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Joyful duo
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François de Dardel's

Happy New Year 2018!
These pages are intended to offer openings to the world and to the cyberworld, and to share ideas, interests, experience and culture.

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World Site map

Overview and easy access to all pages.

Heartbeat Reactions

In French or English or both. One in German, one in Europanto. Today they call this a "blog" but I don't keep a real diary. Politics, Terrorism, Environment.
Coups de gueule et coups de coeur. Voir le texte de Pierre Desproges sur le football.

Read what Vaclav Havel wrote about politics

Eye Wet floor!

Opinions. My view of some aspects of the world (not very politically correct).

Mouth Langues

Expressions (en français).
And a little English and German.
See my page about faux-amis;
read a film critique in Europanto...
enjoy the intricacies of English and French Pronunciation (examples in French) and full page in English with audio examples;
read what Larry King and George Orwell say about trendy language; and discover examples of "expressions xyloglottes" (this is in French).

Book Literature

A few texts in various languages.

Verse from my favourite poet, Jean Pellerin, and strophes from other, better known writers (mostly French, some in German and Spanish).

La Fontaine : une vingtaine de fables, fameuses ou non, et la liste complète (French).

Mercurio seduto Art

My (small) virtual museum. Renaissance and classical paintings, Greek sculpture, 20th Century art, Hermitage (St Petersburg) sculptures and paintings.

Deux peintres de ma famille : Fritz et Nils von Dardel.

Violin Music

Now with 170 MIDI files (mostly classical) from 60 composers, and links to more.
Also with the complete BWV
as well as Mozart's Köchelverzeichnis and Vivaldi's RV.

Descartes Le bon sens

Gesunder Menschenverstand

Vgl.: Goethe

Ion exchange resin Ion exchange

This is a technology used for water treatment and other applications. I have spent 38 years of my professional life studying and teaching it, and am available today for consulting jobs.

Several pages on the ion exchange technology.

Portrait Photographs of people and more

Showing several sets (about 800 picts in total), with music if you wish.

Ray-tracing picture Ray-tracing

One of my hobbies: realistic virtual images I created using "constructive spatial geometry" with POV. 108 pictures, of which 40 made from a single description file: see my house, inside and outside, with panoramic interactive views.
Also, several other subjects including 30 organic molecules and crystals in 3D.

Lancia Les autos de Tintin

200 cars from Tintin albums, with corresponding photos of the real automobiles, a short quiz and a page about variations between different versions of the albums.

Corto Maltese by Hugo Pratt Corto Maltese

Fascinating Hugo Pratt... 110 pictures.

Robinet Eau potable

Composition et qualité. Bouteilles ou robinet ?
In English: Drinking water

Windmill Energy

Energy, facts and perceptions. Is biomass a good solution?

Saint-Blaise in Switzerland Dardel family pages

A set of pages for all Dardels in the Universe (!), with pictures of family reunions and several documents. See the 2013 anniversary.
Also a full genealogy of the family (5600 entries... ), 435 coats of arms, and a brief family history.

Coffee Guest book
If you have 5 minutes, why don't you sign my guest book?

Si vous avez quelques minutes, signez donc mon livre d'or.

Holi, Mumbai Holi

Spring festival, India (1 picture only)

Monastery A Russian Cruise
June 2002

Voyage on the rivers and lakes of Karelia.

Tintin reading the news Other links

Self-explanatory. Some offer access to arts and culture, others give you useful pratical information.

Dardel About myself

Only for the curious.

Martini Les Automobiles Martini

Construites à Saint-Blaise entre 1903 et 1934.

Humour Humour

For fun

Seagull Merry Christmas
(3 Dec 2017)

I wish you a new year full of peace and happiness!

English This site is mostly in English, except for the Literature section which is in French, and Opinions, both in English and French. Small sections now in German and Spanish.
All remarks, criticism and suggestions about my web pages are very welcome.
Français Ce site est surtout en anglais, sauf pour les lettres, les langues et les "opinions". Quelques recoins sont aussi en allemand ou en espagnol.
Toutes remarques, critiques et suggestions sur ces pages sont les bienvenues.
Deutsch Diese Seiten sind hauptsächlich auf Englisch, und teilweise auf Französisch. Kleine Abschnitte gibt es auch auf Deutsch und Spanisch.
Bemerkungen, Kritik und Empfehlungen über diese Seiten sind jederzeit willkommen !
Español Este sitio es principalmente en inglés, excepto las páginas de literatura, idiomas y opiniones que pueden ser en francés. En algunos rincones se encuentran páginas en alemán y español.
Qualquier comentario, crítica o sugerencia son muy bienvenidos.

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