroSoftening
ALDEXALDEXC700CurrSACStyrenic gelSofteningNon-solvent
ALDEXALDEXC800CurrSACStyrenic gelSoftening8% DVB, non-solvent
ALDEXALDEXC800 HCurrSACStyrenic gelDemin
ALDEXALDEXC800 NH4CurrSACStyrenic gelAmmonium form
ALDEXALDEXC800FCurrSACStyrenic gelFine grade
ALDEXALDEXC800HMPUPSCurrSACStyrenic macroSugar1.7 eq/L H, MHC 45-53%, 0.42-0.71 mm
ALDEXALDEXC800LTCurrSACStyrenic gelSofteningLT for light colour (solvent sulphonated)
ALDEXALDEXC800UPSCurrSACStyrenic gelSofteningUniform particle size, non-solvent
ALDEXALDEXC800x10CurrSACStyrenic gelSofteningNon-solvent
ALDEXALDEXC800x10LTCurrSACStyrenic gelSofteningLT for light colour (solvent sulphonated)
ALDEXALDEXC800x10LTUPSCurrSACStyrenic gelSoftening, deminUniform particle size
ALDEXALDEXCR2012CurrCHEStyrenic macroBrine softeningAminophosphonic
ALDEXALDEXCR26CurrUnknownIron removalBlack, no regeneration required (acts as oxidiser and filter)
ALDEXALDEXCR29CurrCHEStyrenic macroMetalsIminodiacetic
ALDEXALDEXCR5CurrCHEStyrenic macroBoron removalN-methyl glucamine, 0.42-0.63 mm
ALDEXALDEXCR80CurrCHEStyrenic macroMercury, cadmium etc.Isothiouronium
ALDEXALDEXCRACurrSBAAcrylic macroScavenger, sugar decol0.8 eq/L, MHC 66-72%
ALDEXALDEXGCRACurrSBAAcrylic gel1.25 eq/L
ALDEXALDEXIR01CurrINEPolypropylenePacked beds1.4 mm
ALDEXALDEXMB1CurrMIXStyrenic gel1.9/1.3 eq/L Na/Cl 40:60 vol ratio
ALDEXALDEXMB1SCCurrMIXStyrenic gelUPW1.9/1.3 eq/L Na/Cl 40:60 vol ratio
ALDEXALDEXMB2SCCurrMIXStyrenic gelUPWWith thype 2 anion
ALDEXALDEXMB5050CurrMIXStyrenic gel50:50 vol ratio
ALDEXALDEXNSRCurrSBAStyrenic macroNitrate0.9 eq/L, MHC 50-56%
ALDEXALDEXSB1CurrSBA 1Styrenic gel1.4 eq/L, MHC 43-47%
ALDEXALDEXSB1MPCurrSBA 1Styrenic macro1.2 eq/L, MHC 43-47% (low moisture)
ALDEXALDEXSB1PCurrSBA 1Styrenic gel1.3 eq/L, MHC 51-56%
ALDEXALDEXSB1P OHCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelOH form
ALDEXALDEXSB1PUPSCurrSBA 1Styrenic gel1.3 eq/L, MHC 49-55%, 0.42-0.60 mm UC1.2
ALDEXALDEXSB1UPSCurrSBA 1Styrenic gel1.4 eq/L, MHC 40-48%, 0.42-0.60 mm UC1.2
ALDEXALDEXSB2CurrSBA 2Styrenic gel1.4 eq/L, MHC 38-44%, 0.3-1.2 mm
ALDEXALDEXSB2UPSCurrSBA 2Styrenic gel1.4 eq/L, MHC 38-44%, 0.3-1.2 mm, 0.42-0.60 mm UC 1.2
ALDEXALDEXWACCurrWACAcrylic4.2 eq/L, MHC 53-58%
ALDEXALDEXWACMPCurrWACAcrylic macro4.3 eq/L, MHC 45-51% (? Looks like Lewatit)
ALDEXALDEXWB1CurrWBAStyrenic macro1.4 eq/L, MHC 40-50%
ALDEXALDEXWB1HCCurrWBAStyrenic macroHigh capacity 1.6 eq/L, MHC 46-54%
ALDEXALDEXWB2CurrWBAAcrylic1.6 eq/L, MHC 57-62%
DUPONTAMBERCHROMCG161MCurrADSStyrenic macroChromatographyPores 150 Å, 900 m2/g, 75 µm UC 1.7
DUPONTAMBERCHROMCG300MCurrADSStyrenic macroChromatographyPores 300 Å, 700 m2/g, 75 µm UC 1.7
DUPONTAMBERCHROMCG71MCurrADSAcrylic macroChromatographyPores 250 Å, 500 m2/g, 75 µm UC 1.7
DUPONTAMBERCHROMXT20CurrADSStyrenic macroChromatographyPores 300 Å, 20 µm
DUPONTAMBERCHROMXT30CurrADSStyrenic macroChromatographyPores 300 Å, 30 µm
DUPONTAMBERLITE14iCurrINEPolypropyleneFloating beds, filtration of particlesCylinders 1.4 mm, density 0.95
DUPONTAMBERLITE600iCurrINEAcrylicTriobed separation layer600 µm UC 1.2 density 1.15
DUPONTAMBERLITE62iCurrINEPolyethyleneUpcore & RFR blocking layer2.5-4.0 mm density 0.95
DUPONTAMBERLITEBD10 DRYCurrSACStyrenic gelBiodieselH form, 4.9 eq/L, 0.3-1.2 mm
DUPONTAMBERLITECG50Type1CurrWACMethacrylic macroPharma, process, chromatography10 eq/kg 100-200 mesh (75-150 µm) dry
DUPONTAMBERLITECOBALAMIONCurrWACMethacrylic macroVitamin B122.6 eq/L, MHC 60-70%, 0.25-1.2 mm
DUPONTAMBERLITEFPA40 ClCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelDecolourisation1.0 eq/L, MHC 57-68% 580-750 µm
DUPONTAMBERLITEFPA42 ClCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelGeneral food processing1.3 eq/L, MHC 49-55%, 700 µm UC 1.25
DUPONTAMBERLITEFPA51CurrWBAStyrenic macro1.3 eq/L, MHC 56-62% 490-690 µm UC 1.8
DUPONTAMBERLITEFPA52RFCurrWBAStyrenic macro1.6 eq/L, MHC 40-50%, 600-800 µm UC 1.5
DUPONTAMBERLITEFPA53CurrWBAAcrylic gel1.6 eq/L, MHC 56-64%, 500-750 µm UC 1.8
DUPONTAMBERLITEFPA54CurrWBAPhenolicCitric & lactic acidGranular, high capacity, 1.8 eq/L, MHC 60-65%, 470-740 µm
DUPONTAMBERLITEFPA55CurrWBAAcrylic gelDairy1.6 eq/L, MHC 56-64%, better rinse
DUPONTAMBERLITEFPA58 ClCurrSBAAcrylic gel1.25 eq/L MHC 57-64%, 0.3-1.2 mm
DUPONTAMBERLITEFPA90 ClCurrSBA 1Styrenic macro1.0 eq/L, MHC 58-64%
DUPONTAMBERLITEFPA90RF ClCurrSBA 1Styrenic macro1.0 eq/L, MHC 54-61%, 650-820 µm
DUPONTAMBERLITEFPA90UPS ClCurrSBA 1Styrenic macro1.0 eq/L, MHC 54-61%, 640 µm UC 1.1
DUPONTAMBERLITEFPA98 ClCurrSBAAcrylic macroSugar decol (roughing)0.8 eq/L MHC 68-71%, 630-850 µm
DUPONTAMBERLITEFPC11 NaCurrSACStyrenic gelLysine recovery2.05 eq/L, MHC 43-47%, 600-800 µm
DUPONTAMBERLITEFPC14 NaCurrSACStyrenic gelThin juice2.05 eq/L, MHC 41-49%, 600-800 µm non-solvent
DUPONTAMBERLITEFPC3500CurrWACMethacrylic macroLysine, peptide capture2.6 eq/L, MHC 60-70%, 550 µm UC 1.8
DUPONTAMBERLITEFPX62CurrADSStyrenic macroPeptide captureMHC 55-65%, 550 µm UC 1.8 250 m2/g
DUPONTAMBERLITEFPX66CurrADSStyrenic macroFruit juicesMHC 60-66%, 600-750 µm UC 2.0 1.4 ml/g 700 m2/g
DUPONTAMBERLITEFPX68CurrADSStyrenic macroPolyphenols, proteins, antibioticsMHC 61-67%, 350-600 µm, 1.4 ml/g 450 m2/g
DUPONTAMBERLITEHPR1100 NaCurrSACStyrenic gelIWT2.0 eq/L, MHC 46-50%, 585 µm UC 1.1
DUPONTAMBERLITEHPR1200 HCurrSACStyrenic gelIWT1.8 eq/L H, MHC 50-56%, 600+/-50µm, UC 1.1
DUPONTAMBERLITEHPR1200 NaCurrSACStyrenic gelIWT2.0 eq/L H, MHC 43-50%, 585+/-50µm, UC 1.1
DUPONTAMBERLITEHPR1300 HCurrSACStyrenic gelIWT single & Stratabed1.9 eq/L H, MHC 46-51%, 650 µm UC 1.1
DUPONTAMBERLITEHPR1300 NaCurrSACStyrenic gelIWT2.2 eq/L, MHC 40-45%, 630 µm UC 1.1
DUPONTAMBERLITEHPR1400 HCurrSACStyrenic gelCPP (PWR)2.0 eq/L H, MHC 45-52%, 650 µm UC 1.1
DUPONTAMBERLITEHPR1600 HCurrSACStyrenic gelCPP2.4 eq/L H, MHC 36-43%, 650 µm UC 1.1
DUPONTAMBERLITEHPR2000 HCurrSACStyrenic macroCPP1.7 eq/L H, MHC 51-56%, 950 µm UC 1.1
DUPONTAMBERLITEHPR252 HCurrSACStyrenic macroCPP1.65 eq/L H, MHC 52-58%, 950 µm UC 1.2
DUPONTAMBERLITEHPR2800 HCurrSACStyrenic macroCPP1.7 eq/L H, MHC 52-58%, 800 µm UC 1.2
DUPONTAMBERLITEHPR2900 HCurrSACStyrenic macroIWT1.7 eq/L H, MHC 50-56%, 575 µm UC 1.1
DUPONTAMBERLITEHPR2900 NaCurrSACStyrenic macroIWT1.8 eq/L H, MHC 46-52%, 550 µm UC 1.1
DUPONTAMBERLITEHPR4100 ClCurrSBA2Styrenic gelIWT1.1 eq/L MHC 45-54%, 550 µm UC 1.1
DUPONTAMBERLITEHPR4200 ClCurrSBA1Styrenic gelIWT single & Stratabed1.3 eq/L, MHC 50-55%, 650 µm UC 1.1
DUPONTAMBERLITEHPR4200 OHCurrSBA1Styrenic gelIWT MB1.0 eq/L OH, MHC 60-66%, 730 µm UC 1.1
DUPONTAMBERLITEHPR4580 ClCurrSBAAcrylic gelIWT1.25 eq/L, MHC 58-62%, 700-950 µm UC 1.7
DUPONTAMBERLITEHPR4700 ClCurrSBA1Styrenic gelIWT & CPP1.25 eq/L, MHC 44-50%, 550 µm UC 1.1
DUPONTAMBERLITEHPR4700 OHCurrSBA1Styrenic gelIWT1.1 eq/L OH, MHC 55-65%, 590 µm UC 1.1
DUPONTAMBERLITEHPR4780 ClCurrSBAAcrylic gelIWT low silica water only1.35 eq/L, MHC 58-62%, 700-900 µm UC 1.7, ~ 38% SBA + 62% WBA (bifunctional, high operating cap)
DUPONTAMBERLITEHPR4800 ClCurrSBA1Styrenic gelIWT1.3 eq/L, MHC 49-58%, 575 µm UC 1.1
DUPONTAMBERLITEHPR4800 OHCurrSBA1Styrenic gelIWT1.0 eq/L OH, MHC 58-74%, 610 µm UC 1.1
DUPONTAMBERLITEHPR4811 ClCurrSBA1Styrenic gelIWT1.3 eq/L, MHC 50-60%, 550 µm UC 1.1
DUPONTAMBERLITEHPR550 ClCurrSBA1Styrenic gelCPP1.35 eq/L, MHC 42-49%, 550 µm UC 1.1
DUPONTAMBERLITEHPR550 OHCurrSBA1Styrenic gelCPP1.1 eq/L OH, MHC 55-65%, 590 µm UC 1.1
DUPONTAMBERLITEHPR650 HCurrSACStyrenic gelCPP2.0 eq/L H, MHC 46-52%, 650 µm UC 1.1
DUPONTAMBERLITEHPR6700CurrWBAAcrylic gelIWT1.6 eq/L, MHC 56-62%, 700-900 µm UC 1.7
DUPONTAMBERLITEHPR7000CurrWBAAcrylic gelIWT1.45 eq/L, MHC 58-62%, 700-900 µm UC 1.7
DUPONTAMBERLITEHPR8300 HCurrWACAcrylic macroIWT dealkalisation, Stratabed4.7 eq/L, MHC 40-50%, 470-600 µm UC 1.4, Usable in Na form (Carbosoft etc.)
DUPONTAMBERLITEHPR8400 HCurrWACAcrylic macroIWT dealkalisation4.7 eq/L, MHC 40-50%, 600-800 µm UC 1.5, Usable in Na form (Carbosoft etc.)
DUPONTAMBERLITEHPR900 OHCurrSBA1Styrenic macroCPP0.8 eq/L OH, MHC 66-75%, 600 µm UC 1.45
DUPONTAMBERLITEHPR900 SO4CurrSBA1Styrenic macroCPP1.0 eq/L Cl, MHC 60-68%, 600 µm UC 1.45
DUPONTAMBERLITEHPR9000 OHCurrSBA1Styrenic macroCPP0.8 eq/L OH, MHC 66-75%, 650 µm UC 1.1
DUPONTAMBERLITEHPR9000 SO4CurrSBA1Styrenic macroCPP1.0 eq/LH, MHC 60-68%, 650 µm UC 1.1
DUPONTAMBERLITEHPR9100 ClCurrSBA2Styrenic macroIWT1.1 eq/L, MHC 48-58%, 625 µm UC 1.15
DUPONTAMBERLITEHPR9200 ClCurrSBA1Styrenic macroIWT1.1 eq/L, MHC 56-66%, 640 µm UC 1.1
DUPONTAMBERLITEHPR9500CurrWBAStyrenic macroIWT1.3 eq/L, MHC 54-60%, 550 µm, UC 1.1
DUPONTAMBERLITEHPR9600CurrWBAStyrenic macroIWT1.3 eq/L, MHC 59-65%, 550 µm, UC 1.1
DUPONTAMBERLITEHPR9700CurrWBAStyrenic macroIWT1.3 eq/L, MHC 59-65%, 630-900 µm, UC 1.3
DUPONTAMBERLITEIRA402 ClCurrSBA1Styrenic gelIWT, Demin, Co-flow1.2 eq/L, MHC 49-60%
DUPONTAMBERLITEIRA410 ClCurrSBA 2Styrenic gelIWT, Demin, Co-flow1.25 eq/L, MHC 45-51%
DUPONTAMBERLITEIRA458 ClCurrSBAAcrylic gelIWT, Demin, Co-flow1.25 eq/L, MHC 57-64%
DUPONTAMBERLITEIRA67CurrWBAAcrylic gelIWT1.6 eq/L, MHC 56-64%
DUPONTAMBERLITEIRA900 ClCurrSBA1Styrenic macroIWT, Demin, Co-flow1.0 eq/L, MHC 58-64%
DUPONTAMBERLITEIRA910 ClCurrSBA2Styrenic macroIWT, Demin, Co-flow1.0 eq/L, MHC 54-61%
DUPONTAMBERLITEIRA96CurrWBAStyrenic macroIWT1.25 eq/L, MHC 57-63%
DUPONTAMBERLITEIRC120 HCurrSACStyrenic gelIWT1.8 eq/L H, MHC 53-58%
DUPONTAMBERLITEIRC120 NaCurrSACStyrenic gelIWT2.0 eq/L Na, MHC 45-50%
DUPONTAMBERLITEIRC200 NaCurrSACStyrenic macroIWT Process condensates1.7 eq/L, MHC 48-52%, high DVB, high oxidation & temperature resistance
DUPONTAMBERLITEIRC748ICurrCHEStyrenic macroMetals separation, brine purification.Iminodiacetic, 1.35 eq/L, 4.45 eq/kg, MHC 60-65%
DUPONTAMBERLITEIRC83 HCurrWACAcrylic macroIWT Dealk & StratabedHigh capacity 5 eq/L, fine: 580 µm UC 1.4
DUPONTAMBERLITEIRC84SPI HCurrWACAcrylic gelNot sure what I stands for
DUPONTAMBERLITEIRN150 H/OHCurrMIXStyrenic gelNuclear50/50 ionic mix IRN77 H + IRN78 OH
DUPONTAMBERLITEIRN160 H/OHCurrMIXStyrenic gelNuclear50/50 ionic mix IRN97 H + IRN78 OH non-separable
DUPONTAMBERLITEIRN164 Li/OHCurrMIXStyrenic gelNuclear (CANDU)50/50 ionic mix IRN97 Li + IRN78 OH (natural Li)
DUPONTAMBERLITEIRN170 H/OHCurrMIXStyrenic gelNuclear50/50 ionic mix IRN99 H + IRN78 OH non-separable
DUPONTAMBERLITEIRN217 Li/OHCurrMIXStyrenic gelNuclear (PWR reactor coolant purification)50/50 ionic mix IRN77 Li + IRN78 OH (lithium 7)
DUPONTAMBERLITEIRN317 Li/OHCurrMIXStyrenic gelNuclear (PWR reactor coolant purification)50/50 ionic mix IRN99 Li + IRN78 OH (lithium 7)
DUPONTAMBERLITEIRN360 H/OHCurrMIXStyrenic gelNuclear67/33 vol mix IRN97 H + IRN78 OH
DUPONTAMBERLITEIRN67CurrWBAAcrylic gelNuclear1.6 eq/L MHC 56-62% 0.3-1.2 mm UC 1.8
DUPONTAMBERLITEIRN77 HCurrSACStyrenic gelNuclear1.9 eq/L H, MHC 49-55%, 650 µm UC 1.2
DUPONTAMBERLITEIRN78 OHCurrSBA1Styrenic gelNuclear1.2 eq/L OH, MHC 54-60% OH, 630 µm UC 1.2
DUPONTAMBERLITEIRN9652 HCurrSACStyrenic macroNuclear1.95 eq/L H, MHC 51-57%, 700 µm UC 1.6 high selectivity
DUPONTAMBERLITEIRN9675 HCurrSACStyrenic macroNuclear1.7 eq/L H, MHC 50-56%, 700 µm UC 1.7
DUPONTAMBERLITEIRN9687 Li/OHCurrMIXStyrenic macro/gelNuclear50/50 ionic mix IRN9652 Li + IRN78 OH (lithium 7)
DUPONTAMBERLITEIRN97 HCurrSACStyrenic gelNuclear2.15 eq/L H, MHC 45-51%, 525 µm UC 1.2
DUPONTAMBERLITEIRN9725 OHCurrSBA1Styrenic macroNuclear0.8 eq/L OH, MHC 65-75%, 690 µm UC 1.1
DUPONTAMBERLITEIRN9766 OHCurrSBA1Styrenic macroNuclear0.85 eq/L OH, MHC 66-75%, 0.3-1.2 mm UC 1.7
DUPONTAMBERLITEIRN9822 H/OHCurrMIXStyrenic macroNuclear
DUPONTAMBERLITEIRN9885 H/OHCurrMIXStyrenic macroNuclear40/60 vol mix, 12% DVB macro cation + IRN9766 OH
DUPONTAMBERLITEIRN99 HCurrSACStyrenic gelNuclear2.4 eq/L H, MHC 37-45%, small size 525 µm UC 1.2
DUPONTAMBERLITEIRP476CurrWACAcrylic gelPharmaNo data
DUPONTAMBERLITEIRP64CurrWACMethacrylic macroPharma, Galenic10 eq/kg, powder 10-100 µm
DUPONTAMBERLITEIRP69CurrSACStyrenic gelPharma, GalenicPowder, Na Form, 10-100 µm
DUPONTAMBERLITEIRP88CurrWACMethacrylic macroPharma, Galenic, tablet disintegrantPowder, K Form, polacrilin potassium
DUPONTAMBERLITEMB20 H/OHCurrMIXStyrenic gelIWT & cartridgesBalanced (40:60 C:A by volume), regenerable
DUPONTAMBERLITEMB5113 H/OHCurrMIXStyrenic gelIWT & cartridges
DUPONTAMBERLITEMB9L H/OHCurrMIXStyrenic gelCartridgesExcess cation
DUPONTAMBERLITEPWA10CurrCHEStyrenic gelBoron removal, drinking waterN-methyl glucamine, 0.7 eq/L, MHC 48-54%, 0.3-1.2 mm
DUPONTAMBERLITEPWA15CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelUniform, 1.3 eq/L, for drinking water
DUPONTAMBERLITEPWA17CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelDrinking water, nitrate or uranium removalHigh solids for drinking water, 1.3 eq/L Gaussian
DUPONTAMBERLITEPWA5CurrSBAStyrenic gelNitrate removal (municipal)1.0 eq/L, MHC 52-58%, 0.3-1.2 mm
DUPONTAMBERLITEPWA7CurrWBAPhenolicChromate (drinking water)Granular, 1.9 eq/L
DUPONTAMBERLITESCAV1CurrSBAAcrylic gelIWT organic trap1.3 eq/L, MHC 55-68%, 0.3-1.2 mm
DUPONTAMBERLITESCAV2CurrSBAAcrylic macroIWT organic trap0.9 eq/L, MHC 66-76%, 0.3-1.2 mm
DUPONTAMBERLITESCAV3 ClCurrSBA1Styrenic macroIWT organic trap0.7 eq/L, MHC 70-77%, 0.3-1.2 mm
DUPONTAMBERLITESCAV4 ClCurrSBAAcrylic macroIWT organic trap0.8 eq/L, MHC 66-72%, 0.3-1.2 mm
DUPONTAMBERLITEXAD1180CurrADSStyrenic macro450 m2/g, MHC 61-67%
DUPONTAMBERLITEXAD1600NCurrADSStyrenic macro700 m2/g, MHC 66-73%, pores 80-120 Å, 400 µm UC 1.25
DUPONTAMBERLITEXAD16HPNCurrADSStyrenic macro800 m2/g, MHC 62-70%, pores 200-250 Å, 0.3-1.2 mm, ~630 µµ UC 2.0
DUPONTAMBERLITEXAD16NCurrADSStyrenic macro700 m2/g, MHC 62-70%, pores 200-250 Å, 0.3-1.2 mm, ~630 µµ UC 2.0
DUPONTAMBERLITEXAD4CurrADSStyrenic macroPhenol, chlorinated solventsMHC 54-60%, 750 m2/g, pores 55-80 Å, 0.3-1.2 mm UC 1.8
DUPONTAMBERLITEXAD761CurrADSPhenolicFood processingGranular non ionic adsorbent, MHC 62-70% (formerly Duolite XAD761)
DUPONTAMBERLITEXAD7HPCurrADSAcrylic macroPharma, Processing380 m2/g, MHC 61-69%, pores 450-500 Å, 0.3-1.2 mm UC 2.0
DUPONTAMBERLYST123CurrSACStyrenic gelCondensation (Bisphenol A)Low DVB, 0.73 eq/L, 4.8 eq/kg, MHC 74-84%, 770 µm UC 1.2
DUPONTAMBERLYST125CurrSACStyrenic gelCondensation (Bisphenol A)Low DVB, 0.7 eq/L, 4.8 eq/kg, MHC 77-83%, 1050 µm UC 1.1
DUPONTAMBERLYST131WETCurrSACStyrenic gelEsterification, acrylates1.35 eq/L, 4.8 eq/kg, MHC 62-68%, 750 µm UC 1.15
DUPONTAMBERLYST15DRYCurrSACStyrenic macroEtherification, esterification5.0 eq/kg, 53 m2/g, 0.4 ml/g, 900 Å
DUPONTAMBERLYST15WETCurrSACStyrenic macroMTBE etc.1.8 eq/L, 4.95 eq/kg, MHC 52-57%, 0.6-0.8 mm UC 1.5
DUPONTAMBERLYST16WETCurrSACStyrenic macroHigh temperature condensation, esterification1.7 eq/L, 4.8 eq/kg, MHC 52-58%, 0.3-1.2 mm UC 1.6
DUPONTAMBERLYST19CurrSACStyrenic gelEsterification, acrylates1.8 eq/L, MHC 48-54%, 0.4-1.2 mm
DUPONTAMBERLYST33CurrSACStyrenic gelCondensation (Bisphenol A)1.2 eq/L, 5.0 eq/kg, MHC 64-70%
DUPONTAMBERLYST35DRYCurrSACStyrenic macroHeterogeneous acidic catalysisSupersulphonated, 5.4 eq/kg, 0.3-0.9 mm, 50 m2/g, 0.35 ml/g, 300 Å
DUPONTAMBERLYST35WETCurrSACStyrenic macroMTBE etc.Supersulphonated, 2.1 eq/L, 5.4 eq/kg, 0.7-0.9 mm UC 1.5
DUPONTAMBERLYST36DRYCurrSACStyrenic macroPhenol alkylationSupersulphonated, 5.4 eq/kg, 0.3-1.2 mm, 33 m2/g, 0.20 ml/g, 240 Å
DUPONTAMBERLYST36WETCurrSACStyrenic macroOlefin hydrationSupersulphonated, 1.95 eq/L, 5.4 eq/kg,MHC 51-57%, 0.4-1.2 mm UC 1,6
DUPONTAMBERLYST39WETCurrSACStyrenic macroEsterification, acrylates1.15 eq/L, 5.0 eq/kg, MHC 60-66%, 0.4-1.2 mm UC 1,5
DUPONTAMBERLYST40WETCurrSACStyrenic macroMining, methanol purification, adipic acid2.2 eq/L, MHC 44-53%, 0.4-1.2 mm UC 1.5, black
DUPONTAMBERLYST45CurrSACStyrenic macroHigh temperature catalysis, olefin hydration1.2 eq/L, 2.95 eq/kg, MHC 51-55%, 0.4-1.2 mm UC 1.5
DUPONTAMBERLYSTA21CurrWBAStyrenic macroAcid removal1.3 eq/L, 4.6 eq/kg, MHC 56-62%, 0.3-1.2 mm UC 1.8
DUPONTAMBERLYSTA21DRYCurrWBAStyrenic macroSilane disproportionation5.0 eq/kg, 0.3-1.2 mm 35 m2/g, 0.1 ml/g, 110 Å
DUPONTAMBERLYSTA22CurrWBAStyrenic macroAcid removal from org. streams1.7 eq/L H, MHC 40-50%
DUPONTAMBERLYSTA26 OHCurrSBAStyrenic macroAldol condensation0.8 eq/L, MHC 68-75%, 0.4-1.2 mm UC 1.45
DUPONTAMBERLYSTBD20CurrSACStyrenic gelBiodiesel4.8 eq/kg, MHC 74-84%, 720-820 µµ UC 1.2
DUPONTAMBERLYSTCH28CurrSACStyrenic macroCatalysis: MIBKPd loaded (2.8 g/L), 1.6 eq/L, 4.8 eq/kg, MHC 52-58%, 0.7-1.2 mm UC 1.4
DUPONTAMBERSEP(ALL)CurrAmbersep was originally for 3 component MB, now used for hydrometallurgical separations
DUPONTAMBERSEP21K XLTCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelMineral processing1.4 eq/L, MHC 50-60%, 675 µm UC 1.1
DUPONTAMBERSEP21K16-20CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelUranium1.2 eq/L, 50-58% MHC, very coarse: 0.8-1.2 mm
DUPONTAMBERSEP43600CurrCHEStyrenic macroHg removalThiouronium 0.7 eq/L MHC 42-54%, 550 µm UC 1.1
DUPONTAMBERSEP4400 HCO3CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelUranium alkaline leaching1.4 eq/L, MHC 40-48%, 580 µm UC 1.2
DUPONTAMBERSEP4400 SO4CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelUranium1.4 eq/L, MHC 40-48%, 580 µm UC 1.2
DUPONTAMBERSEP91419CurrSBA 1Styrenic macroGold recovery from CN solutionst-butylamine 0.3 eq/L, MHC 45-55% 0.8-1.2 mm
DUPONTAMBERSEP91419XLCurrSBA 1Styrenic macroGold recovery from CN solutionst-butylamine 0.3 eq/L, MHC 45-55% 0.82-1.44 mm
DUPONTAMBERSEP920U SO4CurrSBA 2Styrenic macroUranium1.0 eq/L, MHC 53-650%, 0.7-1.2 mm UC 1.5 HMS ~850 µm
DUPONTAMBERSEP920UXL ClCurrSBA 2Styrenic macroUranium (RIP)Large particle size1050-1350 µm
DUPONTAMBERSEPBD19DRYCurrSACStyrenic macroBiodiesel
DUPONTAMBERSEPBD19WETCurrSACStyrenic macroBiodiesel1.7 eq/L H, MHC 52-57%
DUPONTAMBERSEPG26 HCurrSACStyrenic gelChempro, metals, catalysis, CrIII removal2.0 eq/L, MHC 45-52%, 650 µm UC 1.1
DUPONTAMBERSEPGT74CurrCHEStyrenic macroMercury, cadmium etc.Thiol, 1.3 eq/L, MHC 38-46%, 0.4-0.9 mm UC 1.6
DUPONTAMBERSEPIRA743CurrCHEStyrenic macroBoron removal (industrial)N-methyl glucamine, 0.7 eq/L, MHC 48-54%
DUPONTAMBERSEPIRC747UPSCurrCHEStyrenic macroBrine softening, metalsAminophosphonic, 1.75 eq/L, MHC 64-69%, 550 µm UC 1.2
DUPONTAMBERSEPIRC748CurrCHEStyrenic macroMetals separationIminodiacetic 1.35 eq/L, 4.45 eq/kg, MHC 60-65%, 0.3-1.0 mm UC 1.7
DUPONTAMBERSEPIRC748UPSCurrCHEStyrenic macroMetals separationIminodiacetic 1.35 eq/L, 4.45 eq/kg, MHC 60-65%, 575 µm UC 1.1
DUPONTAMBERSEPM4195UPSCurrCHEStyrenic macroMetals (Ni, Co, Cu)Bis-picolylamine, MHC 40-60%, 410 µm
DUPONTAMBERSORB560CurrSACStyrenic macroDioxane removal from waterPyrolysed SAC
DUPONTAMBERTECUP1400CurrSACStyrenic gelUPW2.0 eq/L H, MHC 45-51%, 650 µm UC 1.2
DUPONTAMBERTECUP4000CurrSBAStyrenic gelUPW1.1 eq/L OH, MHC 54-60%, 640 µm UC 1.2
DUPONTAMBERTECUP6040CurrMIXStyrenic gelUPW final MB2.0/1.1 eq/L non separable
DUPONTAMBERTECUP6150CurrMIXStyrenic gelUPW regenerable MB1.8/1.0 eq/L, separable
SUZHOUBESTIONAB101CurrADSStyrenic macroColour removal650 m2/g MHC 55-60% pores 290
SUZHOUBESTIONAB103CurrADSStyrenic macroLow MW removal1000-1200 m2/g MHC 55-64% UC 1.6
SUZHOUBESTIONAB201CurrADSStyrenic macroJuice debitteringNo data
SUZHOUBESTIONAS600CurrCHEStyrenic macroAs Sb SI PO4 removalLoaded with Fe
SUZHOUBESTIONAT121HCurrSACStyrenic gelColour indicator
SUZHOUBESTIONAT700OHCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelOH form colour indicator (blue-yellow)
SUZHOUBESTIONATM87CurrMIXStyrenic gelColour indicator
SUZHOUBESTIONBA200CurrSBA 1Styrenic gel1.0 eq/L MHC 65-75% UC 1.6
SUZHOUBESTIONBA222CurrSBA 2Styrenic gel1.4 eq/L MHC 36-46% UC 1.6
SUZHOUBESTIONBA222OHCurrSBA 2Styrenic gelOH form
SUZHOUBESTIONBA400CurrSBA 1Styrenic gel1.3 eq/L MHC 50-60% UC 1.6
SUZHOUBESTIONBA400OHCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelOH form
SUZHOUBESTIONBA700CurrSBA 1Styrenic gel1.4 eq/L MHC 42-48% UC 1.6
SUZHOUBESTIONBA700OHCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelOH form
SUZHOUBESTIONBA765CurrWBAAcrylic gel1.6 eq/L MHC 56-62% UC 1.6
SUZHOUBESTIONBAX01CurrSBAStyrenic macroPerchlorate & nitrate removalTributylamine
SUZHOUBESTIONBC118HCurrSACStyrenic gelCatalysis bisphenol A1.5 eq/L MHC 65-70 UC 1.6
SUZHOUBESTIONBC120CurrSACStyrenic gel1.9 eq/L Na MHC 45-50% UC 1.6
SUZHOUBESTIONBC120FCurrSACStyrenic gelFine 0.3-0.6 mm UC 1.3
SUZHOUBESTIONBC120FDCurrSACStyrenic gelFood1.9 eq/L Na MHC 45-50% UC 1.6
SUZHOUBESTIONBC120UCurrSACStyrenic gelUniform UC 1.2
SUZHOUBESTIONBC121CurrSACStyrenic gel2 eq/L MHC 43-48% UC 1.6
SUZHOUBESTIONBC121FCurrSACStyrenic gelFine 0.3-0.6 mm UC 1.3
SUZHOUBESTIONBC121HCurrSACStyrenic gelH form UC 1.6
SUZHOUBESTIONBC121UCurrSACStyrenic gelUniform UC 1.2
SUZHOUBESTIONBC122CurrSACStyrenic gel10% DVB 2.1 eq/L MHC38-45% UC 1.6
SUZHOUBESTIONBC85CurrWACAcrylic gel4.2 eq/L MHC 40-50% UC 1.6
SUZHOUBESTIONBC86CurrWACAcrylic macro4.2 eq/L MHC 45-52% UC 1.6
SUZHOUBESTIONBCH-1CurrSACStyrenic gelCatalysis phenol alkylation
SUZHOUBESTIONBCH-11CurrSACStyrenic gelCatalysis MTBE1.9 eq/L MCH 51-58% UC 1.6
SUZHOUBESTIONBCH-12CurrSACStyrenic macroCatalysis olefin hydration5.2 eq/kg MHC 51-57% UC 1.6
SUZHOUBESTIONBCH-2CurrWBAStyrenic macroCatalysis aldol condensation1.4 eq/L MHC 52-58% UC 1.6
SUZHOUBESTIONBD001CurrSACStyrenic macro1.8 eq/L MHC 45-50% UC 1.6
SUZHOUBESTIONBD001HCurrSACStyrenic macroH form
SUZHOUBESTIONBD201CurrSBA 1Styrenic macro1.2 eq/L MHC 50-60% UC 1.6
SUZHOUBESTIONBD2011OHCurrSBA 1Styrenic macroOH form
SUZHOUBESTIONBD202CurrSBA 2Styrenic macro1.2 eq/L MHC 47-57% UC 1.6
SUZHOUBESTIONBD301CurrWBAStyrenic macro1.45 eq/L MHC 52-60% UC 1.6
SUZHOUBESTIONBD501CurrCHEStyrenic macroBoron removalMethyl glucamine
SUZHOUBESTIONBDX01CurrSBAStyrenic macroNitrate removalTriethylamine
SUZHOUBESTIONBIPCCurrINEPolypropylenePacked beds1.5 mm density 0.8-0.9
SUZHOUBESTIONBJ-FCurrCHEStyrenic macroFluor removalSelective for F-
SUZHOUBESTIONBJ-PCurrCHEStyrenic macroPhosphate etc. removalSelective for P
SUZHOUBESTIONBMAHCurrCHEStyrenic macroMetalsIminodiacetic 0.78 eq/L MHC 52-58% UC 1.6
SUZHOUBESTIONBMCCCurrCHEStyrenic macroMetalsAminophosphonic 0.5 eq/L MHC 55-65% UC 1.6
SUZHOUBESTIONBMTNCurrCHEStyrenic macroMercury removalThiouronium
SUZHOUBESTIONBMTRCurrCHEStyrenic macroMercury removalThiol
SUZHOUBESTIONCPM87CurrMIXStyrenic gelCPPVolume 1:1
SUZHOUBESTIONEDM110CurrMIXStyrenic gelVolume 1:1
SUZHOUBESTIONEDM115CurrMIXStyrenic gelVolume 1:1.5
SUZHOUBESTIONJKA915CurrWBAAcrylic macroWaste treatment2.75 eq/L MHC 50-60% UC 1.6
SUZHOUBESTIONMB110CurrMIXStyrenic gelVolume 1:1.2
SUZHOUBESTIONMFC01CurrCHEStyrenic macroMetalsBis-picolylamine
SUZHOUBESTIONNPM87CurrMIXStyrenic gelRad wasteVolume 1:1
SUZHOUBESTIONOT511CurrSBAAcrylic gel1.25 eq/L MHC 54-64% UC 1.6
SUZHOUBESTIONOT521CurrSBAAcrylic macroOrganic trap colour removal0.8 eq/L MHC 65-75% UC 1.6
SUZHOUBESTIONS-TRCurrINEStyrenic macroTriobed0.68-0.75 mm density 1.14-1.16
SUZHOUBESTIONUPWM87CurrMIXStyrenic gelUPWVolume 1:1 non-regenerable
BIORADCHELEX100CurrCHEIminodiacetic acid, very poroous, 0.4 eq/L
MITSUBISHIDIAIONCR11CurrCHEStyrenic macroIminodiacetic
MITSUBISHIDIAIONCR20CurrWBAStyrenic macroMetals separationHigh porosity polystyrene-Polyamine
MITSUBISHIDIAIONHP20CurrADSStyrenicMHC 55-65%, 1.3 ml/g, 590 m2/g, 290 Å, UC 1.6
MITSUBISHIDIAIONHP21CurrADSStyrenicMHC 45-55%, 1.3 ml/g, 640 m2/g, 110 Å, UC 1.6
MITSUBISHIDIAIONHPA25CurrSBA 1Styrenic macroHigh porous type, MHC 58-68%, 0.5 eq/L
MITSUBISHIDIAIONPA308CurrSBA 1Styrenic macroSugar decolHigh moisture (57-67%), 1.0 eq/L
MITSUBISHIDIAIONPA312CurrSBA 1Styrenic macroMedium moisture (49-55%), 1.2 eq/L
MITSUBISHIDIAIONPA316CurrSBA 1Styrenic macroLow moisture (44-50%), 1.3 eq/L
MITSUBISHIDIAIONPA408CurrSBA 2Styrenic macroSugar demin (MB)High moisture (54-64%), 0.9 eq/L
MITSUBISHIDIAIONPA412CurrSBA 2Styrenic macroMedium moisture (46-52%), 1.1 eq/L
MITSUBISHIDIAIONPA418CurrSBA 2Styrenic macroVery low moisture (38-44)
MITSUBISHIDIAIONPAF308LCurrSBA 1Styrenic macroDrinking water, sugar decolLow smell, 0.9 eq/L, MHC 62-72%
MITSUBISHIDIAIONPK208CurrSACStyrenic macroSucrose inversionVery high moisture (58-68), 1.2 eq/L
MITSUBISHIDIAIONPK212CurrSACStyrenic macroHigh moisture (52-58)
MITSUBISHIDIAIONPK216CurrSACStyrenic macroNormal moisture (46-52)
MITSUBISHIDIAIONPK220CurrSACStyrenic macroLow moisture (41-47)
MITSUBISHIDIAIONPK228CurrSACStyrenic macroVery low moisture (37-43)
MITSUBISHIDIAIONSA10ACurrSBA 1Styrenic gelLow moisture (43-47%), 1.3 eq/L
MITSUBISHIDIAIONSA11ACurrSBA 1Styrenic gelHigh moisture (55-65%), 0.85 eq/L
MITSUBISHIDIAIONSA12ACurrSBA 1Styrenic gelMHC 48-55%, 1.3 eq/L
MITSUBISHIDIAIONSA20ACurrSBA 2Styrenic gelMHC 39-44%, 1.3 eq/L
MITSUBISHIDIAIONSA21ACurrSBA 2Styrenic gelHigh moisture (55-65%), 0.8 eq/L
MITSUBISHIDIAIONSAF11ALCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelDrinking water, sugar decolLow smell, 0.85 eq/L, MHC 64-68%
MITSUBISHIDIAIONSAF12ACurrSBA 1Styrenic gelDrinking waterLow smell, 1.2 eq/L, MHC 48-55%
MITSUBISHIDIAIONSK104CurrSACStyrenic gel4% DVB, MHC 57-67%, 1.2 eq/L
MITSUBISHIDIAIONSK110CurrSACStyrenic gel10% DVB, MHC 35-45%, 2.0 eq/L
MITSUBISHIDIAIONSK112CurrSACStyrenic gel12% DVB, MHC 32-42%, 2.1 eq/L
MITSUBISHIDIAIONWA10CurrWBAAcrylic gelHigh moisture (63-69%), 1.2 eq/L
MITSUBISHIDIAIONWA20CurrWBAStyrenic macroPolystyrenic polyamine low moisture (39-45%), 2.5 eq/L
MITSUBISHIDIAIONWA21JCurrWBAStyrenic macroPolystyrenic polyamine, MHC 40-52%, 2.0 eq/L
MITSUBISHIDIAIONWA30CurrWBAStyrenic macroPolystyrenic high stability, 1.5 eq/L
MITSUBISHIDIAIONWA30CCurrWBAStyrenic macro1.5 eq/L, MHC 43-55%
MITSUBISHIDIAIONWK10CurrWACMethacrylicMHC 53-59%, 2.5 eq/L
MITSUBISHIDIAIONWK100CurrWACMethacrylicPurification of organicsMHC 45-55%, 2.8 eq/L
MITSUBISHIDIAIONWK11CurrWACMethacrylicMethacrylic ? MHC 45-52%, 2.9 eq/L
MITSUBISHIDIAIONWK40CurrWACAcrylicResindion, MHC 43-50%, 4.4 eq/L
MITSUBISHIDIAIONWT01SCurrWACMethacrylicPurification of organics100-300 µm, MHC 45-55%, 3.0 eq/L
MITSUBISHIDIAION UnibeadsUBK530CurrSACStyrenic gelChromatographyNa, 220 µm, 85% 200-240 µm, 1.6 eq/L, MHC 52-55.5%
MITSUBISHIDIAION UnibeadsUBK535CurrSACStyrenic gelChromatographyCa, same as UBK530, 98% conversion
MITSUBISHIDIAION UnibeadsUBK550CurrSACStyrenic gelChromatographyNa, 220 µm, 85% 200-240 µm, 1.9 eq/L, MHC 46-49.5%
MITSUBISHIDIAION UnibeadsUBK555CurrSACStyrenic gelChromatographyCa, same as UBK550, 98% conversion
DUPONTDOWEX1 x 2 (100-200) MCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelBioprocessing2% DVB, 0.6 eq/L, 70-80% MHC, 75-150 µm
DUPONTDOWEX1 x 8 (100-200)CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelBioprocessing8%DVB, 1.2 eq/L, 39-45% MHC, 100-175 µm
DUPONTDOWEX1 x 8 (200-400)CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelBioprocessing8%DVB, 1.2 eq/L, 39-45% MHC, 50-100 µm
DUPONTDOWEX1 x 8 (50-100)CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelBioprocessing8%DVB, 1.2 eq/L, 43-48% MHC, 175-500 µm
DUPONTDOWEX22CurrSBA 2Styrenic macroSugar, glucose mixed bed1.2 eq/L, 48-56% MHC, 0.3-1.2 mm
DUPONTDOWEX22 OHCurrSBA 2Styrenic macroOH form
DUPONTDOWEX50W x 2 (200-400)CurrSACStyrenic gelBioprocessing2%DVB, 0.6 eq/L, 74-82% MHC, 75-175 µm
DUPONTDOWEX50W x 2 (50-100)CurrSACStyrenic gelBioprocessing2%DVB, 0.6 eq/L, 74-82% MHC, 300-600 µm
DUPONTDOWEX50W x 4 (200-400)CurrSACStyrenic gelBioprocessing4%DVB, 1.1 eq/L, 64-72% MHC, 75-175 µm
DUPONTDOWEX50W x 8 (100-200)CurrSACStyrenic gelBioprocessing8%DVB, 1.7 eq/L, 50-58% MHC, 100-250 µm
DUPONTDOWEX50W x 8 (50-100)CurrSACStyrenic gelBioprocessing8%DVB, 1.7 eq/L, 50-58% MHC, 250-420 µm
DUPONTDOWEX66CurrWBAStyrenic macroSugar, glucose1.6 eq/L, MHC 40-46%, 0.3-1.2mm, 1,35 eq/L WB, swelling 20%
DUPONTDOWEX88CurrSACStyrenic macroSugar, glucose1.8 eq/L, MHC 42-48%, 0.3-1.2 mm
DUPONTDOWEX88 HCurrSACStyrenic macroSugar, glucose1.7 eq/L H, MHC 50-56%, 0.3-1.2 mm
DUPONTDOWEX88MBCurrSACStyrenic macro1.8 eq/L, MHC 42-48%, 0.5-1.2 mm
DUPONTDOWEX88MB HCurrSACStyrenic macro1.7 eq/L, MHC 50-56%, 0.5-1.2 mm
DUPONTDOWEXFPC16UPS HCurrSACStyrenic gelAminoacids, dairy1.8 eq/L H, MHC 50-56%, 600 µm, UC 1.1
DUPONTDOWEXFPC16UPS NaCurrSACStyrenic gel2.0 eq/L H, MHC 42-48%, 600 µm, UC 1.1
DUPONTDOWEXFPC23UPS HCurrSACStyrenic gelSugar de-ashing, QuentinHigh capacity 2.2 eq/L H, MHC 45-1% H
DUPONTDOWEXMAC3CurrWACAcrylic macroIWT3.8 eq/L, MHC 44-52%, Na cycle also OK, swelling 70%
DUPONTDOWEXMR3UPWCurrMIXStyrenic gelUPW1.9/1.0 eq/L, separable
DUPONTDOWEXPSR2CurrSBAStyrenic macroPerchlorateTributylamine, Not regenerable, 0.65 eq/L, MHC 40-47%, 0.3-1.2 mm
DUPONTDOWEXRPUCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelUranium, hich silica leachates1.4 eq/L, MHC 43-48%, 0.4-1.2 mm
DUPONTDOWEXXUS43578.00CurrCHEStyrenic macroCu & Ni removal from acidic or chelated solutionsBis-picolylamine MHC 40-60%
DUPONTDOWEXXUS43604.00CurrCHEStyrenic macroMercury removalThiol
DUPONTDOWEXXUS43605.00CurrCHEStyrenic macroCopperHydroxypropyl-picolylamine, 320 µm, UC 1.2
DUPONTDOWEX Monosphere22 OHCurrSBA 2Styrenic macroSugar, HFCS Demin1.1 eq/L, MHC 49-57%, 650 µm UC 1.1
DUPONTDOWEX Monosphere66CurrWBAStyrenic macroSugar, HFCS Demin1.6 eq/L(FB), MHC 40-50%, 650 µm, 95%+/-150 µm
DUPONTDOWEX Monosphere77CurrWBAStyrenic macroSugar, HFCS Demin1.7 eq/L, MHC 40-50%, ~550 µm
DUPONTDOWEX Monosphere88CurrSACStyrenic macroSugar, HFCS Demin1.8 eq/L, MHC 42-50%, 550 µm, 95%+/-150 µm
DUPONTDOWEX Monosphere99Ca/220CurrSACStyrenic gelSugar chromatography1,8 eq/L H, MHC 50-57% H, 220 µm
DUPONTDOWEX Monosphere99Ca/280CurrSACStyrenic gelSugar chromatography1.5 eq/L H, MHC 57-61% H, 275 µm UC 1.1
DUPONTDOWEX Monosphere99Ca/310CurrSACStyrenic gelSugar chromatography1.4 eq/L H, MHC 60-64%, 305 µm UC 1.1
DUPONTDOWEX Monosphere99Ca/320CurrSACStyrenic gelSugar chromatography1.5 eq/L H, MHC 57-61%, 320 µm UC 1.1
DUPONTDOWEX Monosphere99K/220CurrSACStyrenic gelSugar chromatography1,8 eq/L H, MHC 50-57% H, 220 µm
DUPONTDOWEX Monosphere99K/280CurrSACStyrenic gelSugar chromatography1.5 eq/L H, MHC 57-61% H, 275 µm UC 1.1
DUPONTDOWEX Monosphere99K/310CurrSACStyrenic gelSugar chromatography1.4 eq/L H, MHC 60-64%, 305 µm UC 1.1
DUPONTDOWEX Monosphere99K/320CurrSACStyrenic gelSugar chromatography1.5 eq/L H, MHC 57-61%, 320 µm UC 1.1
DUPONTDOWEX Monosphere99K/350CurrSACStyrenic gelSugar chromatography1.5 eq/L H ,MHC 58-62%, 355 µm
DUPONTDOWEX MonosphereMR3UPWCurrMIXStyrenic gelUPW regenerable MB1:1 equiv. mix, separable
DUPONTDOWEX MonosphereMR450UPWCurrMIXStyrenic gelUPW final MB1:1 equiv. Mix, SAC 360 µm, SBA 590 µm non separable
DUPONTDOWEX OptiporeL493CurrADSStyrenic macroChlorinated solvents etc1.16 ml/g, 1100 m2/g, 46 Å, MHC 50-65%, 0.3-0.8 mm
DUPONTDOWEX OptiporeSD2CurrWBAStyrenic macroAdsorbent for sweeteners0.8 eq/kg, 800 m2/g, MHC 50-62%, 50 Å, 0.2-1.2 mm
DUPONTDOWEX OptiporeV493CurrADSStyrenic macroChlorinated solvents etcDry L493
DUPONTDOWEX OptiporeV503CurrADSStyrenic macroAir treatment0.94 ml/g, 1100 m2/g, 34 Å, dry, 1000 µm
DUPONTDOWEX Retardion11A8CurrWAC + SBAStyrenic gelIon retardation, purification of NaOHAmphoteric, 1.1/1.2 eq/L MHC 43-89%, 0.15-0.30 mm
DUPONTDUOLITEA568CurrWBAPhenolic macroEnzyme immobilizationGranular, 1.2 eq/L, MHC 62-67%, 0.15-0.85 mm
EICHROMEICHROMA4C ClCurrSBA1Styrenic gel4% DVB 50-100 mesh
EICHROMEICHROMA4M ClCurrSBA1Styrenic gel4% DVB 100-200 mesh
EICHROMEICHROMA8C ClCurrSBA1Styrenic gel8% DVB 50-100 mesh
EICHROMEICHROMA8F ClCurrSBA1Styrenic gel8% DVB 200-400 mesh
EICHROMEICHROMA8M ClCurrSBA1Styrenic gel8% DVB 100-200 mesh
EICHROMEICHROMC4M HCurrSACStyrenic gel4% DVB 100-200 mesh
EICHROMEICHROMC8C HCurrSACStyrenic gel8%DVB 50-100 mesh
EICHROMEICHROMC8F HCurrSACStyrenic gel8% DVB 200-400 mesh
EICHROMEICHROMC8M HCurrSACStyrenic gel8% DVB 100-200 mesh
EICHROMEICHROMDiphonixCurrCHEStyrenic gelActinides separationSulphonic and diphosphonic groups. Several particle sizes.
PUROLITEFERRIXA33ECurrSBAStyrenic macroArsenic removalInfused (?) with iron oxide, 0.3-1.2 mm UC 1.7
DOW CHEMICALIMAC(ALL)CurrImac was produced by Akzo, then taken over by Duolite, then by R&H, then by Dow, and finally by DuPont.
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION104CurrSACStyrenic macroCatalysisDry, 4.8 eq/kg
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION130DryCurrSACStyrenic gelCatalysisDry, 4.8 eq/kg, high DVB
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION140DryCurrSACStyrenic gelCatalysisDry, 4.8 eq/kg, moderate DVB
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION180DryCurrSACStyrenic macroCatalysis, MTBE5 eq/L, high DVB
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION190DryCurrSACStyrenic macroCatalysis4.7 eq/L
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION204CurrWACAcrylicPharmaTaste masking (Norfloxacin) powder
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION214CurrWACAcrylicPharmaTaste masking (Azitrhomycin) powder
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION220 NaCurrSACStyrenic gelSoftening1.8 eq/L, MHC 55-55%
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION222 NaCurrSACStyrenic gel1.92 eq/L, MHC 47-53%
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION222 Na FCurrSACStyrenic gelDrinking w. & food
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION223 H NGCurrSACStyrenic gelNuclear1.9 eq/L, MHC 47-54%
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION223 LiCurrSACStyrenic gelNuclearLi form
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION224CurrSACStyrenicPharma sustained releaseDry beads 0.2-1.2 mm, H form, 4.8 eq/kg
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION225 H MBCurrSACStyrenic gelMixed bedReduced fines
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION225 Na FCurrSACStyrenic gelDrinking w. & food
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION2250 HCurrSACStyrenic gel1.8 eq/L, MHC 49-55%, uniform UC 1.2
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION2250 NaCurrSACStyrenic gel2.0 eq/L, MHC 43/50%, uniform UC 1.2
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION234CurrWACAcrylicPharmaPowder, K form
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION234SCurrWACAcrylicTablet disintegrantPowder, K form
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION236CurrWACAcrylic macroIWT + streptomycinStandard, 4.0 eq/L
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION244CurrSACStyrenic gelPharmaPowder, H form
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION254CurrSACStyrenic gelPharmaPowder, Na form
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION264CurrWACAcrylicPharmaPowder, H form
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION266CurrWACAcrylic macroMicroporous, 4.2 eq/L, MHC 46/54%
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION284CurrSACStyrenic gelPharmaBeads, Na form, high moisture, 1 eq/L, MHC <= 70%
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION294CurrWACMethacrylic macroPharmaPowder, K form
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION303CurrSACStyrenic gelGreen, with colour indicator
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION404CurrSACStyrenic gelPharmaPowder, polystyrene sulphonate Ca form
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION414CurrWACAcrylicTablet disintegrantPowder, K form
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION454CurrSBAStyrenic gelPharmaCholestyramine USP
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION464CurrWACMethacrylic macroPharmaPowder, H form
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION525 H MBCurrSACStyrenic gelStratabed, CPP10 % DVB, 1.95 eq/L H form, slightly coarser
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION652CurrWACAcrylic macroSpecial applns3.5 eq/L, MHC 47-55%
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION662CurrWACAcrylic macroSpecial applns3.8 eq/L, MHC 44-50%
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION730CurrSACStyrenic macroMHC 54-57% 1.7 eq/L Na
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION740CurrSACStyrenic macroMHC 62-66% 1.3 eq/L Na
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION770WetCurrSACStyrenic gelCatalysis butyl acetateMHC 63-66% 1.4 eq/L Na
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION790CurrSACStyrenic macroMetalsH form, MHC 51-55% 1.9 eq/L
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION790 NaCurrSACStyrenic macroSugar, gelatine etc.MHC 46-51% 1.9 eq/L
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION810CurrSBA 1Styrenic macroMHC 56-63% 1.1 eq/L
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION810 OHCurrSBA 1Styrenic macroCataysis
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION820CurrSBA 2Styrenic macroMHC 49-56% 1.1 eq/L
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION830CurrSBA 1Styrenic macroScavengerMHC 57-62% 0.9 eq/L
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION830SCurrSBA 1Styrenic macroScavengerMHC 60-66% 0.95 eq/L
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION850CurrWBAStyrenic macroIWT & sp Applns1.5 eq/L
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION860CurrWBAStyrenic macroIWT & catalysis1.4 eq/L
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION860SCurrWBAStyrenic macroSp ApplnsMHC 50-58% 1.3 eq/L
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION870CurrWBAStyrenic macroProcess streamsPrimary amine 0.95 eq/L, MHC 47-55%
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION890CurrWBAStyrenic macroSpecial applns1.4 eq/L, MHC 52-56%
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDION930ACurrSBAAcrylic macroSugar decol. etc.0.8 eq/L, MHC 65-72%
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDIONARU104CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelUraniumHigh capacity, Cl form, 1.6 eq/L, MHC 40-44%, UC 1.2
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDIONASMCurrStyrenic gelArsenic removalMHC 47-54%
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDIONBF100CurrSBA 1Styrenic macroAcid removal from biodieselOH form, 0.9 eq/L, MHC 56-63%
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDIONBF170CurrSACStyrenic gelBiodieselH form, no details
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDIONBSRCurrCHEStyrenic macroBrine softeningAminophosphonic, 2 eq/L, MHC 60-70%
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDIONCAM14CurrMIXStyrenic gelNuclearH/OH, 1.9/1.1 eq/L, 1:4 volume ratio
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDIONCAM1400CurrMIXStyrenic gelNuclearUniform, H/OH, 1.9/1.1 eq/L, 1:4 volume ratio
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDIONCAM19CurrMIXStyrenic gelNuclearLi/OH, 1.9/1.1 eq/L, 1:9 volume ratio
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDIONCAM1900CurrMIXStyrenic gelNuclearUniform, Li/OH, 1.9/1.1 eq/L, 1:9 volume ratio
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDIONFFipCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelIsoporous, 1.2 eq/L, MHC 47-55%
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDIONGS300CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelCPPTrue gel, high strength, MHC 48-54% 1.2 eq/L
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDIONGS3000CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelIWT, CPP, caprolactam1.3 eq/L, MHC 48-58%, uniform, UC 1.2
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDIONGS300NGCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelNuclearTrue gel, high strength, MHC 48-54% 1.2 eq/L
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDIONGS400CurrSBA 2Styrenic gelTrue gel, high strength, MHC 39-46% 1.2 eq/L
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDIONGS80CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelOxygen removalSulphite form, 0.8 eq/L SO3
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDIONISRCurrADSUnknownFe removalBlack beads, MHC 46-52%. Oxidises Fe2 to Fe3 using dissolved O2
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDIONMB11CurrMIXStyrenic gel1.8/1.0 eq/L, 1:1 volume ratio
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDIONMB115CurrMIXStyrenic gel1.8/1.0 eq/L, 40:60 volume ratio
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDIONMB12CurrMIXStyrenic gel1.8/1.0 eq/L, 1:2 volume ratio
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDIONMB6SRCurrMIXStyrenic gelRefill pack1.8/1.0 eq/L, 1:2 volume ratio
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDIONMSRCurrCHEStyrenic macroHg removalThiol, 3.6 eq/kg, MHC 38-43%
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDIONNipCurrSBA 2Styrenic gelIsoporous, 1.2 eq/L, MHC 45-53%
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDIONOleophilicCurrSACStyrenic gelOil removalNa form, 1.6 eq/L, MHC 35-41%
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDIONORCCurrUnknownRedox catalystBlack beads, no details
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDIONPA500CurrADSStyrenic macro500 m2/g, MHC 63-67%
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDIONPA800CurrADSStyrenic macro800 m2/g, MHC 54-60%
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDIONRSFCurrStyrenic macroFluoride removalMHC 50-60%
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDIONSIRCurrCHEStyrenic macroMetalsIminodiacetic, 2.2 eq/L, MHC 52-58%
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDIONSRCD ICurrSBA 1Styrenic gelBactericide (drinking water)Loaded with I3 (e.g. for Zero-B)
ION EXCHANGE INDIAINDIONTCRCurrCHEStyrenic macroHg & precious metalsThiouronium, 1.6 eq/L, MHC 41-47%
LANXESSIONACA365CurrWBAAcrylic gel3.5 eq/L, Duolite A374 type
LANXESSIONACASB1CurrSBA 1Styrenic gellow moisture
LANXESSIONACC249CurrSACStyrenic gel8% DVB, Na form
LANXESSIONACC249NSCurrSACStyrenic gelNS=Non Solvent
LANXESSIONACNM60CurrMIXStyrenic gelNuclear & generalHOH,1C:1A in eq claimed 17 Megohm +
LANXESSIONACNM60SGCurrMIXStyrenic gelUPWHOH,1C:1A in eq 18 Megohm +
LANXESSIONACNM91CurrMIXStyrenic gelEDM recycleElectroerosion 45:55 vol ratio
LANXESSIONACSR7CurrSBAStyrenic macroNitrate, oxy-anions0.8 eq/L
LANXESSLEWATITA365CurrWBAAcrylic macro3.4 eq/L, MHC 44-51%
LANXESSLEWATITA8071CurrSBAAcrylic gel1.25 eq/L, MHC 57-64%
LANXESSLEWATITA8073CurrSBA/WBAAcrylic gelBifunctional, 1.2 eq/L, MHC 57-65%
LANXESSLEWATITA8075KRCurrWBAAcrylic gelRad wastePolyamine condensate, 3.5 eq/L, MHC 44-51%
LANXESSLEWATITAF5CurrADSCarbonRemoval of organicsCarbonaceous adsorbent
LANXESSLEWATITASB1CurrSBA 1Styrenic gel1.3 eq/L, MHC 50-56%, standard type 1
LANXESSLEWATITASB1PCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelHigh purity ASB1
LANXESSLEWATITASB2CurrSBA 2Styrenic gel1.4 eq/L, MHC 38-45%, standard type 2
LANXESSLEWATITC249CurrSACStyrenic gelStandard cation, 2.0 eq/L, MHC 45-48%
LANXESSLEWATITC267CurrSACStyrenic gelDeminC249 H form
LANXESSLEWATITCNP80CurrWACAcrylic macro4.3 eq/L, swel 7% to Ca
LANXESSLEWATITCNP80WSCurrWACAcrylic macroFloating bed (WS system)4.5 eq/L, MHC 45-50%
LANXESSLEWATITCNPCCurrWACAcrylic macroFood processingNSF/ansi 61 certified
LANXESSLEWATITCNPLFCurrWACAcrylic macroFood processing & drinking water
LANXESSLEWATITCNPLF NaCurrWACAcrylic macroFood processing & drinking waterNa form
LANXESSLEWATITDW630CurrSBA 1Styrenic macroUranium from drinking waterSO4 form, monodisperse, 640 µm, 1.1 eq/L, MHC 58-64%
LANXESSLEWATITFO36CurrWBAStyrenic macroArsenic and othersPrecipitated nanofilm of iron oxide. Monodisperse (340 µm).
LANXESSLEWATITGF101CurrSACStyrenic macroBiodiesel1.6 eq/L, 4.7 eq/kg, polydisperse
LANXESSLEWATITGF202CurrSACStyrenic macroGlycerine treatmentMonodisperse, 650 µm, MHC 52-57%
LANXESSLEWATITHD50CurrMIXStyrenic gelHydroculture
LANXESSLEWATITIN42CurrINEPolypropylene (presumably)For floating beds, 1.5 mm
LANXESSLEWATITIN50CurrINEPolypropylene (presumably)For floating beds, coarse, 2.5-5.0 mm
LANXESSLEWATITK100U SO4CurrSBA 1Styrenic macroUranium recoveryCoarse (850 µm monodisperse) 1.0 eq/L, MHC 55-60%
LANXESSLEWATITK1131SCurrSACStyrenic gelCatalysis (Bisphenol A), biodieselVery low DVB, 5 eq/kg, MHC 78-82%
LANXESSLEWATITK1221CurrSACStyrenic gelCatalysis (Bisphenol A), biodieselLow DVB, 1.2 eq/L MHC 65-70%, 130°C
LANXESSLEWATITK1261CurrSACStyrenic gelCatalysisNo details
LANXESSLEWATITK1267CurrSACStyrenic gelCatalysisNo details
LANXESSLEWATITK1461 BlackCurrSACStyrenic gelCatal., condensation & esterification of small moleculesMonodisperse, 650 µm, MHC 47-53% (H), 1.8 eq/L
LANXESSLEWATITK2420CurrSACStyrenic macroCatalysis1.4 eq/L, 5.4 eq/kg
LANXESSLEWATITK2431CurrSACStyrenic macroAlkylphenols, Bisphenol A1.2 eq/L, 0.5-1.6mm, MHC 60-65%130 °C, 25%por, 400 Å, 25m2
LANXESSLEWATITK2620CurrSACStyrenic macroCatalysis, MTBE, TAMESupersulpohonated, 1.9 eq/L, 5.2 eq/kg
LANXESSLEWATITK2621CurrSACStyrenic macroCatalysis, MTBE, TAME1.4 eq/L, MHC 55-60%, large pore structure, 120°C, replaces SP120BG
LANXESSLEWATITK2624CurrSACStyrenic macroCatalysis, MTBE, TAME1.4 eq/L, MHC 55-60%, 130°C
LANXESSLEWATITK2629CurrSACStyrenic macroCatalysis, MTBE, TAME1.7 eq/L, MHC 50-55%
LANXESSLEWATITK2640CurrSACStyrenic macroCatalysis, Phenol alkykationDry, 5.2 eq/kg, polydisperse
LANXESSLEWATITK2649CurrSACStyrenic macroCatalysis, Phenol alkykationDry version of K2629, 4.8 eq/kg
LANXESSLEWATITK3433CurrWBAStyrenic macroCatalysis, O2 removalPd doped, polydisperse
LANXESSLEWATITK6362CurrSBAStyrenic gelCatalysis, chemical proc.Monodisperse, 620 µm, 1.3 eq/L, MHC 48-55%
LANXESSLEWATITK6367CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelRecovery of heavy metal complexes (U etc.)Monodisperse coarse resin (800 µm)
LANXESSLEWATITK6462CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelRecovery of heavy metal complexesMonodisperse, 590 µm, 1.4 eq/L, MHC 45-50%
LANXESSLEWATITK7333CurrSBAStyrenic gelCatalysis, O2 removalPd doped resin, monodisperse, 640 µm, OH form, 40°C
LANXESSLEWATITMP62CurrWBAStyrenic macroHigh cap (1.7 eq/L)
LANXESSLEWATITMP62WSCurrWBAStyrenic macroHigh cap, monofunctional
LANXESSLEWATITMP62WS DRIEDCurrWBAStyrenic macroFloating bed (WS system)
LANXESSLEWATITNM60SGCurrMIXStyrenic gelOnce-throughDifficult separation
LANXESSLEWATITNM91CurrMIXStyrenic gelNo silica removalC:A 55:45
LANXESSLEWATITS100G1CurrSACStyrenic gelColour indicator
LANXESSLEWATITS100KR H Cl freeCurrSACStyrenic gelNuclearChloride free
LANXESSLEWATITS1567CurrSACStyrenic gelNon-solvent, monodisperse, suitable for frequent disinfection
LANXESSLEWATITS1568CurrSACStyrenic gelFood and sugar2 eq/L
LANXESSLEWATITS1668CurrSACStyrenic gelFood, lysine etc.
LANXESSLEWATITS2328CurrSACStyrenic macroFoodH form, MHC 65-75%, 1 eq/L Gaussian
LANXESSLEWATITS2528CurrSACStyrenic macroSugar Dealk, Quentin, GryllusH form, MHC45-50%, 1.75 eq/L Gaussian
LANXESSLEWATITS2568CurrSACStyrenic macroSugarS2528 Monodisperse Na form
LANXESSLEWATITS2568 HCurrSACStyrenic macroSugarH form
LANXESSLEWATITS4228CurrWBAStyrenic macroFoodMP62 type MHC 57-63%, 1.5 eq/L ES 550 µm, swel 35%
LANXESSLEWATITS4268CurrWBAStyrenic macroFoodS4228 Monodisperse
LANXESSLEWATITS4328CurrWBAStyrenic macroDe-acidification of glucose etc.MP64 type MHC 57-63%, 1.5 eq/L ES 550 µm, swel 25%
LANXESSLEWATITS4428CurrWBAStyrenic macroDe-acidification of glucose etc.MP62 type MHC 57-58%, 1.4 eq/L, swel 25%, ES 550µm
LANXESSLEWATITS4468CurrWBAStyrenic macroS4428 Monodisperse
LANXESSLEWATITS4528CurrWBAStyrenic macroGlucose, HFCSSpecial WBA without strong base
LANXESSLEWATITS5128CurrSBAAcrylic gelFood0.3-1.2 mm UC 1.8
LANXESSLEWATITS5221CurrWBAAcrylic MPNo details
LANXESSLEWATITS5228CurrWBAAcrylic gelFood, gelatine
LANXESSLEWATITS5328CurrSBAAcrylic gelBifunctional
LANXESSLEWATITS5428CurrSBAAcrylic macroSugar
LANXESSLEWATITS5528CurrSBA 1Styrenic macroSugar decol
LANXESSLEWATITS6268CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelSugarMonodisperse
LANXESSLEWATITS6368 SULFATECurrSBA 1Styrenic macroFoodSO4 form!
LANXESSLEWATITS6368ACurrSBA 1Styrenic macroSugar
LANXESSLEWATITS7468CurrSBA 2Styrenic macroMonodisperse
LANXESSLEWATITS7968CurrADSStyrenic macroSurfactants, colorants, debitteringFood grade
LANXESSLEWATITS8227CurrWACAcrylic macroDrinking waterWhite, based on CNP80, very high cap 4.6 eq/L, 51% MHC
LANXESSLEWATITS8227 CaCurrWACAcrylic macroLoaded with Na and Ca
LANXESSLEWATITS8227 MgCurrWACAcrylic macro
LANXESSLEWATITS8229CurrWACAcrylic macroBreweries, drinking water cartridges
LANXESSLEWATITS8229 DRYCurrWACAcrylic macroBreweries, drinking water cartridgesNot clear why dry
LANXESSLEWATITS8229 PLUS AgCurrWACAcrylic macroDrinking water cartridgesMixture of Na/H/Ag
LANXESSLEWATITS8229 PLUS XCurrWACAcrylic macroDrinking water cartridgesBuffered version of S8227
LANXESSLEWATITS8528CurrWACAcrylic macroSugarPre-cleaned CNP80, 4.3 eq/L, swel 60% to Na
LANXESSLEWATITS9167CurrMIXStyrenic gelFood & drinking waterC:A 61/39, food grade
LANXESSLEWATITSM600KR Cl freeCurrMIXStyrenic gelNuclearlow Cl
LANXESSLEWATITTP207CurrCHEStyrenic macroMatals from solutionMonodisperse, iminodiacetic, 2.4 eq/L, MHC 50-55%, swel -30%
LANXESSLEWATITTP208CurrCHEStyrenic macroBrine softeningMonodisperse, iminodiacetic, 2.9 eq/L, MHC 55-60%, swel -40%
LANXESSLEWATITTP272CurrCHEStyrenic macroExtraction of Co from Nibis-(2,4,4-trimethylpentyl-) phosphinic acid
LANXESSLEWATITVPOC1026CurrCHERemoval of multivalent metalsdi-2-ethylhexyl phosphate
LANXESSLEWATITVPOC1064MDPHCurrADSStyrenic macroChem processing, Surfactants, low MW organics
LANXESSLEWATITVPOC1065CurrWBAStyrenic macroSugar decol, CO2 absorptionPrimary amine (benzylamine) high cap (2.3 eq/L) MHC 65-70%
LANXESSLEWATITVPOC1074CurrSBAAcrylic macroSugar juices
LANXESSLEWATITVPOC1600CurrADSMethacrylic macroEnzyme immobilisationBased on methacrylic esters, MHC 55-65%
LANXESSLEWATIT MDS1268 Ca 290CurrSACStyrenic gelChromatography, ion exclusion
LANXESSLEWATIT MDS1268 K 290CurrSACStyrenic gelChromatography, ion exclusion
LANXESSLEWATIT MDS1268 K 310CurrSACStyrenic gelChromatography, ion exclusion
LANXESSLEWATIT MDS1268 K 350CurrSACStyrenic gelChromatography, ion exclusion
LANXESSLEWATIT MDS1368 Ca 290CurrSACStyrenic gelChromatography, ion exclusion
LANXESSLEWATIT MDS1368 Ca 320CurrSACStyrenic gelChromatography, ion exclusionMonodisperse, 320 µm+-50 µm, 1.8 eq/L, MHC 50-54%(Na), Ca form
LANXESSLEWATIT MDS1368 K 320CurrSACStyrenic gelChromatography, ion exclusionK form, 320 µm
LANXESSLEWATIT MDS1368 Na 320CurrSACStyrenic gelChromatography, ion exclusion
LANXESSLEWATIT MDS200 HCurrSACStyrenic gelHigh DVB, 330 µm, 2.3 eq/L
LANXESSLEWATIT MDS2368CurrSACStyrenic macroDrinking water & foodLow DVB, 380 µm, 1.1 eq/L, MHC 63-68%
LANXESSLEWATIT MDS2568CurrSACStyrenic macroSugarMonodisperse
LANXESSLEWATIT MDS4368CurrWBAStyrenic macroDrinking water & food350 µm, 1.4 eq/L, MHC 59-64%
LANXESSLEWATIT MDS4368CurrWBAStyrenic macroSugarMonodisperse
LANXESSLEWATIT MDSTP208CurrCHEStyrenic macroMetalsIminodiacetic, 390 µm, 2.8 eq/L, MHC 59-65%
LANXESSLEWATIT MDSTP220CurrCHEStyrenic macroMetalsBis picolylamine, H2SO4 form, Cu capacity 36 g/L
LANXESSLEWATIT MDSTP260CurrCHEStyrenic macroMetalsAmino methyl phosphonic acid
LANXESSLEWATIT Monoplus(ALL)CurrAll Lewatit MDS & Monoplus are monodisperse (uniform particle size, MDS=small)
LANXESSLEWATIT MonoplusM500CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelMonodisperse, 610 µm, Cl, 1.2 eq/L, MHC 50-60%, ex VPOC1950
LANXESSLEWATIT MonoplusM500 OHCurrSBA 1Styrenic gel
LANXESSLEWATIT MonoplusM500KRCurrSBA 1Styrenic gel
LANXESSLEWATIT MonoplusM500MBCurrSBA 1Styrenic gel
LANXESSLEWATIT MonoplusM600CurrSBA 2Styrenic gelMonodisperse, 620 µm, Cl, 1.3 eq/L, MHC 45-50%, ex VPOC1960
LANXESSLEWATIT MonoplusM800CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelMonodisperse, 590 µm, Cl, 1.4 eq/L, MHC 45-50%
LANXESSLEWATIT MonoplusM800 OHCurrSBA 1Styrenic gel640 µm, 1.2 eq/L, MHC 60-65%
LANXESSLEWATIT MonoplusM800KR ICurrSBA 1Styrenic gelNuclearNo details
LANXESSLEWATIT MonoplusM880KRCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelNuclearHigh DVB, 640 µm, 1.2 eq/L, MHC 60-65%
LANXESSLEWATIT MonoplusMK51CurrWBAStyrenic macroBoron removalPolyhydroxy groups (?), 500-600 µm, MHC 43-48%, 8 g/L B capacity
LANXESSLEWATIT MonoplusMP500CurrSBA 1Styrenic macroMonodisperse, 620 µm, 1.1 eq/L MHC 60-65%, ex VPOC1955
LANXESSLEWATIT MonoplusMP500 OHCurrSBA 1Styrenic macroMonodisperse, 650 µm, 0.9 eq/L, MHC 70-75%
LANXESSLEWATIT MonoplusMP500KRCurrSBA 1Styrenic macroNuclear
LANXESSLEWATIT MonoplusMP600CurrSBA 2Styrenic macro
LANXESSLEWATIT MonoplusMP64CurrWBAStyrenic macroPacked beds & StratabedMonodisperse, 540 µm, 1.25 eq/L, MHC 50-58%, with strong base cap, ex VPOC1094
LANXESSLEWATIT MonoplusMP68CurrWBAStyrenic macroMonodisperse, 550 µm, 1.3 eq/L, MHC 54-60%
LANXESSLEWATIT MonoplusMP800CurrSBA 1Styrenic macroCPPMonodisperse, 620 µm, MHC 63-68% (Cl)
LANXESSLEWATIT MonoplusMP800 OHCurrSBA 1Styrenic macro650 µm, 0.8 eq/L
LANXESSLEWATIT MonoplusMP800KRCurrSBA 1Styrenic macroNuclearNo details
LANXESSLEWATIT MonoplusS107NSCurrSACStyrenic gel600 µm, 2 eq/L
LANXESSLEWATIT MonoplusS108CurrSACStyrenic gelUC 1.05 mrzn size 620 µm, 2.2 eq/L
LANXESSLEWATIT MonoplusS108 HCurrSACStyrenic gel650 µm, dark
LANXESSLEWATIT MonoplusS108KRCurrSACStyrenic gelNuclear
LANXESSLEWATIT MonoplusS200KRCurrSACStyrenic gelNuclearHigh DVB, 600 µm, low Cl
LANXESSLEWATIT MonoplusS215KRCurrSACStyrenic gelNuclearMonodisperse, high DVB
LANXESSLEWATIT MonoplusSM1015KRCurrMIXStyrenic gelNuclearNo details
LANXESSLEWATIT MonoplusSM1015KR LiCurrMIXStyrenic gelNuclearNo details
LANXESSLEWATIT MonoplusSM900KRCurrMIXStyrenic gelNuclearNon-regenerable, low Cl
LANXESSLEWATIT MonoplusSP112CurrSACStyrenic macroMonodisperse, 720 µm, H, 1.6 eq/L, MHC ca.58%, ex VPOC1812
LANXESSLEWATIT MonoplusSP112 HCurrSACStyrenic macroMonodisperse, 720 µm, H, 1.6 eq/L, MHC ca.58%, ex VPOC1812
LANXESSLEWATIT MonoplusSP112KRCurrSACStyrenic macroNuclear
LANXESSLEWATIT MonoplusSR7CurrSBAStyrenic macroNitrateFormerly Ionac SR7, 0.6 eq/L, MHC 59-64%
LANXESSLEWATIT MonoplusTP207CurrCHEStyrenic macroIminodiacetic
LANXESSLEWATIT MonoplusTP207XLCurrCHEStyrenic macroLarge particle size (mean diemeter 790 µm)
LANXESSLEWATIT MonoplusTP208CurrCHEStyrenic macroBrine softening etc.Monodisperse version of Lewatit TP208 (iminodiacetic), with 23% more capacity
LANXESSLEWATIT MonoplusTP209XLCurrCHEStyrenic macroMetals, resin-in-pulpIminodiacetic, monodisperse, 2.4 eq/L H, MHC 50%, 850 µm
LANXESSLEWATIT MonoplusTP214CurrCHEStyrenic macroHg removalThiourea
LANXESSLEWATIT MonoplusTP220CurrCHEStyrenic macroMetalsBis picolylamine
LANXESSLEWATIT MonoplusTP260CurrCHEStyrenic macroBrine softening etc.Amino methyl phosphonic acid
LANXESSLEWATIT Ultrapure1213MDCurrSACStyrenic gelUPWMonodisperse, TOC < 10 ppb
LANXESSLEWATIT Ultrapure1221MDCurrSACStyrenic macroUPWNa, low TOC, 1.7 eq/L, 252 type, MD = monodisperse
LANXESSLEWATIT Ultrapure1231MDCurrWBAStyrenic gelUPWMixed base: tert. Amine + quat. Ammonium, TOC < 50 ppb
LANXESSLEWATIT Ultrapure1241MDCurrSBAStyrenic gelUPWMonodisperse, TOC < 50 ppb
LANXESSLEWATIT Ultrapure1243MDCurrSBAStyrenic gelUPWMonodisperse, TOC < 3 ppb, 17 Megohm
LANXESSLEWATIT Ultrapure1261MDCurrSBAStyrenic macroUPWMonodisperse
LANXESSLEWATIT Ultrapure1292MDCurrMIXStyrenic gelUPWSeparable, TOC < 10 ppb
LANXESSLEWATIT Ultrapure1294MDCurrMIXStyrenic gelUPW, once-throughLow TOC 18 Megohm +
LANXESSLEWATIT Ultrapure1296MDCurrMIXStyrenic gelUPW1216 + 1243
LANXESSLEWATIT Ultrapure1299MDCurrMIXStyrenic gelUPW, once-through
PUROLITEMACRONET(ALL)CurrAlso called Hypersol-Macronet: adsorbents, functionalised or not
PUROLITEMACRONETMN100CurrWBAStyrenic macroColour bodies from sugar, dyestuffs0.1-0.3 eq/L, MHC 57-61%, 1.1 ml/g, 900 m2/g, 800 Å, 535 µm UC 1.4
PUROLITEMACRONETMN100/4921CurrWBAStyrenic macroEnzyme immobilisationSame as MN100
PUROLITEMACRONETMN102CurrWBAStyrenic macroFruit juices0.15-0.3 eq/L, MHC 50-60%, 1.0-1.1 ml/g, 700 m2/g, 600-900 Å, 535 µm UC 1.4
PUROLITEMACRONETMN150CurrWBAStyrenic macroChlorinated hydrocarbons0.2 eq/L, MHC 50-58%, 0.65-0.85 ml/g, 800 m2/g, 300-550 Å, 535 µm UC 1.4
PUROLITEMACRONETMN152CurrWBAStyrenic macroColour bodies from sugar, chlorinated hydrocarbons0.2 eq/L, MHC 44-50%, 0.55+0.75 ml/g, 750 m2/g, 200-450 Å, 535 µm UC 1.4
PUROLITEMACRONETMN170CurrWBAStyrenic macroNo details0.2-0.5 eq/L, MHC 35-50%, 0.2-0.4 ml/g, 1200 m2/g, micropores 25 Å, 725 µm UC 1.7
PUROLITEMACRONETMN200CurrADSStyrenic macroSorption of lipophilic compounds incl. pesticidesMHC 57-61%, 1.0-1.1 ml/g, 900 m2/g, 800 Å, 535 µm UC 1.4
PUROLITEMACRONETMN202CurrADSStyrenic macroSorption of lipophilic compounds incl. pesticidesMHC 50-60%, 1.0-1.1 ml/g, 825 m2/g, 600-900 Å, 535 µm UC 1.4
PUROLITEMACRONETMN250CurrADSStyrenic macroNo detailsMHC 50-58%, 0.6-0.8 ml/g, 750 m2/g, 300-400 Å, 535 µm UC 1.4
PUROLITEMACRONETMN252CurrADSStyrenic macroSorption of lipophilic compounds incl. pesticidesMHC 44-50%, 0.6-0.8 ml/g, 750 m2/g, 200-450 Å, 535 µm UC 1.4
PUROLITEMACRONETMN270CurrADSStyrenic macroNo detailsMHC 35-50%, 0.2-0.4 ml/g, 1200 m2/g, micropores 25Å,725 µm UC 1.7
PUROLITEMACRONETMN500CurrSACStyrenic macroNo details0.8-1.0 eq/L, MHC 52-57%, 1.0-1.1 ml/g, 900 m2/g, 800 Å, 535 µm UC 1.4
PUROLITEMACRONETMN500DRCurrSACStyrenic macroNo detailsDry MN500
PUROLITEMACRONETMN502CurrSACStyrenic macroNo details0.8-1.0 eq/L, MHC 52-57%,1.0-1.1 ml/g, 700 m2/g, 600-900 Å, 535 µm UC 1.4
DOW CHEMICALMICROIONEXMB200CurrMixed PowderCPP, Precoat Filters1:1 mixture
DOW CHEMICALMICROIONEXMB250NH4CurrMixed PowderCPP, Precoat Filters1:1.5 mixture
DOW CHEMICALMICROIONEXMB400CurrMixed PowderCPP, Precoat Filters1:3 mixture
PUROLITEMICROLITECG12HCurrMixed PowderFibre/H/OH formCPPRatio F/R = 1:2, ratio C/A = 4:5, formerly OG-12H
PUROLITEMICROLITECG12NCurrMixed PowderFibre/NH4/OH formCPP, Precoat FiltersRatio F/R = 1:2, ratio C/A = 4:5, formerly OG-12N
PUROLITEMICROLITECG19HCurrMixed PowderFibre/H/OH formCPP, Precoat FiltersRatio F/R = 1:9
PUROLITEMICROLITECG19NCurrMixed PowderFibre/NH4/OH formCPP, Precoat FiltersRatio F/R = 1:9
PUROLITEMICROLITECoSeq73CurrMixed PowderReactor cleanupCat + An + ligand
PUROLITEMICROLITEFCCurrFilter FibreCellulosicCPP, Precoat Filters
PUROLITEMICROLITEMB1/1HCurrMixed PowderCPP, Precoat FiltersH/OH; ratio C/A = 1:1
PUROLITEMICROLITEMB1/1NCurrMixed PowderCPP, Precoat FiltersNH4/OH; ratio C/A = 1:1
PUROLITEMICROLITEMB2/1HCurrMixed PowderCPP, Precoat FiltersH/OH; ratio C/A = 2:1
PUROLITEMICROLITEMB2/1NCurrMixed PowderCPP, Precoat FiltersNH4/OH; ratio C/A = 2:1
PUROLITEPUROFINEPFA100PlusCurrWBAStyrenic macro1.3 eq/L, MHC 53-62%
PUROLITEPUROFINEPFA100Plus/4481CurrWBAStyrenic macroIWT layered beds0.3-0.63 mm
PUROLITEPUROFINEPFA103PlusCurrWBAStyrenic macro1.7 eq/L, MHC 48-55%, uniform 570 µm UC 1.2
PUROLITEPUROFINEPFA123CurrWBAStyrenic macro1.7 eq/L, MHC 48-55%, uniform 570 µm UC 1.1-1.2
PUROLITEPUROFINEPFA133SCurrWBAStyrenic macro1.8 eq/L, MHC 46-51%, uniform 550 µm UC 1.1-1.2
PUROLITEPUROFINEPFA200CurrSBA 2Styrenic gelIWTUniform beads. 680 - 710 µm
PUROLITEPUROFINEPFA300CurrSBA 2Styrenic gelIWTUniform beads. 560 µm+/-40,90%+/-100 µm,1%+710,1%-425 µm.
PUROLITEPUROFINEPFA400CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelIWTUniform beads. 560 µm+/-40,90%+/-100 µm,1%+710,1%-425 µm.
PUROLITEPUROFINEPFA400MBCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelMixed bed
PUROLITEPUROFINEPFA444CurrSBA 1Styrenic gel1.1 eq/L, 570 µm
PUROLITEPUROFINEPFA460/4783CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelUranium1.3 eq/L, uniform 570 µm
PUROLITEPUROFINEPFA500PlusCurrSBA 1Styrenic macro1.15 eq/L reversible adsorption of organics
PUROLITEPUROFINEPFA503CurrSBA 1Styrenic macro1.0 eq/L, MHC 61-66%
PUROLITEPUROFINEPFA510PlusCurrSBA 2Styrenic macro1.15 eq/L, MHC 48-56%
PUROLITEPUROFINEPFA600/4740CurrSBA 1Styrenic macroUranium1.6 eq/L, uniform 570 µm
PUROLITEPUROFINEPFA847CurrWBAAcrylic gel1.6 eq/L, MHC 58-62%, uniform 570 µm
PUROLITEPUROFINEPFA850CurrSBAAcrylic gelUniform, 520-620 µm
PUROLITEPUROFINEPFA860CurrSBAAcrylic macroSugar decol.0.8 eq/L, MHC 66-72%, 570 µm
PUROLITEPUROFINEPFA870CurrSBAAcrylic gelBifunctional
PUROLITEPUROFINEPFC100CurrSACStyrenic gelIWTUniform beads. 560 µm+/-40,90%+/-100 µm,1%+740,1%-425 µm.
PUROLITEPUROFINEPFC100 HCurrSACStyrenic gelIWT, deminUniform beads. 560 µm+/-40,90%+/-100 µm,1%+740,1%-425 µm.
PUROLITEPUROFINEPFC100ECurrSACStyrenic gelDomestic Softening
PUROLITEPUROFINEPFC100EAgCurrSACStyrenic gelWith silver for bacteriostatic effect
PUROLITEPUROFINEPFC100x10CurrSACStyrenic gel2.2 eq/L Na, MHC 47-50% H
PUROLITEPUROFINEPFC104PlusCurrWACAcrylic4.5 eq/L, uniform: 570 µm
PUROLITEPUROFINEPFC150CurrSACStyrenic macroIWT, deminUniform, fine: 570 µm
PUROLITEPUROFINEPFC150 HCurrSACStyrenic macroIWT, deminUniform H form, fine: 520-620 µm
PUROLITEPUROFINEPFC150SCurrSACStyrenic macroSugarUniform, fine: 520-620 µm
PUROLITEPUROGOLDA193CurrWBA/SBAStyrenic macroGold recoveryBifunctional 3.8 eq/kg, MHC 46-56%, 0.8-1.3 mm
PUROLITEPUROGOLDA194CurrWBA/SBAStyrenic macroGold recoveryBifunctional 3.0 eq/kg, MHC 44-52%
PUROLITEPUROGOLDS992CurrWBAStyrenic macroGold recoveryMixed amines, 4.4 eq/kg, MHC 47-55%, 0.8-1.3 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEA100DLPlusCurrWBAStyrenic macroStratified Bed (Doublite)0.3 to 0.63 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEA100DRPlusCurrWBAStyrenic macroAcid from oilDry
PUROLITEPUROLITEA100FLPlusCurrWBAStyrenic macroIWT, Floating bed (Fluidlite)0.5 to 1.0 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEA100INDPlusCurrWBAStyrenic macroRemoval of acid fumesColour indicator
PUROLITEPUROLITEA100PlusCurrWBAStyrenic macro1.3 eq/L, MHC 53-62%
PUROLITEPUROLITEA100SPlusCurrWBAStyrenic macroReduced fines 0.4-1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEA100TLPlusCurrWBAStyrenic macro0.4-0.85 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEA103PlusCurrWBAStyrenic macro1.5 eq/L, MHC 51-58%
PUROLITEPUROLITEA103SPlusCurrWBAStyrenic macroSugarReduced fines 0.4-1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEA105CurrWBAStyrenic macroHigh moisture, 1.1 eq/L, MHC 58-65%
PUROLITEPUROLITEA105SCurrWBAStyrenic macroReduced fines 0.4-1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEA109CurrWBAStyrenic macroChemical processingLow quaternisation, 1.0 eq/L, MHC 58-65%, 0.4-1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEA110CurrWBAStyrenic macroChemical processingPrimary amine, 2 eq/L, MHC 60-66%
PUROLITEPUROLITEA111CurrWBAStyrenic macroNo quaternisation, 1.7 eq/L, MHC 56-62%
PUROLITEPUROLITEA111DLCurrWBAStyrenic macroStratified Bed (Doublite)0.3-0.63 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEA111FLCurrWBAStyrenic macroIWT, Floating bed (Fluidlite)0.5-1.0 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEA111SCurrWBAStyrenic macroSugarReduced fines 0.4-1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEA120SCurrWBAStyrenic macroDemin + colour removalGood adsorption properties, 1.2 eq/L, MHC 58-63%, 0.4-1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEA123SCurrWBAStyrenic macroCorn sweeteners1.7 eq/L, MHC 48-55
PUROLITEPUROLITEA133CurrWBAStyrenic macro1.8 eq/L, MHC 46-51%
PUROLITEPUROLITEA133SCurrWBAStyrenic macroSugarReduced fines 0.4-1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEA149SCurrWBAStyrenic macroCitric & lactic acidComplex amine, low moisture, 1.7 eq/L, MHC 30-35%
PUROLITEPUROLITEA170/4675CurrWBAStyrenic macroMetals (Re, Mo etc.)Complex amine 1.3 eq/L low moisture 42-47%, 0.6-1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEA172/4635CurrWBAStyrenic gelHydrometallurgy (rhenium)1.2 eq/L, MHC 25-45%, semi-uniform 670 µm UC 1.3
PUROLITEPUROLITEA200CCurrSBA 2Styrenic gelReduced fines
PUROLITEPUROLITEA200DLCurrSBA 2Styrenic gelIWT layered beds>630 µm
PUROLITEPUROLITEA200MBCurrSBA 2Styrenic gelMixed bed0.4 to 1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEA200MB OHCurrSBA 2Styrenic gelMixed bed
PUROLITEPUROLITEA200MB OH INDCurrSBA 2Styrenic gelMixed bedWith colour indicator
PUROLITEPUROLITEA300CurrSBA 2Styrenic gel1.4 eq/L, MHC 40-45%
PUROLITEPUROLITEA300ECurrSBA 2Styrenic gelFood & pharma0.3 to 1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEA300MBCurrSBA 2Styrenic gelMixed bed
PUROLITEPUROLITEA400CurrSBA 1Styrenic gel1.3 eq/L, MHC 48-54%
PUROLITEPUROLITEA400DLCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelStratified Bed (Doublite)0.6 to 1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEA400DL/4880CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelStratified Bed (Doublite)Uniform 660 µm, UC 1.2
PUROLITEPUROLITEA400ECurrSBA 1Styrenic gelFood processing
PUROLITEPUROLITEA400FLCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelIWT, Upcore, Fluidlite0.5 to 1.0 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEA400MBCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelMixed bed
PUROLITEPUROLITEA400MB OHCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelMixed bed
PUROLITEPUROLITEA400MB OH INDCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelMixed bedWith colour indicator
PUROLITEPUROLITEA400SCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelSugar applications
PUROLITEPUROLITEA400TLCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelMixed bed 3 component (Trilite)0.4 to 0.85 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEA420SCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelSugar, Pharma, Special ApplicationsHigh moisture, low crosslinking, 0.8 eq/L, MHC 60-65%
PUROLITEPUROLITEA444CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelHigh moisture, 1.1 eq/L, MHC 50-60%
PUROLITEPUROLITEA444DLCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelIWT layered beds0.63-1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEA500 OH PlusCurrSBA 1Styrenic macro
PUROLITEPUROLITEA500/2788CurrSBA 1Styrenic macroUranium, gold recovery1.15 eq/L, MHC 53-58%, 0.8-1.3 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEA500/4994CurrSBA 1Styrenic macroUranium, gold recovery1.15 eq/L, MHC 53-58%, 0.7-1.3 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEA500CPlusCurrSBA 1Styrenic macro1.15 eq/L, MHC 53-58%, 0.4-1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEA500DLPlusCurrSBA 1Styrenic macroStratified Bed (Doublite)0.6 to 1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEA500FLPlusCurrSBA 1Styrenic macroIWT, Floating bed (Fluidlite)0.5 to 1.0 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEA500MB OH Plus INDCurrSBA 1Styrenic macroColour indicator
PUROLITEPUROLITEA500PlusCurrSBA 1Styrenic macro1.15 eq/L, MHC 53-58%
PUROLITEPUROLITEA500SPlusCurrSBA 1Styrenic macroSugar
PUROLITEPUROLITEA500TL SO4 PlusCurrSBA 1Styrenic macroMixed bed 3 component (Trilite)SO4 form
PUROLITEPUROLITEA500TLPlusCurrSBA 1Styrenic macroMixed bed 3 component (Trilite)0.4 to 0.85 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEA501PCurrSBA 1Styrenic macroColloidal silicaFor colloids, very porous, MHC 70-75%, 0.60 eq/L
PUROLITEPUROLITEA502PCurrSBA 1Styrenic macroOrganic scavenger0.85 eq/L, MHC 66-72%
PUROLITEPUROLITEA502PSCurrSBA 1Styrenic macroSugar
PUROLITEPUROLITEA502PSFLCurrSBA 1Styrenic macroSugar, packed beds
PUROLITEPUROLITEA503CurrSBA 1Styrenic macro1.0 eq/L, MHC 61-66%
PUROLITEPUROLITEA503CCurrSBA 1Styrenic macroReduced fines, 0.42 to 1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEA503SCurrSBA 1Styrenic macroSugarReduced fines, 0.42 to 1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEA510FLPlusCurrSBA 2Styrenic macroIWT, Floating bed (Fluidlite)1.1 eq/L, MHC 48-86%, 0.5 to 1.0 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEA510MB OH IND PlusCurrSBA 2Styrenic macroColour indicator
PUROLITEPUROLITEA510PlusCurrSBA 2Styrenic macro1.1 eq/L, MHC 48-56%
PUROLITEPUROLITEA510SPlusCurrSBA 2Styrenic macroSugar
PUROLITEPUROLITEA513CurrSBA 2Styrenic macro1.0 eq/L, MHC 56-63%
PUROLITEPUROLITEA520ECurrSBAStyrenic macroNitrate0.9 eq/L, MHC 50-56%
PUROLITEPUROLITEA530ECurrSBAStyrenic macroPerchlorate0.6 eq/L, MHC 49-55%
PUROLITEPUROLITEA532ECurrSBAStyrenic macroPerchlorateBifunctional
PUROLITEPUROLITEA555CurrSBA 3Styrenic gelType 3 !!! 1.2 eq/L, 3.5 eq/kg, MHC 48-54%, 55°C
PUROLITEPUROLITEA600CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelLow moisture, 1.4 eq/L, MHC 43-48%
PUROLITEPUROLITEA600CCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelReduced fines, 0.42 to 1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEA600DLCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelIWT layered beds0.85-1.0 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEA600U/3472CurrSBA 1Styrenic macroUraniumCoarse: 0.8-1.3 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEA660/4759CurrSBA 1Styrenic macroUranium
PUROLITEPUROLITEA830CurrWBAAcrylic macroAmmonium nitrate recoveryHigh cap: 2.75 eq/L, Duolite A374 type
PUROLITEPUROLITEA830FLCurrWBAAcrylic macro0.4-1.0 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEA835CurrWBAAcrylic macroWater with high organicsHigh moist, 1.0 eq/L, MHC 65-73%
PUROLITEPUROLITEA845CurrWBAAcrylic gel1.6 eq/L, MHC 56-62%
PUROLITEPUROLITEA845DLCurrWBAAcrylic gelIWT layered beds (Doublite)Fine: 0.3-0.63 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEA847CurrWBAAcrylic gelBetter rinse than A845 otherwise same properties
PUROLITEPUROLITEA847CCurrWBAAcrylic gelReduced fines, 0.42 to 1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEA847DLCurrWBAAcrylic gelIWT layered beds (Doublite)Fine: 0.3-0.63 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEA847SCurrWBAAcrylic gelSugarReduced fines, 0.42 to 1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEA850CurrSBAAcrylic gel1.25 eq/L
PUROLITEPUROLITEA860CurrSBAAcrylic macro0.8 eq/L
PUROLITEPUROLITEA860SCurrSBAAcrylic macroOrganic scavenger, sugar decolourisationReduced fines, 0.42 to 1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEA870CurrSBA/WBAAcrylic gelBifunctional, 1.35 eq/L
PUROLITEPUROLITEA870CCurrSBA/WBAAcrylic gel0.42 to 1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEA870FLCurrSBA/WBAAcrylic gelIWT, Floating bed (Fluidlite)0.5 to 1.0 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEC100CurrSACStyrenic gelStandard, 2.0 eq/L
PUROLITEPUROLITEC100DLCurrSACStyrenic gelIWT layered beds (Doublite)Large: 0.63 to 1.2 mm Na form
PUROLITEPUROLITEC100DL HCurrSACStyrenic gelIWT layered beds (Doublite)
PUROLITEPUROLITEC100ECurrSACStyrenic gelSofteningCheap, 1.9 eq/L
PUROLITEPUROLITEC100E HCurrSACStyrenic gelC100E in H form
PUROLITEPUROLITEC100EAgCurrSACStyrenic gelWith silver for bacteriostatic effect
PUROLITEPUROLITEC100EDKCurrSACStyrenic gelDomestic softeningDark
PUROLITEPUROLITEC100EFMCurrSACStyrenic gelFine mesh (no grading given), 1.9 eq/L, for compact high flowrate, salt efficient domestic units.
PUROLITEPUROLITEC100ELTCurrSACStyrenic gelSofteningLight coloured beads
PUROLITEPUROLITEC100LTCurrSACStyrenic gel2 eq/L, light colour
PUROLITEPUROLITEC100MBCurrSACStyrenic gelMixed bedNa form!
PUROLITEPUROLITEC100MB HCurrSACStyrenic gelMixed bed
PUROLITEPUROLITEC100SCurrSACStyrenic gelSugar2.05 eq/L, MHC 43-47%
PUROLITEPUROLITEC100TLCurrSACStyrenic gelMixed bedCoarser 0.71-1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEC100TLHCurrSACStyrenic gelMixed bedH+ form, coarser 0.71-1.2 mm, UC 1.3
PUROLITEPUROLITEC100x10CurrSACStyrenic gel10% DVB, 2.2 eq/L, MHC 40-43%, UC 1.7
PUROLITEPUROLITEC100x10EMBCurrSACStyrenic gelNa+, 10% DVB, 2.2 eq/L, MHC 40-43%, UC 1.7
PUROLITEPUROLITEC100x10MB HCurrSACStyrenic gelMixed bed
PUROLITEPUROLITEC100x16MB HCurrSACStyrenic gelVery high DVB, 2.4 eq/L H, MHC 35-40% H
PUROLITEPUROLITEC104DLPlusCurrWACAcrylic gel4.5 eq/L
PUROLITEPUROLITEC104EPlusCurrWACAcrylic gelDrinking water4.5 eq/L
PUROLITEPUROLITEC104PlusCurrWACAcrylic gel4.5 eq/L
PUROLITEPUROLITEC104SPlusCurrWACAcrylic gelReduced fines
PUROLITEPUROLITEC106CurrWACAcrylic macro2.7 eq/L, high moisture (similar to old Duolite C464)
PUROLITEPUROLITEC106C NaCurrWACAcrylic macroReduced fines
PUROLITEPUROLITEC107CurrWACAcrylic macro3.6 eq/L
PUROLITEPUROLITEC115ECurrWACMethacrylicPharma/Food and Potable0.3 to 1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEC120ECurrSACStyrenic gelLow DVB, 1.6 eq/L
PUROLITEPUROLITEC124S HCurrSACStyrenic gelSugar inversionLow DVB 1.2 eq/L H, MHC 65-70% H
PUROLITEPUROLITEC145CurrSACStyrenic macro1.5 eq/L, MHC 55-60%
PUROLITEPUROLITEC145 HCurrSACStyrenic macroColloids removal (?)H form
PUROLITEPUROLITEC150CurrSACStyrenic macroStandard, 1.8 eq/L
PUROLITEPUROLITEC150 AmineCurrSACStyrenic macroCPPMorpholine conversion
PUROLITEPUROLITEC150 HCurrSACStyrenic macroCPP1.8 eq/L Na
PUROLITEPUROLITEC150ECurrSACStyrenic macroDrinking water
PUROLITEPUROLITEC150MBCurrSACStyrenic macroMixed bedReduced fines
PUROLITEPUROLITEC150MB HCurrSACStyrenic macroMixed bedReduced fines
PUROLITEPUROLITEC150SCurrSACStyrenic macroSugar (Gryllus, Quentin)1.8 eq/L Na
PUROLITEPUROLITEC150S HCurrSACStyrenic macroSugar demin
PUROLITEPUROLITEC150TLCurrSACStyrenic macroMixed bed 3 component (Trilite)Na form 0.7 to 1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEC150TL HCurrSACStyrenic macroMixed bed 3 component (Trilite)H form 0.7 to 1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEC160CurrSACStyrenic macroHigh solids, 2.3 eq/L
PUROLITEPUROLITEC160 HCurrSACStyrenic macroH form
PUROLITEPUROLITEC160SCurrSACStyrenic macroSugar0.4 to 1.2 mm, High solids
PUROLITEPUROLITECTA190CurrWBAStyrenic macroCatalysis1.3 eq/L, MHC 53-62%, 0.4-1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITECTA196CurrWBAStyrenic macroCatalysis1.8 eq/L, MHC 45-52%, 0.4-1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEIP3CurrINEAcrylicTriobed (Trilite)For Triobed / Ambersep
PUROLITEPUROLITEIP4CurrINEPolypropyleneFloating beds1.1-1.5 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEIP4300CurrINEStyrenic gelOil drilling<350 µm
PUROLITEPUROLITEIP7CurrINEAcrylicTriobedBlue colour !!! Density 1.15 part size 0.6-0.8 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEIP9CurrINEPVCBottom layer in IX vessels3-5 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITEMB3710CurrMIXStyrenic gel1:1 eq ratio (40:60 vol)
PUROLITEPUROLITEMB378CurrMIXStyrenic gelOnce-through40:60 vol
PUROLITEPUROLITEMB378LTCurrMIXStyrenic gelOnce-throughLight coloured cation
PUROLITEPUROLITEMB400CurrMIXStyrenic gel40:60 C100 H + A400 OH
PUROLITEPUROLITEMB400INDCurrMIXStyrenic gelColour indicator
PUROLITEPUROLITEMB400LTCurrMIXStyrenic gelLight coloured cation
PUROLITEPUROLITEMB400QRCurrMIXStyrenic gelColour indicator: quinaldine red
PUROLITEPUROLITEMB450VCCurrMIXStyrenic gelWith colour indicator (cristal violet)
PUROLITEPUROLITEMB46CurrMIXStyrenic gelElectroerosion50:50 C100 H + A600 OH
PUROLITEPUROLITEMB47/4914CurrMIXStyrenic gel55-45 C:A
PUROLITEPUROLITEMB478LTCurrMIXStyrenic gelElectroerosion50:50 C:A
PUROLITEPUROLITEMB47VCCurrMIXStyrenic gelWith colour indicator (cristal violet)
PUROLITEPUROLITEMB500VCCurrMIXStyrenic gel40:60 C:A, Cristal violet
PUROLITEPUROLITEMB59VCCurrMIXStyrenic gel60:40 C100 H + A100, colour indicator: cristal violet
PUROLITEPUROLITEMB600LTCurrMIXStyrenic gel40:60 C:A, Light coloured cation
PUROLITEPUROLITEMPR1000CurrSBAAcryl + StyrMembrane protectionMixture of Acrylic and styrenic macroporous resin for removal of organics and colloids
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW100CurrSACStyrenic gelNuclearBased on C100 1.8 eq/L H, MHC 51-55% H, 0.4-1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW1000CurrSACStyrenic gelNuclear1.8 eq/L H, MHC 51-55% H, uniform 570 µm UC 1.2
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW1000LiCurrSACStyrenic gelNuclearNatural Li
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW1000Li7CurrSACStyrenic gelNuclear7Li
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW100LiCurrSACStyrenic gelNuclearNatural Li
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW100Li7CurrSACStyrenic gelNuclear7Li
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW100QRCurrSACStyrenic gelNuclearWith colour indicator (quinaldine red)
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW100x10CurrSACStyrenic gelNuclear2.0 eq/L H, MHC 46-50% H
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW100x10Li7CurrSACStyrenic gelNuclear7Li
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW1100CurrSACStyrenic gelNuclear2.0 eq/L H, MHC 46-50% H, uniform 650 µm UC 1.2
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW1100LiCurrSACStyrenic gelNuclearNatural Li
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW1100Li7CurrSACStyrenic gelNuclear7Li
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW1160CurrSACStyrenic gelNuclear2.5 eq/L H, MHC 36-41% H, uniform 625 µm UC 1.2
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW1160Li7CurrSACStyrenic gelNuclear7Li
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW1180CurrSACStyrenic macro2.6 eq/L H, MHC 30-35% H, 0.4-1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW160CurrSACStyrenic macro2.5 eq/L H, MHC 36-41% H, 0.4-1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW2400CurrSACStyrenic macro2.5 eq/L H, MHC 32-38% H, 0.4-1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW3240CurrMIXStyrenic gelNuclearEquivalent mixture
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW3240LiCurrMIXStyrenic gelNuclearCation in natural Li form
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW3240Li7CurrMIXStyrenic gelNuclearCation in 7Li form
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW3260CurrMIXStyrenic gelNuclearWith 1.1 eq/L OH anion
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW3260LiCurrMIXStyrenic gelNuclearCation in natural Li form
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW3260Li7CurrMIXStyrenic gelNuclearCation in 7Li form
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW3460CurrMIXStyrenic gelNuclearWith 10% DVB cation
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW3460Li7CurrMIXStyrenic gelNuclearCation in 7Li form
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW3540CurrMIXStyrenic MP/ gelNuclearWith 2.1 eq/L H cation
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW3540Li7CurrMIXStyrenic MP/ gelNuclearCation in 7Li form
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW3550CurrMIXStyrenic macroNuclearAll macroporous
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW3560CurrMIXStyrenic MP/ gelNuclear2.1 eq/L H, 1.1 eq/L OH
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW3560Li7CurrMIXStyrenic MP/ gelNuclearCation in 7Li form
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW3561CurrMIXStyrenic MP/ gelNuclear1:1 volume ratio
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW3561Li7CurrMIXStyrenic MP/ gelNuclearCation in 7Li form
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW3562CurrMIXStyrenic MP/ gelNuclear2:1 volume ratio
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW3660CurrMIXStyrenic gelNuclearEquivalent mixture with high cap (2.5 eq/L) cation
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW3670CurrMIXStyrenic gelNuclearEquivalent mixture with high cap 2.5 eq/L H cation and 1.15 eq/L OH anion
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW400CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelNuclearBased on A400, 1.0 eq/L OH, MHC 48-54 Cl, 0.4-1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW4000CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelNuclearUniform NRW400, 570 µm UC 1.2
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW5010CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelNuclearVery porous MHC 70-75 Cl, o.e eq/L OH, 0.4-1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW505CurrSBA 1Styrenic macroNuclearBased on A500, 0.9 eq/L OH, 0.4-1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW5050CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelNuclearUniform NRW505, 570 µm UC 1.2
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW5070CurrSBA 1Styrenic macroNuclear1.0 eq/L OH, 0.4-1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW600CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelNuclearBased on A600, 1.1 eq/L OH, 0.4-1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW6000CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelNuclearUniform NRW600, 625 µm UC 1.2
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW700CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelNuclear1.15 eq/L OH, 0.4-1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW7000CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelNuclearUniform NRW700, 625 µm UC 1.2
PUROLITEPUROLITENRW8000CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelNuclear1.3 eq/L OH, MHC 40-45% Cl, uniform 570 µm UC 1.2
PUROLITEPUROLITEOL100CurrSACStyrenic gelOil removalOleophilic, Na, new name of ROC110
PUROLITEPUROLITEPCA433CurrSBAStyrenic gelChromatography1.3 eq/L, MHC 48-57%, 150-300 µm UC 1.4
PUROLITEPUROLITEPCR145KCurrSACStyrenic gelChromatography1.5 eq/L, MHC 55-60, K form, 260-300 µm UC 1.2
PUROLITEPUROLITEPCR450CurrSACStyrenic gelChromatography4% DVB, 1.35 eq/L, MHC 60-65%, Na form, 360-400 µm UC 1.2
PUROLITEPUROLITEPCR631CaCurrSACStyrenic gelChromatography1.6 eq/L, MHC 50-56%, Ca form 210-230 µm UC 1.2
PUROLITEPUROLITEPCR632CaCurrSACStyrenic gelChromatography1.7 eq/L, MHC unknown, Ca form 210-250 µm UC 1.2
PUROLITEPUROLITEPCR633CurrSACStyrenic gelChromatography1.6 eq/L, MHC 50-56%, Na form, 210-250 µm UC 1.3
PUROLITEPUROLITEPCR642CaCurrSACStyrenic gelChromatography1.5 eq/L, MHC 59-62%, Ca form, 295-335 µm UC 1.2
PUROLITEPUROLITEPCR642KCurrSACStyrenic gelChromatography1.5 eq/L, MHC 59-62%, K form, 295-335 µm UC 1.2
PUROLITEPUROLITEPCR651CurrSACStyrenic gelChromatography1.5 eq/L, MHC 52-56%, Na form, 330-360 µm UC 1.2
PUROLITEPUROLITEPCR652CaCurrSACStyrenic gelChromatography1.5 eq/L, MHC 52-56%, Ca form, 350-370 µm UC 1.2
PUROLITEPUROLITEPCR732CaCurrSACStyrenic gelChromatography1.8 eq/L, MHC 50-52%, Ca from, 210-250µm UC 1.2
PUROLITEPUROLITEPCR833CurrSACStyrenic gelChromatography2.0 eq/L, MHC 44-48%, Na form, 225-275 µm UC 1.4
PUROLITEPUROLITEPCR833 CaCurrSACStyrenic gelChromatography2.0 eq/L, MHC 44-48%, Ca form, 225-275 µm UC 1.4
PUROLITEPUROLITEPCR833 Ca LTCurrSACStyrenic gelChromatographyLight colour
PUROLITEPUROLITEPCR833 HCurrSACStyrenic gelChromatography2.0 eq/L, MHC 44-48%, Ha form, 225-275 µm UC 1.4
PUROLITEPUROLITEPCR855 CaCurrSACStyrenic gelChromatography2.0 eq/L, MHC 42-46%, Ca form, 210-230 µm UC 1.1
PUROLITEPUROLITEPPC100x10CurrSACStyrenic gelPacked beds2.2 eq/L Na, uniform, 650 µm, UC 1.1-1.2
PUROLITEPUROLITES106CurrWBAEpoxyCr removalEpoxypolyamine, 2.0 eq/L, MHC 60-70%, 0.3-2.0 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITES108CurrCHEStyrenic macroBoron removalN-methyl glucamine 0.6 eq/L, MHC 61-67%, 625-630 µm
PUROLITEPUROLITES910CurrCHEAcrylicCu and other metalsAmidoxime, MHC 52-60%, 0.3-1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITES914CurrCHEStyrenic macroMercury etc.Thiourea, 1.0 eq/L, MHC 50-56%, 0.3-1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITES920PlusCurrCHEStyrenic macroMercury etc.Isothiouronium, MHC 48-54%
PUROLITEPUROLITES924CurrCHEStyrenic macroMercuryThiol, MHC 45-51%
PUROLITEPUROLITES930/4888CurrCHEStyrenic macroMetals (resin-in-pulp)Iminodiacetic, coarse 0.8-1.3 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITES930EPlusCurrCHEStyrenic macroMetalsIminodiacetic, MHC 52-60% Na, 0.4-1.2 mm UC 1.5
PUROLITEPUROLITES930PlusCurrCHEStyrenic macroMetalsIminodiacetic, 2.9 eq/L, MHC 52-60% Na, 0.4-1.2 mm UC 1.5
PUROLITEPUROLITES940CurrCHEStyrenic macroBrine softeningAminophosphonic, Ca capacity 20 g/L, MHC 55-65%, 0.5-0.85 mm UC 1.4
PUROLITEPUROLITES950CurrCHEStyrenic macroBrine softeningAminophosphonic, Ca capacity 26 g/L, MHC 60-68%, UC 1.5
PUROLITEPUROLITES957CurrCHEStyrenic macroSulphonic & phosphonic acid, Fe capacity 18 g/L, MHC 55-70%
PUROLITEPUROLITES960CurrCHEStyrenic macroMetals (Ni etc.)Bispicolylamine, Ni capacity 25 g/L, MHC 50-60%, 0.4-1.0 mm UC 1.5
PUROLITEPUROLITES985CurrWBAAcrylic macroMetalsPolyamine 2.3 eq/L, MHC 52-57%, 0.3-1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROLITETANEXCurrSBAAcrylic + styrenicRemoval of NOMMixture, MHC 68-75%, 0.3-1.2 mm UC 1.7
PUROLITEPUROLITEWCA100CurrAMPStyrenic gelIon retardationAmphoteric Na/OH, 0.9 eq/L COO-
PUROLITEPUROPACKPPA100PlusCurrWBAStyrenic macro1.3 eq/L, MHC 53-62%, semi-uniform 750 µm UC 1.2-1.4
PUROLITEPUROPACKPPA103PlusCurrWBAStyrenic macro1.5 eq/L, MHC 51-58%, semi-uniform 750 µm UC 1.2-1.4
PUROLITEPUROPACKPPA500MBPlusCurrSBA 1Styrenic macro1.15 eq/L, semi-uniform, 750 µm, UC 1.2-1.4
PUROLITEPUROPACKPPA500PlusCurrSBA 1Styrenic macro1.15 eq/L, semi-uniform, 750 µm, UC 1.2-1.4
PUROLITEPUROPACKPPA502PSCurrSBA 1Styrenic macro0.8 eq/L, MHC 66-72%, 0.4-1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROPACKPPA510PlusCurrSBA 2Styrenic macro1.15 eq/L, MHC 48-56%, semi-uniform 750 µm, UC 1.2+1.4
PUROLITEPUROPACKPPA847CurrSBAAcrylic gel1.6 eq/L, MHC 56-62%
PUROLITEPUROPACKPPA860SCurrSBAAcrylic0.8 eq/L MHC 66-72%, semi-uniform 740 µm UC 1.3
PUROLITEPUROPACKPPC100CurrSACStyrenic gelPacked beds2.0 eq/L Na, MHC 44-48%, uniform, 650 µm, UC 1.1-1.2
PUROLITEPUROPACKPPC100 HCurrSACStyrenic gelPacked beds2.0 eq/L Na, MHC 51-55% H, uniform, 650 µm, UC 1.1-1.2
PUROLITEPUROPACKPPC100ECurrSACStyrenic gelPacked beds, softening1.9 eq/L Na, MHC 44-48%, uniform, 650 µm, UC 1.1-1.2
PUROLITEPUROPACKPPC100x10 HCurrSACStyrenic gelPacked beds2.2 eq/L Na, uniform, 650 µm, UC 1.1-1.2
PUROLITEPUROPACKPPC104PlusCurrWACAcrylicSemi-uniform, 750 µm, UC 1.2-1.4
PUROLITEPUROPACKPPC150CurrSACStyrenic macro1.8 eq/L Na, semi-uniform 750 µm, UC 1.2-1.4
PUROLITEPUROPACKPPC150MBCurrSACStyrenic macroMixed bed
PUROLITEPUROPACKPPC150MB HCurrSACStyrenic macroMixed bed
PUROLITEPUROSORBPAD350CurrADSStyrenic macroMHC 58-64%, 700 m2/g, 350 Å
PUROLITEPUROSORBPAD400CurrADSStyrenic macroMHC 55-61%, 720 m2/g, 400 Å
PUROLITEPUROSORBPAD428CurrADSBrominated styrenic macroMHC 50-56%
PUROLITEPUROSORBPAD500CurrADSStyrenic macroMHC 63-69%, 700 m3/g, 500 Å, 0.3-0.5 mm
PUROLITEPUROSORBPAD550CurrADSStyrenic macroMHC 58-64%, 950 m2/g, 600 Å, 0.35-1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROSORBPAD600CurrADSStyrenic macroMHC 58-64%, 830 m2/g, 630 Å, 0.3-1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROSORBPAD600FMCurrADSStyrenic macroMHC 58-64%, 830 m2/g, 630 Å, 0.15-0.3 mm (fine)
PUROLITEPUROSORBPAD610CurrADSStyrenic macroMHC 60-66%, 490 m2/g, 700 Å, 0.35-1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROSORBPAD700CurrADSStyrenic macroMHC 56-62%, 550 m2/g, 700 Å, 0.35-1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROSORBPAD900CurrADSStyrenic macroMHC 67-73%, 800 m2/g, 1000 Å, 0.35-1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROSORBPAD910CurrADSStyrenic macroMHC 62-68%, 540 m2/g, 1100 Å, 0.35-1.2 mm
PUROLITEPUROSORBPAD950CurrADSAcrylic macroMHC 65-71%, 535 m2/g, 960 Å, 0.35-1.2mm
PUROLITEPUROSORBPAD950CCurrADSStyrenic macroMHC 65-71%, 535 m2/g, 960 Å, 0.6-0.8 mm
RESINDIONRELITE(ALL)CurrResindion is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemicals.
RESINDIONRELITE2ACurrSBA 2Styrenic gel1.3 eq/L
RESINDIONRELITE2ASCurrSBA 2Styrenic macro1.3 eq/L porous
RESINDIONRELITE3ACurrSBA 1Styrenic gel1.3 eq/L
RESINDIONRELITE3ASCurrSBA 1Styrenic macro1.2 eq/L porous
RESINDIONRELITEA329CurrWBAStyrenic macroStandard
RESINDIONRELITEA490CurrSBA 2NitrateSelective
RESINDIONRELITECFACurrSACStyrenic gelSofteningStandard 1.9 eq/L  6.5% DVB
RESINDIONRELITED182CurrSBAStyrenic macroSugar, Juice decolourisation1.0eq/L(Cl), 0.4-1.2mm, 1.5maxUC
RESINDIONRELITEIP300/FBCurrINEPolypropyleneFor floating beds
RESINDIONRELITEIP350CurrINEPolypropyleneFor RFR with air holddown
RESINDIONRELITEMG1PCurrWBAAcrylic macroAcrylic/Polyamine high cap : 2.7 eq/L
RESINDIONRELITEMI700CurrMIXStyrenic gelStandard throw-away
RESINDIONRELITEMI701CurrMIXMI 700 + cation indicator
RESINDIONRELITERAD/FCurrSAC/ADSStyrenic macroStarch hydrolysates, polyolsSulphonic acid adsorbent, 0.9 eq/L
RESINDIONRELITERAM1CurrWBAStyrenic macroFood, sugar1.6 eq/L MHC56-62%
RESINDIONRELITERPSCurrSACStyrenic macroSugar demin1.8 eq/L, MHC 52-58 % Na
RESINDIONRELITESP411CurrADSStyrenic macroNatural dyes600 m2/g, 100-150 Å
RESINDIONRELITESP460CurrADSStyrenic macroAminoacids600 m2/g, 200-300 Å
RESINDIONRELITESP490CurrADSMethacrylicFruit juices etc.500 m2/g, 150-200 Å
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXA25CurrSBA 2Styrenic gelIWTMHC 40-50%, 1.3 eq/L
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXA25UBCurrSBA 2Styrenic gelIWT packed beds500-710 µm UC 1.2
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXA25UB eXtraCurrSBA 2Styrenic gelIWT525-625 µm UC 1.1, MHC 45-51%
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXA4CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelIWT1.3 eq/L, UC 1,6, MHC 50-56%
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXA4MBCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelMixed beds400-900 µm
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXA4MB OHCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelMixed bedsOH form
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXA4UBCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelIWT packed beds500-700 µm UC 1.2
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXA4UB eXtraCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelIWT525-625 µm UC 1.1
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXA7MBCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelMixed bed1.4 eq/L 400-900 µm UC 1.6
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXA7UBCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelIWT packed beds500-710 µm UC 1.2
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXA7UB eXtraCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelIWT500-600 µm UC 1.1
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXA7UB eXtra OHCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelIWTOH form 540-640 µm UC 1.1
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXAB1CurrWBAStyrenic macroIWT1.4 eq/L MHC 50-56% 420-1250 µm UC 1.6 SBA groups in Cl form!
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXAB1 OHCurrWBAStyrenic macroIWTFB form (normal form)
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXAB1UBCurrWBAStyrenic macroIWT500-710 µm UC 1.2 SBA groups in Cl form
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXAB2CurrWBAStyrenic macroChromate1.6 eq/L MHC 45-55% 420-1250 µm UC 1.6
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXAB3CurrWBAStyrenic macro1.75 eq/L MHC 48-58% 420-1250 µm UC 1.6
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXAB4UBCurrWBAStyrenic macroIWT packed beds1.6 eq/L MHC 50-58% 500-710 µm UC 1.2
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXAPCurrSBA 1Styrenic macroCPP, electroplating1.15 eq/L MHC 50-60% 420-1250 µm UC 1.6
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXAP2CurrSBA 2Styrenic macro1.2 eq/L MHC 47-57% 420+1250 µm UC 1.6
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXAP21CurrSBA 2Styrenic macro1.15 eq/L MHC 47-57% 420-1250 µm UC 1.6
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXAP2UBCurrSBA 2Styrenic macro500-710 µm UC 1.2
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXAPMBCurrSBA 1Styrenic macroMixed beds425-900 µm UC 1.6
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXAPUBCurrSBA 1Styrenic macro500-710 µm UC 1.2
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXAW25CurrSBA 2Styrenic gelResidential1.25 eq/L MHC 40-45% 300-1200 µm UC 1.7
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXBR1CurrWBAStyrenic macroBoron removal (drinking water)0.8 eq/L MHC 50-56% 300-1250 µm UC 1.6
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXCAT1CurrSACStyrenic macroCatalysis MTBE/TAME1.75 eq/L MHC 45-55% 450-1250 µm UC 1.6
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXCAT4CurrSACStyrenic macroStarch hydrolysis etc.1.8 eq/L MHC 50-60% 450-1250 µm UC 1.6
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXCAT50CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelCatalysis & mercaptan removal1.3 eq/L MHC 50-60% 300-710 µm
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXCH12CurrCHEStyrenic macroBrine softeningAminophosphonic 0.5 eq/L (Cu) MHC 52-58%
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXCH20CurrCHEStyrenic macroBrine softeningIminodiacetic 2.0 eq/L
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXCH23CurrCHEStyrenic macroHeavy metalsIminodiacetic 2.2 eq/L (H)
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXCH80CurrCHEStyrenic macroMercuryThiol 1.4 eq/L MHC 52-58% 420-1250 µm UC 1.6
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXCH80-2CurrCHEStyrenic macroHeavy metalsThiouronium 1.75 eq/L MHC 52-60% 420-1250 µm
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXHM79-4CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelGold mining1.3 eq/L MHC 50-56% 420-1250 µm UC 1.6
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXHM79-4UBCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelGold mining500-710 µm UC 1.2
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXHM79-7CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelGold mining1.4 eq/L MHC 42-46% 420-1250 µm UC 1.6
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXHM92-4BGCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelUranium mining RIPBig beads 700-1250 µm
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXHM92-4UBCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelUranium mining RIP500-710 µm UC 1.2
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXHM92-7BGCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelUranium mining RIP1.4 eq/L MHC 42-48% 700-1250 µm UC 1.6
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXHM92-7UBCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelUranium mining500-710 µm UC 1.2
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXHMP79BGCurrSBA 1Styrenic macroUranium & gold mining1.15 eq/L MHC 50-60% 700-1250 µm UC 1.6
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXHMP79CCurrSBA 1Styrenic macroUranium & gold miningVery big beads 800-2500 µm UC 1.6
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXHMP92BGCurrSBA 1Styrenic macroUranium mining RIP1,15 eq/L MHC 50-60 700-1250 µm UC 1.6
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXHMP92BG SO4CurrSBA 1Styrenic macroUranium mining RIPSO4 form
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXHMP92CCurrSBA 1Styrenic macroUranium mining RIPVery big beads 800-2500 µm UC 1.6
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXHMP92C SO4CurrSBA 1Styrenic macroUranium mining RIPSO4 form
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXHMWBP79BGCurrWBAStyrenic macroGold mining (aurocyanides)1,3 eq/L MHC 45-50% 700-1250 µm UC 1.6
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXHMWBP79CCurrWBAStyrenic macroGold mining (aurocyanides)Very big beads 800-2500 µm UC 1.6
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXHMWBP79EBGCurrWBAStyrenic macroGold mining (aurocyanides)Big beads 800-1600 µm UC 1.6
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXK10CurrSACStyrenic gelSoftening2.1 eq/L MHC 45-48% 420-1250 µm UC 1.6
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXK10MBCurrSACStyrenic gelMixed beds700-1250 µm UC 1.6
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXK10MB HCurrSACStyrenic gelMixed bedH form
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXK10UBCurrSACStyrenic gelIWT2.1 eq/L MHC 45-48% 500-710 µm UC 1.2
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXK10UB eXtraCurrSACStyrenic gelIWT2.2 eq/L MHC 38-44% 600-700 µm UC 1.1
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXK8CurrSACStyrenic gelSoftening2.0 eq/L MHC 45-48% 420-1250 µm UC 1.6
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXK8 H iCurrSACStyrenic gelOnce-throughWith colour indicator (red)
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXK8FGUBCurrSACStyrenic gelResidential softening500-710 µm UC 1.2 Food grade
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXK8MBCurrSACStyrenic gelMixed beds700-1250 µm UC 1.6
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXK8MB HCurrSACStyrenic gelMixed bedsH form
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXK8PLUSCurrSACStyrenic gelResidential softeningDark, solvent-free, drinking water
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXK8UBCurrSACStyrenic gelIWT packed beds500-710 µm UC 1.2
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXK8UB eXtraCurrSACStyrenic gelIWT2 eq/L MHC 43-49% 550-650 µm UC 1.1
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXK8UB eXtra HCurrSACStyrenic gelIWTH form 570-670 µm UC 1.1
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXKHCurrWACAcrylic gelDealkalisation4.2 eq/L MHC 45-50% 400-1250 µm UC 1.6
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXKHGCurrWACAcrylic gelDealkalisation3.8 eq/L MHC 48-58% 400-1250 µm UC 1.6
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXKHGDLCurrWACAcrylic gelCarbomix300-800 µm UC 1.6
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXKHUBCurrWACAcrylic gelDealkalisation500-710 µm UC 1.2
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXKNaCurrWACAcrylic macroSoftening of organic productsNa form 4.2 eq/L (H) MHC 4-50% (H) 400-1250 µm UC 1.6
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXKPCurrSACStyrenic macroElectroplating1.8 eq/L MHC 45-55% 400-1250 µm UC 1.6
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXKPMBCurrSACStyrenic macro1.8 eq/L MHC 45-55% 700-1250 µm UC 1.6
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXKPMB HCurrSACStyrenic macroMixed bedsH form
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXKPUBCurrSACStyrenic macro500-710 µm UC 1.2
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXKW NaCurrWACAcrylic macroCartridgesNa form 4.5 eq/L (H)
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXKW10CurrSACStyrenic gelSoftening2.2 eq/L MHC 45-48% 420-1250 µm UC 1.6
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXKW10UBCurrSACStyrenic gel2.2 eq/L MHC 45-48% 500-710 µm UC 1.2
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXKW8CurrSACStyrenic gelResidential softening1.9 eq/L MHC 45-50% 420-1250 µm UC 1.6
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXKW8PlusCurrSACStyrenic gelResidential softening1.9 eq/L MHC 45-50% 420-1250 µm UC 1.6
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXKW8UBCurrSACStyrenic gel1.9 eq/L MHC 45-50% 500-710 µm UC 1.2
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXKWHCurrWACAcrylic macroDrinking water4.2 eq/L MHC 45-50% 420-1250 µm UC 1.6
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXKWHPlusCurrWACAcrylic macro3.7 eq/L MHC 45-52% 420-1250 µm UC 1.6
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXKWPCurrSACStyrenic macro1.8 eq/L MHC 45-55% 420-1250 µm UC 1.6
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXKWSCurrSACStyrenic gelResidential softening1.6 eq/L MHC 48-56% 315-1250 µm UC 1.6 (lower DVB)
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXMX1CurrMIXStyrenic gelK8 H + A4 OH (50/50 volume ratio)
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXMX11CurrMIXStyrenic gelK8 H + A4 OH (50/50 volume ratio)
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXMX1iCurrMIXStyrenic gelCartridgesIndicator on SAC red exhausted
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXMX2CurrMIXStyrenic gelPolishing after deminK8 H + A4 OH (40/60 volume ratio)
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXMX21CurrMIXStyrenic gelK8 H + A4 OH (40/60 volume ratio)
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXMX2iCurrMIXStyrenic gelCartridgesColour indicator
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXMX3010CurrMIXStyrenic gelK8 H + A4 OH (32/68 volume ratio, 1:1 stoichiometric)
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXMX3010iCurrMIXStyrenic gelCartridgesColour indicator
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXMX5CurrMIXStyrenic gelK8 H + A4 OH (55/45 volume ratio)
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXNCurrINEPolypropylenePacked beds1.2-1.5 mm
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXN2CurrINEPolyethyleneUpcore2.5-4.0 mm
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXNC10CurrSACStyrenic gelRadioactive waste & UPW99% H 1.8 eq/L MHC 50-58% 420-1250 µm UC 1.6
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXNC11CurrSACStyrenic macroRadioactive waste & UPW99% H 1.65 eq/L MHC 50-58%
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXNC20CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelRadioactive waste & UPW95% OH 1.0 eq/L MHC 60-70% 420-1250 µm UC 1.6
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXNC21CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelRadioactive waste & UPW95% OH 1.1 eq/L MHC 52-60%
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXNC22CurrSBA 1Styrenic macroRadioactive waste & UPW95% OH 1.1 eq/L MHC 50-60% 420-1250 µm UC 1.6
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXNC3010CurrMIXStyrenic gelRadioactive waste & UPW99% H + 95% OH (32/68 volume ratio, 1:1 stoichiometric)
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXNC5010CurrMIXStyrenic macroRadioactive waste & UPW99% H + 95% OH (32/68 volume ratio, 1:1 stoichiometric)
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXNC6010CurrMIXStyrenic gelRadioactiva waste & UPWHigher porosity (50/50 volume ratio, 1:1 stoichiometric)
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXNR1CurrSBAStyrenic macroNitrate0.8 eq/L MHC 50-60% 420-1250 µm UC 1.6
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXOR1CurrSACStyrenic gelOil removalCoalescence
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXPR1CurrSBAStyrenic macroPerchlorate removal0.6 eq/L MHC 48-58% 420-1250 µm UC 1.6 non regenerable
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXSGC8CurrSACStyrenic gelResidential softening2 eq/L MHC 45-48% 420-1250 µm UC 1.6 pretreated for drinking water formerly K8FG
JACOBI CARBONSRESINEXTPX4004CurrSACStyrenic macroSugar softening1.8 eq/L MHC 42-48% 420-1250 µm UC 1.6
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHASM10HPCurrSBAHybrid (?)Arsenic removalMHC 35-55%, 1 eq/L, regenerable with brine or caustic
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHBDM250CurrSACStyrenic gelBiodieselMHC 45-49% H form
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHCG10CurrSACStyrenic gel10% DVB 2.2 eq/L Na
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHCG10 H BLCurrSACStyrenic gelBlack, H form
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHCG10 H CCurrSACStyrenic gelBlack, coarse
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHCG10BL NH4CurrSACStyrenic gelBlack, high purity, ammonium form
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHCG10BLNSCurrSACStyrenic gelBlack, non solvent
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHCG10BLUPSCurrSACStyrenic gelBlack, uniform
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHCG10CCurrSACStyrenic gelCoarse particle size
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHCG8CurrSACStyrenic gelStandard, Na, 1.9 eq/L
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHCG8 H BLCurrSACStyrenic gelBlack, H form
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHCG8 H CCurrSACStyrenic gelH form, coarse grade
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHCG8 H FCurrSACStyrenic gelH form, fine grade
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHCG8 H IDCurrSACStyrenic gelH form, colour indicator
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHCG8 KCurrSACStyrenic gelPotassium form
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHCG8 K FCurrSACStyrenic gelPotassium form, fine grade
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHCG8BLNSHPCurrSACStyrenic gelNon-solvent, WQA certified
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHCG8CCurrSACStyrenic gelHigh flow rateCoarse particle size
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHCG8FHPCurrSACStyrenic gelHigh purity, fine grade
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHCG8UPSCurrSACStyrenic gelUniform particle size 600 µm
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHCGSCurrSACStyrenic gelDomestic SofteningCleaned
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHCGSBLCurrSACStyrenic gelDomestic SofteningBlack
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHIT1CurrINEAcrylicFor Triobed / Ambersep density 1.15
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHIT5CurrINEPolypropyleneFor RFR, 1.5-3.5 mm, density 0.9
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHMBD10CurrMIXStyrenic gel1C:1A in eq, 1.95/1.4 eq/L
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHMBD10NGCurrMIXStyrenic gelNuclearNuclear grade
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHMBD10SCCurrMIXStyrenic gelUPWSemi conductor grade. 1.95 eq/L Na + 1.40 eq/L Cl 60:40
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHMBD10UltraCurrMIXStyrenic gelUPWUltraclean
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHMBD15NGCurrMIXStyrenic gelNuclear grade
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHMBD15SCCurrMIXStyrenic gelSemiconductor grade, low TOC
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHMBD15UltraCurrMIXStyrenic gelUltraclean
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHMBD16CurrMIXStyrenic gelC:A 40:60, 2.2/1.25 eq/L
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHMBD16NGCurrMIXStyrenic gelNuclearNuclear grade
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHMBD16SCCurrMIXStyrenic gelService DISemiconductor grade
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHMBD20NGCurrMIXStyrenic gelWith type 2, C:A 42:38%
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHMBD30CurrMIXStyrenic gelWith type 1, colour indicator
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHMBD80CurrMIXIX + carbonLead and chllorine selective
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHMBDUltraCurrMIXStyrenic gelUltrapure WaterC:A 40:60
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHRSM25HPCurrSACStyrenic gelRadium removalHybrid (Ba loaded) MHC 35-45%, 1.65 eq/L
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHRSM50HPCurrSACStyrenic gelRadium removalHybrid (Ba loaded with double quantity) MHC 35-45%, 1.65 eq/L
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHSACMPUPSCurrSACStyrenic macroUniform particle size
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHSBG1CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelType 1, high solids version, 1.45 eq/L
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHSBG1PCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelType 1, normal, 1.25 eq/L
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHSBG1PUPSCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelUniform particle size
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHSBG1UPSCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelUniform particle size 600 µm
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHSBG2CurrSBA 2Styrenic gelType 2, 1.45 eq/L
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHSBG2UPSCurrSBA 2Styrenic gelUniform particle size
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHSBMP1CurrSBA 1Styrenic macro1.15 eq/L
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHSBMP1UPSCurrSBA 1Styrenic macroUniform particle size
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHSIR1000CurrWBAStyrenic macroMetals removalH2SO4 form, MHC 40-60%
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHSIR100HPCurrSBAStyrenic macroNitrateWQA approved
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHSIR110HPCurrSBAStyrenic macroPerchlorate & nitrate
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHSIR1200CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelMHC 43-47%, selective (?)
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHSIR150CurrWBAStyrenic macroBoron removalMHC 50-55% 0.7 eq/L
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHSIR22PHPCurrSBAStyrenic macroOrganics removalScavenger, MHC 70-80%
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHSIR300CurrCHEStyrenic macroMetals removalIminodiacetic 1.1 eq/L
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHSIR400CurrCHEStyrenic macroPrecious metalsIsothiouronium 1.9 eq/L
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHSIR500CurrCHEStyrenic macroBrine softeningAminophosphonic
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHSIR700CurrWBAEpoxypolyamineChromateGranular, 2.7 eq/L, proprietary amine
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHSIR800CurrSBAStyrenic gelOxygen removalSulphite
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHSIR900CurrADSZeoliteAs, F & Pb removalA zeolite !
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHWACMPCurrWACAcrylic macroDealkalisationStandard
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHWACMP NaCurrWACAcrylic macroNa form for Carbosoft
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHWBG30CurrWBAPolyalkylamineGranular 2.6 eq/L, MHC 52-62%
RESINTECH IncRESINTECHWBG30BCurrWBAPolyalkylamineGranular 2.2 eq/L, MHC 52-62%
MITSUBISHISEPABEADSSP700CurrADSDVBPure DVB, 1200 m2/g, MHC 60-70, 90 Å, 450 µm UC 1.6
MITSUBISHISEPABEADSSP825LCurrADSStyrenic gelPharma industrial chromatography1.4 ml/g, 930 m2/g, MHC 52-62%, 70 Å, ~400 µm UC 1.6
MITSUBISHISEPABEADSSP850CurrADSStyrenic macroChempro, phenol recovery1.1 ml/g, 930 m2/g, MHC 46-52%, 45 Å, ~400 µm UC 1.6
SUNRESINSEPLITE(ALL)CurrChinese resin producer (Xi'An)
SUNRESINSEPLITEBD130CurrSACStyrenic gelBiodieselDry, 4.5 eq/kg UC 1.6
SUNRESINSEPLITELAR714CurrCHEUnknownArsenic removal0.4-1.0 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITELMICurrINEUnknownTriobed0.5-0.9 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITELSC106CurrSBAStyrenic gelPerchlorate0.6 eq/L, MHC 50-65%, 0.4-1.2 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITELSC106PlusCurrSBAStyrenic macroNitrate1.0 eq/L, MHC 48-58%, 0.3-1.2 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITELSC710CurrCHEStyrenic macroBrine softening, metalsIminodiacetic Na, 1.5 eq/L, MHC50-60%, 0.4-1.0 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITELSC720CurrCHEStyrenic macroMetals (Au, Pt, Pd, Hg)Thiouronium, 1.0 eq/L, MHC 45-60%, 0.3-1.2 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITELSC740CurrCHEStyrenic macroMercuryThiol, 3.5 eq/L, MHC 38-48%
SUNRESINSEPLITELSC750CurrCHEStyrenic macroBrine softeningAminophosphonic, 1.8 eq/L, MHC 50-60%, 0.4-1.2 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITELSC772CurrCHEStyrene-DVBCo-Ni separationBased on Cyanex 272 (dialkyl phosphinic acid) by Solvay
SUNRESINSEPLITELSC773CurrCHEStyrene-DVBNi & Co recoveryNo functional group given
SUNRESINSEPLITELSC780CurrCHEStyrenic macroBoron removalN-Methylglucamine, 0.9 eq/L, MHC 45-55%
SUNRESINSEPLITELXCC100CurrSACStyrenic macroCatalysis (MTBE)2.0 eq/L, MHC 51-57%, 0.3-1.2 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITEMA900CurrSBA 1Styrenic macro1.15 eq/L, MHC 50-60%, 0.3-1.2 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITEMA901CurrSBA 1Styrenic macroMA900 with 0.45-1.25 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITEMA903CurrSBA 1Styrenic macroMA900 with 0.4-0.9 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITEMA915CurrSBA 1Styrenic macroFine MA900 with 0.2-0.5 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITEMA920CurrSBA 2Styrenic macro1.2 eq/L, MHC 47-57%, 0.3-1.2 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITEMA921CurrWBAStyrenic macroPacked bedsLess fines: 1.5 eq/L, MHC 50-60%, 0.45-1.25 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITEMA938CurrWBAAcrylic macroOrganics & colour removalHigh cap. 2.6 eq/L, MHC 50-60%, 0.3-1.2 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITEMA939CurrWBAAcrylicFermentation brothsHigh cap. 2.6 eq/L, MHC 50-60%, 0.3-1.2 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITEMA940CurrWBAStyrenic macro1.5 eq/L, MHC 50+60%, 0.3-1.2 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITEMA958CurrSBAAcrylic macro0.85 eq/L, MHC 65-75%
SUNRESINSEPLITEMA970CurrSBA 1Styrenic macroOrganics, NOM etc.Very porous: 0.8 eq/L, MHC 68-82%, 0.3-1.2 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITEMB10CurrMIXStyrenic gel1:1 volume ratio, higher capacity
SUNRESINSEPLITEMB20CurrMIXStyrenic gel1:1.5 volume ratio
SUNRESINSEPLITEMB20PlusCurrMIXStyrenic gelMB20 with colour indicator
SUNRESINSEPLITEMB89CurrMIXStyrenic gelElectroerosion1:1 volume ratio
SUNRESINSEPLITEMB89PlusCurrMIXStyrenic gelMB89 with colour indicator
SUNRESINSEPLITEMC220CurrSACStyrenic macroAcidic organics (benzene & naphtalene sulfonates)High DVB, high porosity: 0.6 eq/L, MHC 50-60 %, 0.3-1.2 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITEMC240CurrSACStyrenic macro1.8 eq/L, MHC 45-55%, 0.3-1.2 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITEMC240 HCurrSACStyrenic macroH+, 1.7 eq/L, MHC 50-60%, 0.3-1.2 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITEMC241CurrSACStyrenic macroLess fines: 1.8 eq/L, MHC 45-55%, 0.4-1.2 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITEMC243CurrSACStyrenic macroCoarse MC240: 0.6-1.2 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITEMC280 HCurrWACAcrylic macro4.2 eq/L, MHC 45-55%, 0.3-1.2 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITEMC280 KCurrWACAcrylic macroDrinking waterH+/K+ form
SUNRESINSEPLITEMC280 NaCurrWACAcrylic macroNa cycle applicationsNa+, 2.5 eq/L, MHC 50-65%, 0.3-1.2 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITEMC290CurrWACAcrylic macroFood processingMethyl acrylate (?) 4 eq/L, MHC 50-60%, 0.3-1.2 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITESA400CurrSBA 1Styrenic gel1.1 eq/L, MHC 53-63%, 0.3-1.2 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITESA420CurrSBA 2Styrenic gel1.3 eq/L, MHC 40-45%, 0.3-1.2 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITESA458CurrSBAAcrylic gelOrganic & colour removal1.2 eq/L, MHC 55-65%, 0.3-1.2 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITESA470CurrSBA 1Styrenic gel1.3 eq/L, MHC 42-48%, 0.3-1.2 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITESA471CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelLess fines: 1.3 eq/L, MHC 42-48%, 0.45-1.2 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITESA473CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelCoarser SA470: 0.5-1.2 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITESC110CurrSACStyrenic gelIWT1.6 eq/L, MHC 56-63%, 0.3-1.2 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITESC120CurrSACStyrenic gelIWT1.9 eq/L, MHC 45-50%, 0.3-1.2 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITESC121CurrSACStyrenic gelCoarser SC120: 0.45-1.2 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITESC123CurrSACStyrenic gelIWT, MBCoarser SC120: 0.50-1.2 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITESC124CurrSACStyrenic gel1.9 eq/L, MHC 45-50%, 0.3-1.2 mm, black
SUNRESINSEPLITESC126CurrSACStyrenic gelFine SC120: 1.9 eq/L, MHC 45-50%, 0.20-0.50 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITESC127CurrSACStyrenic gelHigh temperature2.1 eq/L, MHC 40-46%, 0.3-1.2 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITESC130CurrSACStyrenic gelIWT2.0 eq/L, MHC 43-48%, 0.3-1.2 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITESC130 HCurrSACStyrenic gelH+, 1.9 eq/L, MHC 50-56%, 0.3-1.2 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITESC130DCurrSACStyrenic gel2.0 eq/L, MHC 43-48%, 0.3-1.2 mm with colour indicator
SUNRESINSEPLITESC130LDCurrSACStyrenic gel2.0 eq/L, MHC 43-48%, 0.3-1.2 mm, low DCE (?)
SUNRESINSEPLITESC133CurrSACStyrenic gelIWT, MBCoarser SC130: 2.0 eq/L, MHC 43-48%, 0.5-1.2 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITESC134CurrSACStyrenic gel2.0 eq/L, MHC 43-48%, 0.3-1.2 mm, black
SUNRESINSEPLITESC136CurrSACStyrenic gelFine SC130: 2.0 eq/L, MHC 43-48%, 0.20-0.50 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITESC137CurrSACStyrenic gelHigh temperature2.2 eq/L, MHC 38-45%, 0.3-1.2 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITESC139CurrSACStyrenic gel2.0 eq/L, MHC 43-48%, 0.3-1.2 mm, non-solvent
SUNRESINSEPLITESC140CurrSACStyrenic gelIWT2.3 eq/L, MHC 38-44%, 0.3-1.2 mm
SUNRESINSEPLITEWA667CurrWBAAcrylic gelColour removal, sugar, citric acid, sugar, antibiotics1.6 eq/L, MHC 53-63%, 0.3-1.2 mm
PUROLITESHALLOW SHELLSSTPFA63CurrSBA 2Styrenic gel2.6 eq/kg, uniform 570 µm
PUROLITESHALLOW SHELLSSTPFA64CurrSBA 1Styrenic gel2.7 eq/kg, uniform 570 µm
PUROLITESHALLOW SHELLSSTPPA63CurrSBA 2Styrenic gel2.6 eq/kg, uniform 650 µm
PUROLITESHALLOW SHELLSSTPPA64CurrSBA 1Styrenic gel2.7 eq/kg, uniform 650 µm
PUROLITESHALLOW SHELLSSTPPC60CurrSACStyrenic gel3.8 eq/kg, uniform 650 µm
PUROLITESHALLOW SHELLSSTPPC65CurrSACStyrenic gel3.7 eq/kg Na, 650 µm UC 1.25
PUROLITESUPERGELSGA550 OHCurrSBA 1Styrenic gel1.1 eq/L, MHC 43-48% Cl, 550 µm UC 1.2
PUROLITESUPERGELSGA550 SO4CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelSO4, 1.4 eq/L Cl, MHC 43-48% Cl, 550 µm UC 1.2
PUROLITESUPERGELSGA550MB ClCurrSBA 1Styrenic gel1.4 eq/L, MHC 43-48%, 550 µm UC 1.2
PUROLITESUPERGELSGC650CurrSACStyrenic gelCPP2.2 eq/L Na, MHC 40-43% Na, uniform, 650 µm, UC 1.1-1.2
PUROLITESUPERGELSGC650 HCurrSACStyrenic gelCPP2.0 eq/L H, MHC 46-50% H, uniform 650 µm UC 1.2
DUPONTTAPTECHP333 HCurrWACAcrylic macroDrinking water cartridgesFormerly Imac, 3.85 eq/L, MHC 52-58%, 0.3-1.2 mm UC 1.9
DUPONTTAPTECSR1L NaCurrSACStyrenic gelDomestic softeningFormerly Amberlite, 2.05 eq/L,MHC 41-49%
THERMAXTULSIONA10XMPCurrWBAAcrylic macro2.5 eq/L, MHC 52%, 0.3-1.2 mm
THERMAXTULSIONA21CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelCPP1.3 eq/L, MHC 53%, 0.42-0.85 mm
THERMAXTULSIONA21MPCurrSBA 1Styrenic macroCPP1.2 eq/L, MHC 58%, 0.42-0.85 mm
THERMAXTULSIONA23CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelIWT1.3 eq/L, MHC 53%, 0.3-1.2 mm
THERMAXTULSIONA23PCurrSBA 1Styrenic gelIWT1.25 eq/L, MHC 53%, 0.3-1.2 mm, porous
THERMAXTULSIONA23PSO3CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelOxygen removalSulphite
THERMAXTULSIONA27MPCurrSBA 1Styrenic macroIWT1.2 eq/L, MHC 58%, 0.3-1.2 mm
THERMAXTULSIONA29CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelPre-coat filtrationDry powder, OH form, 3.5 eq/kg
THERMAXTULSIONA2XMPCurrWBAStyrenic macroIWT1.5 eq/L, MHC47%, 0.3-1.2 mm
THERMAXTULSIONA3003CurrSBAStyrenic gelCatalysis, aldol condensattionOH form, <1% Cl, 1.0 eq/L, MHC 65%
THERMAXTULSIONA30MPCurrSBAAcrylic macroSugar decol & organic scavenger0.7 eq/L, MHC 67%, 0.3-1.2 mm
THERMAXTULSIONA32CurrSBA 2Styrenic gelIWT1.3 eq/L, MHC 47%, 0.3-1.2 mm
THERMAXTULSIONA33CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelNuclearOH form, <1% Cl, 1.0 eq/L, MHC 60%
THERMAXTULSIONA35CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelHeavy metals (Ecotec)Fine beads, 1.5 eq/L, MHC 50%, 0.12-0.30 mm
THERMAXTULSIONA354CurrSBA 1Styrenic gelPerchlorateHigh capacity (1.6 eq/L), once-through
THERMAXTULSIONA36MPCurrSBA 2Styrenic macroIWT1.2 eq/L, MHC 50%, 0.3-1.2 mm
THERMAXTULSIONA62MPCurrSBAStyrenic macroNitrate0.9 eq/L, MHC 50%, 0.3-1.2 mm
THERMAXTULSIONA72MPCurrSBA 1Styrenic macroSugar decol & organic scavenger1.0 eq/L, MHC 58%, 0.3-1.2 mm
THERMAXTULSIONA74MPCurrSBA 1Styrenic macroCatalysisOH form, 1 eq/L, MHC 58%
THERMAXTULSIONA8XMPCurrWBAStyrenic macroCatalysis, MEG purification1.3 eq/L, MHC 55%, 0.3-1.2 mm
THERMAXTULSIONADS400CurrADSAcrylicHydrophilic organics0.4 ml/g, 375 m2/g, MHC 62%, 0.4-1.2 mm
THERMAXTULSIONADS600CurrADSStyrenic macroHydrophobic organics0.4 ml/g, 550 m2/g, MHC 57%, 0.3-1.2 mm
THERMAXTULSIONADS800CurrADSStyrenic macroHydrophobic organics0.4 ml/g, 750 m2/g, MHC 55%, 0.4-1.2 mm
THERMAXTULSIONCH87CurrCHEStyrenic macroFluoride removal in drinking waterSAC resin in aluminium form!
THERMAXTULSIONCH90CurrCHEStyrenic macroBrine softeningIminodiacetic, 2.0 eq/L, MHC 48%
THERMAXTULSIONCH95CurrCHEStyrenic macroMercuryIsothiouronium, MHC 50%, Hg cap 150 g/L
THERMAXTULSIONCH97CurrCHEStyrenic macroMercuryThiol, MHC 40%, Hg cap 150 g/L
THERMAXTULSIONCH99CurrCHEStyrenic macroBoron removalN-methyl glucamine, 0.8 eq/L, MHC 46%, 0.3-1.2 mm
THERMAXTULSIONCXO12CurrWACAcrylicIWT4.2 eq/L, MHC 44%, 0.3-1.2 mm
THERMAXTULSIONCXO12MPCurrWACAcrylic macroHeavy metals, softening3.8 eq/L, MHC 44%, 0.3-1.2 mm
THERMAXTULSIONMB104CurrMIXStyrenic gelNuclearLi/OH, 1:2 volume ratio
THERMAXTULSIONMB106CurrMIXStyrenic gelNuclearH/OH, 1:2 volume ratio
THERMAXTULSIONMB108BGCurrMIXStyrenic gelUPWHighly effiective separation (?)
THERMAXTULSIONMB108PCurrMIXStyrenic gelUPW1:1 volume ratio
THERMAXTULSIONMB114CurrMIXStyrenic gelUPW1:2 volume artio with type 2 !
THERMAXTULSIONMB115CurrMIXStyrenic gelUPW40:60 volume
THERMAXTULSIONMB115BGCurrMIXStyrenic gelUPWSame as MB115 (?)
THERMAXTULSIONT38CurrSACStyrenic gelFood & pharma, bisphenol ALow DVB 1.4 eq/L, MHC 68%
THERMAXTULSIONT3825CurrSACStyrenic gelCatalysis, bisphenol ALow DVB 0.8 eq/L, MHC 79%
THERMAXTULSIONT3830CurrSACStyrenic gelCatalysis, bisphenol APromoted catalyst, wet, 3.5 eq/kg, MHC 65%
THERMAXTULSIONT40 NaCurrSACStyrenic gelSoftening1.8 eq/L, MHC 53%, 0.3-1.2 mm
THERMAXTULSIONT42 NaCurrSACStyrenic gel2.0 eq/L, MHC 45%, 0.3-1.2 mm
THERMAXTULSIONT42MPCurrSACStyrenic macro1.6 eq/L, MHC 44%, 0.3-1.2 mm
THERMAXTULSIONT42MP HCurrSACStyrenic macro1.6 eq/L, MHC 56%, 0.3-1.2 mm
THERMAXTULSIONT46 HCurrSACStyrenic gelNuclear1.8 eq/L H, MHC 52%, high conversion
THERMAXTULSIONT46 LiCurrSACStyrenic gelNuclearNot clear if Li7 or natural Li
THERMAXTULSIONT48CurrSACStyrenic gelCPPPowder (H form)
THERMAXTULSIONT50CurrSACStyrenic gelCPPH form, 1.8 eq/L, MHC 52%, 0.42-0.85 mm
THERMAXTULSIONT52CurrSACStyrenic gelSoftening of chlorinated waterNa form, 2.1 eq/L, MHC 48%, 0.3-1.2
THERMAXTULSIONT52 HCurrSACStyrenic gelIWTH form, 2.0 eq/L, MHC 48% (?), 0.3-1.2
THERMAXTULSIONT54CurrSACStyrenic gelHeavy metals (Ecotec)Fine beads, 2.0 eq/L, MHC 53%, 0.12-0.30 mm
THERMAXTULSIONT56MPCurrSACStyrenic macroCatalysis1.7 eq/L, MHC 50%, 0.3-1.2 mm
THERMAXTULSIONT62MPCurrSACStyrenic macroCatalysis, phenol alkylationDry, 4.8 eq/kg
THERMAXTULSIONT63MPCurrSACStyrenic macroCatalysis, phenol alkylation, non-polar mediaDry, high porosity, 4.9 eq/kg
THERMAXTULSIONT66MPCurrSACStyrenic macroCatalysis, phenol alkylationLow porosity & high surface area, 5.0 eq/kg
THERMAXTULSIONTA100CurrINEAcrylicFor Triobed 0.42-0.85 mm, white
PUROLITEULTRACLEANUCW3600CurrMIXStyrenic gel1:1 equivalent mixture, C 1.9 eq/L H 610 µm, A 1.1 eq/L OH 570 µm
PUROLITEULTRACLEANUCW3700CurrMIXStyrenic gel1:1 equivalent mixture, C 1.9 eq/L H 610 µm, A 1.0 eq/L OH 570 µm
PUROLITEULTRACLEANUCW3800CurrMIXStyrenic gelType 2 SBA, 1:1 equivalent mixture
PUROLITEULTRACLEANUCW3900CurrMIXStyrenic gel1:1 equivalent mixture, C 2.0 eq/L H 570 µm, A 1.0 eq/L OH 590 µm
PUROLITEULTRACLEANUCW5072CurrSBA 1Styrenic gel1.0 eq/L OH, MHC 55-60% Cl, uniform 605 µm UC 1.2
PUROLITEULTRACLEANUCW9126CurrSACStyrenic gel1.9 eq/L H, MHC 49-54% H, uniform 610 µm UC 1.2
PUROLITEULTRACLEANUCW9964CurrMIXStyrenic gel1:1 equivalent mixture, C 1.9 eq/L H 610 µm, A 1.0 eq/L OH 605 µm (separable)
PUROLITEULTRACLEANUCW9966CurrMIXStyrenic gel1:1 equivalent mixture, C 1.9 eq/L H, A 1.0 eq/L OH (non separable)
1402 resins listed here (currently available on 2021-04-21)

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